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Edge Eartheart is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Ideal City.


Edge Eartheart acts the geological representative of Zeruertza. As one of the more senior Durins, he has a lot of experience under his belt and is well-versed in surverying, mining, and Originium. In the summer of 1099, when Zeruertza's dome was damaged by an earthquake, the built-in Originium detection system was damaged. While Edge wasn't worried about the dome itself, he was concerned about the detection system, as it was one of the city's most important safety features.

Edge usually has a strict attitude, particularly towards Stitch Canvas, due to the latter's unwillingness to cooperate. Otherwise, Edge is just like most Durins, who enjoy drinking and having fun.


Ideal City

Aftering hearing of Stitch's return to Zeruertza, Edge immediately goes to find him. Edge tries to persuade Stitch to try fixing the dome again, but to no avail. Stitch instead suggests to forget about the dome's Originium detection system and install it at the collapsed railroad tunnel. Seeing how stubborn Stitch is, Edge accepts that they should tear down the Great Aquapit in order to fix the railroad since the Durins have probably gotten bored of it already.[1] However, he also suggests that Stitch have another design competition with Catch Lightrace to decide on what to build after the aquapit's demolition.[2]

Croque eventually meets up with the other Zereuertzan representatives to discuss the Great Aquapit’s fate. The group quickly agreed to demolish the water park and fix up the city’s railroad. Since they still needed to wait for Stitch to deliver the equipment, Edge volunteers to represent the Durins in a swimming competition, hosted by Croque Diamondface. However, Pozëmka decides to substitute for him, and Edge ends up riding on Gavial's back instead.[3]

After the competition was over, Edge and the others started work on excavating the collapsed railroad tunnel. Much to their surprise, they discovered an active Originium vein just a kilometre from the city's edge. Edge believes that the recent earthquake must have shifted the vein closer to the city, activated it in the process. He estimates it will explode in a month. Concerned about the city's safety, he thinks the best plan is to construct another underground shelter farther away. While excavating the railroad to get to the next Durin city might be feasible, Edge is concerned about digging in such close proximity to the vein. It was then that Gavial suggests a third option: going up to the surface.[4]

With Zeruertza's doom close at hand, Edge decides to host a large-scale referendum to discuss the future of their city. He allows Pozëmka to speak in his place, hoping that she might be able to convince the Durins. Edge talks to Croque regarding Stitch, thinking that he may have been too hard on him. He feels guilty, but knows that this is Stitch's last shot to fix the dome before the city's destruction.[5]

With the referendum results concluded, Edge monitors Stitch's design work on the dome and works to repair the elevator to the surface. After the evacuation, Edge joins the other Durins to continue their lives in Acahualla.[6]