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Duq'arael is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in the Shadows of A Dying Sun story arc of the Main Theme, first mentioned in Episode 09 as the Prince of Blood before appearing in Episode 10 as the Sanguinarch of Vampires and becoming the main antagonist of Episode 13.


As the current Sanguinarch of the Vampire Sarkaz, Duq'arael is a cunning yet powerful opponent. Many stories surrounding him describe his ferocity, such as killing every noble at a Victorian banquet within a night, leaving no trace. Legend even says that Duq'arael easily annihilated a band of Victorian soldiers during the grand invasion of Kazdel around two hundred years ago that led to the nation's third disintegration. The massacre was so brutal that the mountains were painted crimson red even during a sunless day.[1]

Being the Sanguinarch of Vampires, Duq'arael is a master in blood Arts which could forcibly control others' blood, turning the victims into his puppets or nothing but a bloody mess in the blink of an eye. He is even capable of "blessing" his fellow Sarkaz with his "heirs" to augment them; in truth, this is done by implanting some sort of parasitic leech-like creatures onto them. Duq'arael is also known for his insatiable thirst for blood that makes him a dreaded and feared figure even among his fellow Vampires. The Damazti Cluster has described Duq'arael's Arts as repulsive, rotten and disgusting when they disguised themselves as him to infiltrate the Duke of Windermere's battleship.


Episode 10

Duq'arael (right) alongside the other Sarkaz leaders
Duq'arael's blood Arts in action, with the unfortunate Eartha partisans reduced into a puddle of blood
"Sorry mate, but you won't get a bloody juice out of me this time."
"Ah, that's a shame..."

Episode 11

Episode 13

"You cannot kill me, Outblood King!"
Duq'arael stuck on falling endlessly in the Lifebone's spacetime bubble