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Dijkstra is a background NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned at the end of Heart of Surging Flame[1] and plays a story role in Episode 09


Dijkstra is a close friend of Closure and D.D.D. the singer who is known to be an excellent computer hacker. Due to having the same hobby, he and Closure would like to mess with the computer system of many countries such as Siesta and Kazimierz during the 24th Major season. He is known to be residing in Columbia currently, at least according to Closure's account.

Without her knowing, however, Dijkstra has already left the country and joined the post-Chernobog crisis Reunion after he was aspired by a poor Infected friend. Due to his health condition, Dijkstra's friend lost his possession, his family, and a comfortable life. Even though Dijkstra helped him once out of pity, his misery did not end. By the time he met his friend again at the wilderness of Columbia, he had already join Reunion. Seeing the inspiring spirts of the Reunion fighters and learning the harsh oppression onto the Infected across Terra, Dijkstra finally decided to join them in hope of changing the world just like Closure.[2]


Episode 09

Prior to Rhodes Island's advance to the Victorian capital of Londinium, Dijkstra sends an e-mail to Closure. While he talks about the good old days between the two, he also mentions the story of his Infected friend and how he eventually joined an infected organization. Without knowing, the e-mail he sent actually contains the virus that paralyzes the landship's system, allowing the remnants of Reunion led by Nine to conduct a jailbreak on Talulah.

While Closure is frustrated by her mistake, Dijkstra sends a voice message to her. He explains that he easily hacked the system through the programme Closure shared with him. While he apologizes for the trouble, he also vows to do it again in the name of rebellion for the Infected before ending his message.[2]