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Netzach'rael the Nachzehrer King is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the main antagonists in Act II of the Main Theme, primarily in Episode 14.


The leader of the eponymous Sarkaz tribe, the current Nachzehrer King appears to be a very old individual even by the standards of his race. He met Kal'tsit at least twice over the ages, notably during the third destruction of Kazdel where he haulted her and her crusade of Gaul, Victoria, and Leithanien.[1] And unlike the other Sarkaz Lords, he goes as far as to refer himself as her old friend, which she does not deny. The King claims he has spent the last few centuries consuming the flesh of his enemies, and Kal'tsit calls him an old hero among the Sarkaz.

Being a Nachzehrer himself, the Nachzehrer King can make use of death and decay Arts which is horrible enough to deter even his fellow Sarkaz, and can absorb the power of others by consuming their flesh. All these make him a powerful opponent that even Patriot, the last true Wendigo, could be suppressed by him.

It is implied the Nachzehrer King might have encountered the Deathless Black Snake at some point, as Kashchey references both him and the Sanguinarch during his battle with Amiya and Ch'en at the very end of Chernobog Crisis.[2]


Episode 10

The Nachzehrer King (first from the left) alongside the other Sarkaz leaders

Episode 11