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Before operation

After the two sides test each other multiple times, the mysterious man introduces himself. They are apparently the Londinium Citizens' Self-Salvation Corps. In the underground passage, Corps Captain Feist explains to Amiya and the Rhodes Islanders the current situation in Londinium.
The King Returns Home.png
Pipes. They are buried deep underground with no end in sight.
These pipes connect the entire city. They are the veins of Londinium. It is through them that the energy is supplied to Londinium's heart, and that is where we are right now.
Never fear the darkness before your eyes. When the sun sets at night, the shadows live on in the city's veins.
When the light is taken, you trust your ears, your nose, and your remaining senses.
Listen carefully. The mechanical rumble is the flow of its blood. The gears rotate rhythmically like breathing.
Indeed, Londinium is alive. Even if we do not sit on its tall throne, it lives on as its own organism.
If you ever find yourself here again one day... no matter what may be chasing you, you needn't be afraid.
After all, you run through the body of Londinium.
Vina, you are home.
<Background 1>
Siege ......
??? Okay, everyone. We can stop here for a while.
Closure Uh, where exactly are we?
We've been climbing down all this time... It's like we burrowed ourselves into some kind of pipeline...
The walkway's broader, but it's still sark as hell...
Waaahhh... Are you those cutthroats who would drive us to some abondoned construction site and slice our neck?
??? Huh...? *Cough*, you might be right about that.
Indra Who the hell are you anyway, punk? Don't think we'll just follow your every word.
??? Hm... to be on the safe side, let me ask you the same question.
Who are you people? Why are you trying to sneak into Londinium?
Amiya Before we answer that, you need to let our employee go.
Doctor Right, you're taking me hostage. / ...... / Let go already.
??? Is our hooded friend your commander?
Sure enough. I figured out who calls the shots in battle. That said, Cautus lady, you're the one who's actually in charge, right?
Don't be so surprised. I'll admit you have a few tricks up your sleeves, but... we're locals, and we know this playbook a lot better than you.
Amiya A local... You live in Londinium, then?
Were you part of that big fight earlier?
??? Stop with the guesses. We haven't worked up the mutual trust yet.
Dublinn and the Sarkaz fighting each other doesn't prove anything. Them bickering doesn't mean we should fall down on either side.
Siege Londinium's veins.
??? Wh-What did you say?
Siege We've made it inside Londinium.
??? How can you tell?!
Siege These pathways connect the city to the outside. They can get us past the Sarkaz guards and inside the city.
How long have we walked? Twenty minutes?
I reckon we're right underneath a certain key facility in Sudean right now.
??? Uh...
Siege The facility isn't far from the walls. And it is a key hub. From here, you can get to many places in the city.
Rail tracks...
Just another kilometer or two ahead, and there will be a train station above us.
??? ......
You know Londinium well. I suppose you used to live here?
[Siege pauses for a moment, before...]
Siege I'm a local, too.
??? No wonder. I was about to say your hammer feels especially familiar. Feline lady... Uh, you're a Feline, right?
Siege Whatever you are, that's what I am.
??? *Sigh*. I'm really gonna regret this if you guys are actually Sarkaz spies, aren't I?
Amiya Don't hurt the Doctor–!
Doctor He can't hurt me. / It's too late to regret anything.
??? Huh?! W-When did you take over the drone?
Y-You're holding it in your bare hands?! I could detonate the drone bomb right now, you know?!
Doctor You don't have a remote. / This drone isn't even finished. All it can do is fly.
??? Urgh, this is bad.
When did you figure it out? When I was talking to you? Or when I led you down the underground passage?
Maybe even before that...? Hold on. You didn't... you couldn't have figured out all the way back when I captured you? That this drone poses no threat?
And you let me drag you all the way down here?!
Doctor I had to get a feel of your intentions. / You think my friends here didn't know?
Siege If I had thought for a second you were going to hurt the Doctor, my hammer would've cracked your skull before your hand could even touch the remote.
Morgan You know, you really should've picked someone dumber for your hostage, like this punk who only knows to speak with her fists. She might have fallen for your trick.
Indra You think he could come anywhere close?
Closure Uh... so the signal jammer I brought along isn't gonna come in handy?
Amiya –Mr. "Local."
I think it's about time we put an end to this charade. No more testing each other.
We may not face enemy cannon fire, but there's still a threat to the both of us out there.
Haven't we proven ourselves?
We've had many opportunities to take you down from the moment we met. Suppose we were actually spies sent here by the Sarkaz. We've already figured out the size of things here, so why waste any more time talking to you?
The only reason that the Doctor was playing the hostage here and that we willingly followed you into this passageway is because we believe you mean no harm.
So shouldn't you put your trust in us more and tell us what your goal is?
??? Hm, that sounds very convincing. I mean, you could say I'm your hostage now.
Rockrock, come on out.
[The mysterious woman from before, now known as Rockrock, reveals herself...]
Rockrock ......
[...which surprises Closure, as she controls a swarm of drones.]
Closure D-D-Dr-Drones...? So many?! With that formation, they're aiming at us, aren't they? T-They could shoot us all full of holes!
??? Rockrock, stop it.
It doesn't matter if they spot you or your drones. Considering their strength, I wouldn't be able to get out alive, if we came to blows.
Rockrock If you knew that, maybe you shouldn't have brought me along to play your stupid games.
??? Fine, you're right.
Hey, hooded friend, can you give Rock-17 back? The drone in your hand there. It's only half-done. If you break it, Rockrock is going to be livid.
[The Doctor returns one of the Rock-17 drones to the man.]
??? Phew... Well, pleased to make your acquaintance.
I'm Feist. This is Rockrock, my partner.
Feist We belong to the Londinium Citizens' Self-Salvation Corps.
<Background 2>
[Manfred is having a talk with Hoederer.]
Manfred How many places do you think there are in Londinium that our eyes cannot reach?
Hoederer Countless many.
Manfred There are thousands of old factories in the city. Roughly four-in-ten are abandoned. The remaining sixty percent are still operational.
Most of the factories that are still running are built on the sites of even older factories. The factory buildings might as well be labyrinths filled with centuries' worth of industrial waste.
As many factories as there are, there are even more slums hidden away between the factory buildings. Not even the top echelons of the city's defense force can say how many there are living in these civilian industrial and old logistics districts.
Sometimes, I even think this place isn't so different from Kazdel.
The more colorful outer shell is the main difference. That, and they buried the rotten parts deeper inside to keep the stench from suffocating the distinguished elite.
Hoederer Trying to fish a group of troublemakers out of the Kazdel slums in three days is like trying to rob a group of Lateran envoys covered by the Apostolic Knights on your own. Not an easy ask.
Manfred It is still built atop the foundation that we were all born in Kazdel.
Londinium... Who dares to claim to know Londinium so well?
How long did it take us to defeat the parliamentary guard and take command of seventy percent of the city's defense forces?
Hoederer Less than a week.
Manfred How long did it take us to hang the aristocrats that took the lead in the opposition and defeat the hooligans they spent great sums to hire dozens of times, until they all finally fell in line?
Hoederer A month and a half.
Manfred Yet we are now months into our tug-of-war with the so-called rebels here in the Sudean streets and alleys.
In just half a year, we seized nearly every borough of Londinium.
Every borough except this one.
A half-abandoned industrial district. From the south all the way to the north, it surrounds the mountains in Londinium's center and connects to the rarely-visited old logistics districts.
Hoederer "This is where the history of Londinium begins."
Manfred So the history books claim.
I know that there must be at least one king, perhaps even several, who are dissatisfied with my progress.
Hoederer You mentioned that they wanted to completely seal off this ward.
Manfred They are far too easily offended. As soon as command here falls into their hands, they will build a new wall between Sudean and the other wards with the bodies of the Londiniers.
Hoederer At the very least, the Regent supports you.
Manfred No, it is I who must do everything I can to support the general.
The court does not understand the general's pain... They do not understand how fragile the current balance is.
Do you know why I insisted on activating only the secondary defense cannons?
If I activate the primary cannons right now... will the dukes out there march right inside?
Suppose we proceed to slaughter all the people of Londinium. Will that once again stir disloyalty among the nobles in the city and the soldiers who joined us, causing them to turn their swords against us and fight to the bitter end?
Suppose we completely abandon this industrial district. How much longer will the general's plans be delayed without the trains carrying materials to The Shard every day?
The lords' pride prevented them from casting their ancient skulls downward to see these foreign cities.
In my opinion, if we are to control all of Londinium, the most difficult battle we must fight is right before our eyes.
<Background 1>
[The man, now known as Feist of the Londinium Citizens' Self-Salvation Corps, or better known as Eartha, explains the current situation to Rhodes Island-Glasgow.]
Feist The Sarkaz calls us the rebels. We got no complaints in that department.
If the only way to save ourselves is by standing up against them, then even the most ordinary of Londiniers will take up arms.
Siege Do you know what's happening in the other wards?
Feist Can't be better than here.
All of us either work for the Sarkaz or die.
We've been getting bits and pieces of news from up north. From what I heard, the Sarkaz army there's much more cruel.
Indra Vina, does that mean Baird and the rest who stayed behind...
Morgan Calm down.
Indra How am I supposed to be calm?! It's been five years! Five years! I don't even know if they're still...
Siege We'll find them.
Soon, we'll find each of them, one by one.
Indra Okay, Vina. I trust you. No matter where they are. No matter if they're alive or...
Never mind! I won't get so gloomy in front of everyone.
Feist Ladies, as long as your friends are still alive, we should have a way to get in touch with them.
Siege You operate outside of Sudean too?
Feist We can get anywhere in Londinium. Even outside the city.
For each of us they take away, ten more join our ranks.
Rockrock is a born and bred Sudean girl. She's one of our most senior fighters. She knows better than the rest of us how our team grew, bit by bit.
Rockrock Seeing as you're leading a team now, we might've been adding to our ranks a little too quickly.
Feist Haha, who do you think led you to eleven victories, Lieutenant?
Rockrock All we did was lead people underground. How does that count as a victory?
Feist Managing to live another day under the Sarkaz's noses, all while we get to keep operating in the dark? I'd call that a win.
It's just as you saw. The Sarkaz haven't taken complete control of Sudean yet.
The terrain and flow of people here are so chaotic that if the Sarkaz really are trying to take control of every inch, then they must really have underestimated the place.
And besides... This is where the last Londinium defense force squad fought the Sarkaz.
Dagda Looks like they lost too.
Feist *Sigh*... They fought and they lost.
That battle was over quick... way too quick. Before any of us could react, the Sarkaz were already standing atop the walls.
Dagda It's all because of the traitors! They bought out our elite squads!
Feist Miss, were you in the military?
Dagda ......
No, I wasn't. I was... uh... a local, like them.
Feist Alright, a local.
I know the military had its share of traitors. Plenty of them, even.
The traitors and some of the aristocrats defected to the Sarkaz with much of the defense force.
Outside Sudean, you may still find Londinium forces patrolling the streets, but their commanding officers are all regulars at Sarkaz soirees now.
Dagda What about the last squad that fought here?
Feist They held out to the bitter end. Each of them paid a dear, terrible price.
I don't know how many of them survived, but I think... having experienced a hopeless fight like that, even if they made it out alive, their hearts must ache whenever they look at Londinium's walls.
<Background 3>
Horn Don't be so alarmed. Keep your head up. Take your hand off the crossbow, and relax a little.
Londinium Citizen? *cough*, *cough*.
Horn The residents here are used to seeing all kinds of people. They won't help us, but as long as they don't feel their lives are in danger, they won't follow Dublinn or the Sarkaz's orders.
Londinium Citizen? Life under the enemy's watchful eyes... I can't imagine going through that.
Horn Do you know how they used to think of us?
Londinium Citizen? Uh, I haven't thought about it.
Horn I never did either.
Londinium Citizen? Lieutenant...?
Horn Alright, stop calling me Lieutenant. I'm Horn here. There are way too many lieutenants running around, of all different factions.
Londinium Citizen? Right, Horn. Where are we going?
Horn To regroup with my companions first.
The Sarkaz patrol will pass by the area in five minutes. We'll split into two teams and follow the rail tracks east separately.
After three hundred and fifty meters, you'll see an iron staircase leading up.
If you hear five metallic knocks, come on up. Three, stay put. Two, disband immediately.
You might think the abandoned factories there look familiar... Don't be surprised. It's Dublinn's stronghold.
Londinium Citizen? Isn't that a little dangerous?
Horn With Dublinn occupying the area, the Sarkaz don't go there often.
Want to try your hand at hide-and-seek? You're welcome to join in on the fun.
<Background 1>
[Amidst a friendly talk between Feist and R.I.-Glasgow...]
Feist So are you really just a normal business?
Doctor Just like you're a normal engineer.
Feist Haha... That's putting it simply.
Now that the Sarkaz are in charge of Londinium, who am I to doubt your excuses? You're security personnel working for a medical corporation, right?
Let's see... a team with a total of seventeen people. All of you are outfitted with military-grade equipment, and you work well with each other. You even have these half-decent drones.
Closure "Half-decent...?"
What do you mean, "half-decent?" You can't talk about my work like that!
Feist Ehhh, settle down.
I didn't get a good look at them up there. Maybe you can show them to me another time?
Closure The Sarkaz blew them all up! Just thinking about it makes my heart ache!
Feist Why don't you try fixing them? You should have a couple wrecked drones left, right? How about I take a look at them for you? I have all the tools we need.
Rhodes Island Operator Closure, I did manage to snatch two...
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Those drones are Rhodes Island technology.
Feist I gotta find something nice to trade with you, then?
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor You have to work with us first before we can share it.
Feist Whoa, someone's cautious.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Feist Doctor... What kind of doctor are you anyway? Eh, never mind. We'll talk about it another time. I'm in no rush.
That aside, how did you make it to Londinium in the first place? I've told you plenty about the city's situation. If we're working with each other, why don't you tell me something about the outside?
Amiya It was a long journey...
Feist I know you already fought Dublinn.
Amiya You have eyes outside the city?
Feist Cautus lady. We talked about this. We're sharing information with each other.
Amiya Okay.
Taking us back a bit... We did have a run-in with Dublinn outside Londinium...

After operation

Some five hundred kilometers away from Londinium, the Nachzehrer King pays the Rhodes Island landship a surprise visit and shares a conversation with Kal'tsit. In the Londinium palace, a Confessarius discovers an infiltrator, Ascalon.
<Background 4>
10:20 A.M. \ Overcast
527km out from Londinium, operation platform of an abandoned mine
Kal'tsit Docking complete.
Warfarin Nothing out of the ordinary... Phew. Maybe you should take a break now?
Or are you going to start...
Kal'tsit Quiet.
[A tall, elderly man dressed in white robes approach Kal'tsit and Warfarin.]
Peculiar-looking Elder Dame Kal'tsit, it's been a while...
Warfarin T-Th-This rotten smell...
Peculiar-looking Elder A Vampire. In a doctor's gown too... How strange.
Warfarin *Hiss*...
Peculiar-looking Elder Retract your fangs.
Not even the oldest red eyes dare to approach my flesh. They are cowards all, and fear my seething anger could cause their fangs to rot.
Warfarin Kal'tsit, how many Sarkaz are there who could cause me to lose my composure, even for a moment?
Kal'tsit There's at least one, right in front of you.
It's been a long time since I last saw an old Sarkaz hero walking Terra. I presume there must be a reason that you are gracing these barrenlands with your presence, King of the Nachzehrer?
Peculiar-looking Elder You could say I'm here to visit an old friend.
Kal'tsit We've met twice.
Peculiar-looking Elder You looked very different the first time.
As for the second time...
Kal'tsit I saw someone outside the ship on the day of her accident... So that was really you.
I thought the Nachzehrer Court had already made its choice when it turned a blind eye to an assassination that despicable.
Peculiar-looking Elder Be it then or now, the nachzehrer have only ever had one choice. We are Sarkaz, and we are loyal to the Sarkaz, not the throne or the crown, much less ancient witchcraft.
For the past few centuries, I have feasted on the flesh and blood of countless enemies, and I have witnessed the fall of several Sarkaz heroes.
Some of them died by the blades of their strongest foes, while others were assassinated.
As such, I am here because I seek an answer.
Tell me–
What killed the last pure-blooded Wendigo?
Kal'tsit ......
Peculiar-looking Elder Answer me, Dame!
Warfarin Kal'tsit! H-Hu-Hurry up and get Mon3tr out! He's going to strike!
The landship is right there! We can't just...
Kal'tsit Hear me, Nachzehrer King.
I will not fight you here.
Buldrokkas'tee has departed the cage that had confined him for his entire life. I will not tarnish his last wish with pointless violence.
Peculiar-looking Elder Is this your way of commemorating a Sarkaz hero? By running away... so loathsomely?
Kal'tsit ......
I am not running away.
I gave you the answer you wanted, just like when the Wendigo wanted a fight in place of answers.
I will say it again, Nachzehrer King. I refuse to fight you here.
You feed on the flesh of your enemies and swallow their cries and regrets to fuel your next battle.
Yet we are not enemies. There were times when we fought alongside each other, and there were also times when we had to raise swords against each other over differing opinions.
Likewise, this applies to Rhodes Island and Buldrokkas'tee when he sided with Reunion.
Just as you witnessed her passing, I witnessed the return of a Wendigo soul to Kazdel.
Peculiar-looking Elder You say you are his witness.
Kal'tsit I am.
Peculiar-looking Elder And he chose you himself?
Kal'tsit In his final moments... Buldrokkas'tee wanted a fitting opponent, and a friend to talk to.
Peculiar-looking Elder Hah... hahahaha!
Very well. I accept your answer.
Now, you show yourself, Confessarius.
[Shining reveals herself.]
Shining ......
Peculiar-looking Elder Had I moved to strike... even if the black monster did not come out, you would have raised your blade against me.
Even I would have to dodge the blade of a Confessarius... That is, if you CAN unsheathe your blade.
Shining ......
You know...
Peculiar-looking Elder I've known your kind for centuries.
On the contrary, I am surprised that you joined the side of that outblood successor.
Shining ......
Peculiar-looking Elder Can you carry the burden of your disobedience?
Shining It doesn't matter whether I can or cannot. Since the moment I was born, I have carried these sins.
Peculiar-looking Elder Exactly! You fascinate me more than the masked one in Londinium!
And the Great Banshee, the young one. Is he not here?
He is young in years, but his mother taught him well. If he were here, your odds would be a fair bit higher.
Kal'tsit Your anger has quelled, Nachzehrer King.
Peculiar-looking Elder That does not mean I do not wish to kill you.
Let me ask you. Is this ship built atop the remnants of a colossal artifact still the field base of the Sarkaz King-in-exile?
Kal'tsit We never once called ourselves that... not even when she was still alive.
Peculiar-looking Elder You still won't admit it, even though the outblood successor has now led her forces to Londinium?
Kal'tsit Amiya knows her role.
We don't want a war to break out before our eyes. There should be no more needless sacrifices... Both Victorians and Sarkaz have shed more than enough blood already.
Peculiar-looking Elder Poppycock! A hapless child who dares not call herself King presumes to save the Sarkaz!
Kal'tsit I would never presume to persuade the king of a Sarkaz court.
Peculiar-looking Elder At least you know your place, then. It takes far more than your debate skills to win the approval of the courts.
The outblood successor will face a challenge in that iron fortress unlike any before.
Kal'tsit Is that why you allowed Amiya into Londinium?
The nachzehrer[sic] take their nutrients from war. Failure brings nothing but unproductive decay.
It seems you still have your doubts about whether the Military Commission's resolution will truly bring victory to the Sarkaz.
Peculiar-looking Elder Nonsense!
Mon3tr (Alerted growl)
Kal'tsit Not now, Mon3tr.
Nachzehrer King, I'm not doubting the leadership of the Sarkaz army. Just as you said, I'm here to talk to you as an old friend.
Thanks to the Victorian dukes, Londinium is now an impenetrable fortress, yet Theresis is still able to summon the kings to the city.
This tells us that you and your army are guarding the passages into Londinium, yet you did not stop our infiltration.
You had the opportunity to kill me and destroy Rhodes Island.
But you didn't.
And that's because of... Amiya.
Peculiar-looking Elder Heh...
How would I know whether it is rebirth or destruction she will wreak unless I get to see her wear that black crown with my own eyes?
Kal'tsit You will.
She will surpass what you... no, what any of us could ever imagine.
Peculiar-looking Elder Let's put an end to our friendly conversation.
An eternally young dame, a free-willed vampire, and... a Confessarius who left her kind.
We shall meet again in Londinium.
[After the elder, who turned out to be the king of the Nachzehrer Sarkaz and Kal'tsit's acquaintance, leaves...]
Warfarin Phew... He's gone, Kal'tsit.
Truth be told, that really got my blood pumping. I've lived for a few centuries now, but there are still a lot of things I haven't finished.
Shining In his eyes... the real battlefield lies elsewhere.
That's the only reason he let Rhodes Island be.
Warfarin And I was just saying I don't want to go back to Kazdel... Even if I don't go looking for trouble, trouble's knocking on my door!
Kal'tsit, we can't let something like this happen again. Otherwise, I'm not sure I can guarantee Rhodes Island's safety. We could be in trouble the second you two leave the ship.
Kal'tsit ......
It's time for us to depart.
Shining, what's your decision?
Shining Doctor... Liz and I are ready. We can leave at a moment's notice.
Kal'tsit I noticed that you did not deny the Nachzehrer King's accusations.
Shining There is no point... in denying it.
For the past three years, life aboard Rhodes Island has been peaceful. Neither Liz nor I could have asked for more.
Kal'tsit Is it time to say our goodbyes, then?
Shining Doctor, you know very well that if we continue our journey together, both you and Amiya will be in much more danger.
However... if Rhodes Island needs us, we will remain.
<Background 5>
[A Confessarius Guard reports in to the Confessarius himself.]
Confessarius Guard Sir, Defensive Cannon S-309 has been activated–
Confessarius Looks like Manfred has made some progress.
Confessarius Guard Should we report this to the Regent?
Confessarius No need. All of this is according to His Majesty's plans.
Manfred still needs more concrete achievements if he is trying to earn the Court's trust. Capturing some fighters is far from enough.
Activating the secondary cannons is the first step. Tell him that His Majesty needs not one, or even several unimportant plates.
Should it be necessary, we can abandon even an entire district...
Confessarius Guard What's the matter?
Confessarius Stay still.
Confessarius Guard The enemy? Here?!
Confessarius Stay still, if you want to keep your head.
Confessarius Guard ......
Confessarius ......
What an unexpected guest.
The Masked Assassin.png
??? You don't seem very surprised.
Confessarius Hmm... Let me put it another way. We've been waiting for your arrival.
The ship is stopped somewhere in the barrenlands outside Londinium, and I thought you would only have just made it to the walls.
??? ......
Confessarius Nonetheless, this is hardly surprising. Assassins are always on the move, no?
??? You talk too much.
Confessarius I have you to thank for giving me the opportunity, then.
If you want to kill me, why not just do it? Your control of the shadow is so masterful that not even I could notice you immediately. And your breathing...
It seems you did not neglect the techniques you learned from His Majesty after leaving his side. He will be happy to know that.
??? Shut up.
Confessarius Letting your emotions get the better of you is unbecoming of an assassin.
[The assassin attacks the Confessarius, who managed to withstood it.]
??? ......
Confessarius How nimble.
??? You're tougher than the others. Sure enough.
Confessarius Is that why you didn't strike first?
The life of a Confessarius is not worth taking if it means trading your own... I see. You have yet to see His Majesty, since you've entered the city.
The shadow shows no sign of change. It does not move, much less answer.
The Confessarius gazes past the swath of emptiness to the window and beyond. There is nothing but another swath of emptiness there.
A golden ray of light flutters from his motionless hand toward the faint sunlight outside the window.
Confessarius When you reach the throne... you might meet much more than just His Majesty.
I look forward to seeing the look on your face, Ascalon.
<Background 6>
Theresis So they have arrived.
Confessarius Guard Yes, Your Majesty. Our leader has already met one of them in the legislature.
Theresis Inform Manfred. We must find out who is among them.
Confessarius Guard The young general should have already met with our Messenger, but...
Theresis He can handle this matter.
Confessarius Guard We understand your trust in Manfred, Your Majesty.
But I must emphasize that he is busy dealing with the rebels on all sides. Judging by the results, it seems he did not immediately detect Rhodes Island's approach.
Theresis Tell me the candidates.
Confessarius Guard The kings have shown keen interest in that fake for some time now. Aside from the two who have already begun their moves, the Sanguinarch has also grown tired of superfluous social engagements with the city's nobles.
He is happy to head to Sudean, to Manfred's aid.
Theresis Remind him.
That should he ever find the "The Sarkaz King" and {nickname}, bring them to me at once.
Confessarius Guard What of the Dame? Of course, the Nachzehrer King will keep an eye on her, but we must be prepared too.
Theresis Let the vampires deal with her as they see fit.
Confessarius Guard Very well, Your Majesty. I'm sure the Prince of Blood will be elated.
On another note, our leader would like to know if you would have us arrange more guards to secure your surroundings?
Theresis No need. If anyone wishes to call on me, let them come.
Confessarius Guard There is one more thing... Suppose "she" wants to meet with that group, should we interfere?
Theresis ......
Let her go.
Confessarius Guard In that case, what if "she" meets her old friends from Rhodes Island...? Will that be a risk?
Theresis You'll remind me now that the witchcraft of the Confessarii is unreliable?
Confessarius Guard My apologies. Please do not be angered.
Just as you saw, "her" ideas and actions represent the Sarkaz will. This will... should be more than capable of defeating any lingering emotions from the past.
Yet the Confessarii exist to extinguish any lurking problems. Our leader must consider all possibilities.
Theresis No need.
A puppet locked inside a cage cannot lead the Sarkaz on the battlefield.
Tell the Confessarii that I will say this only once.
Do not ever insult Theresa again with these excuses... and do not ever insult me again.
<Background 1>
[As Feist leads the way for R.I.-Glasgow...]
Feist We should be nearly there.
Rockrock Got a signal...
Feist What does it mean... Huh? An emergency meeting?
Was there some kind of emergency?! Rockrock, we have to get back!
Rockrock What about them?
Feist The commander's order is to bring them to this position, but she wouldn't have time to see them now.
Rockrock Leave them here.
Feist That's a bit of a waste of time, isn't it? How about this? I will bring them to the commander...
Rockrock No!
Feist Huh?
Rockrock We still can't be sure these outsiders are the ones we're looking for.
Feist Who else could they be?
Rockrock That's for the commander and the captains to decide.
You've already taken a big risk by bringing them into the tunnel without permission and leading them this far.
Feist I've already tested them...
Rockrock You're quite smart, I'll admit, but you trust others too easily.
Take a closer look at your new friends. Especially the one who's also into drones.
Closure Huh? Who? Me?
Rockrock She's... a Sarkaz.
Closure Yeah, I'm a Sarkaz, what's the matter? Well, I am not the only Sarkaz here, there...
Hmm, huh? A-Amiya?
Amiya ......
Right, Miss Rockrock. They are Sarkaz, and they are also our trusted friends.
We are not like the Sarkaz who took over your home up there.
Rockrock Whether they're the same is not for you to decide.
Indra What's that supposed to mean?
You should've told us sooner you weren't keen on working with us. We wouldn't have squirmed around in these dark tunnels for so long!
Rockrock You're locals. If you want to stay, I will welcome you like I welcome all my brothers in arms.
...but I can't trust them so easily.
Indra Ugh... It doesn't matter what you say.
Siege We live together. We die together.
Doctor We are all Rhodes Island Operators. / All of them are equally trustworthy.
Amiya It's just as the Doctor said...
Miss Rockrock... We've already exchanged plenty of intelligence.
If you still won't afford us the most basic trust, I don't think we should force ourselves to keep walking this tunnel together.
Mr. Feist, on behalf of Rhodes Island, thank you for assisting us earlier.
We will leave you and find our own way out.
Feist Wait!
Erm, that's not what Rockrock meant.
Amiya I know. I can see where Miss Rockrock is coming from and how she feels. Resentment always has a root cause, and I definitely won't blame her for this.
Rhodes Island has faced similar problems, both before and now.
Whether the suspicion and distrust arose because we are Infected or because we stand with the Sarkaz, it's all one and the same to us.
We will prove Rhodes Island's position with our actions.
But... I hope you can also understand that we can't stand side by side next to someone who looks at us with such a disdainful gaze.
Rockrock ......
Well said, Cautus. You're a fine leader, but that's not going to change my position. I am responsible for my brothers and sisters in arms too.
Feist... Captain Feist. I'll get going now. Send the word out and have everyone get ready. If you've really thought it through, take these people to the commander.
She will make the final decision, and whatever her orders are, I will follow them.
Feist Rockrock!
Closure Amiya, did I say something wrong? Our relationship didn't break down because of me, right?
Amiya No, Closure. Whether or not we are friends is for Mr. Feist to decide.
Feist ......
Come, my Rhodes Island friends. I sure hope my judgment is correct... Otherwise, my lieutenant definitely won't forgive me, and I won't be able to show my face in front of our commander again.
Amiya Very well, Mr. Feist. We'll follow you. It's a good thing that I want to meet your commander too.