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With their homecity, people strong.

Eartha, formally known as the Londinium Citizens' Self-Salvation Corps, is one of the protagonistic factions of the second part of Arknights' Main Theme. It is a group of partisans formed by Londinium's citizens regardless of their social statuses who unanimously oppose the Kazdelian occupation of Victoria by Regent Theresis.


Eartha was founded by the patriotic working class whose ultimate goal is to expel their foreign occupiers. Many of its members possess different background, ranging from factory workers to rich businessmen, but they share the same idea. Notably, the band receives well protection from the House of Cumberland, the only surviving loyalist for the Aslan dynasty, led by its current heir Allerdale. Eartha sees itself as heroic liberators while the Kazdelian occupants treats them as nothing more than a band of rebellious thugs that threatens the Regent's plan to start a world war through the reconstruction of the Shard.

Lacking equipment and organization, Eartha is currently unable to confront the occupation of the Kazdel Military Commission directly. However, they can maintain a presence in Londinium's substructure beneath the industrious Sudean and other districts. These extensive underground networks enabled some limited operations against the Kazdelian occupation and provided escape routes from their brutal retaliation.

Under Heidi's arrangement, Rhodes Island is currently allying with Eartha to help them expel the Kazdelian armies from Londinium and resolve the Victorian Crisis. Furthermore, Allerdale has pledged her support for Siege's claim to the throne.

Notable members

Of the characters above:

  • Clovisia is Eartha's chief commander who does much of the commanding, and Allerdale acts as its leading sponsor and protector.
  • Heidi and Golding act as Eartha's Messengers; Rockrock and Stainless join R.I. as part of Eartha's partnership while being its commanders.