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The Followers is a branch of Rhodes Island founded and led by Shining the former Kazdelian Confessarius. It is a band of wandering healers saving lives in rural areas.


No matter how far we go and how hard the obstacle, the Followers will always stick together.

Originally, the Followers was only an itinerant band of two people (Shining and Liz) wandering around the wilderness following their departure from the Confessarii. They later incorporated the exiled Margaret Nearl, the Radiant Knight of Kazimierz, while fighting off some harassing bandits.[1][2] Since then, the trio had been travelling around together to heal and provide treatment to anyone they encountered, regardless of being Infected or not, until they joined R.I., where they have since been providing both medical and combat support in its field operations.

The Followers played a critical role during the incident of the 24th Major season in which they provided shelters and medical aid for the persecuted Infected in the ghettos of Kawalerielki, Kazimierz. In the aftermath, Margaret decided to stay back in Kazimierz temporarily while having Shining and Liz heading to Londinium, Victoria, to resolve the succession crisis.[3]