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Alive Until Sunset (AUS) is an all-female heavy metal band in the world of Arknights. They appear in Heart of Surging Flame, The Great Chief Returns, and Stultifera Navis.

AUS is also one of the three musical acts that the player can support in Heart of Surging Flame, awarding the "Professional" Speaker System once the Siesta Obsidian.png Siesta Obsidian milestone is completed (except in the rerun).



Even though members of AUS appear to be Aegirs, they are young oceanic Feranmuts who were forced to leave the Aegirian waters likely due to the oceans' corruption by the Seaborn swarm and the Leviathans.[1][2] They have been finding ways to return back to their homeland and reestablish connection between Terra's land-dwellers and the oceans through the lost Stultifera Navis.


During their stay on land, AUS has became enamored with the music of land-dwellers. They gradually enhanced their musical talents which turned them into talented musical artists. They started with a rocky beginning until the band was picked up by the Monster Siren Records label, where they released their first album Deep Color in the Sea to critical acclaim, placing them in the spotlight on Terra's heavy metal scene.[3] Their debut was followed by their well-received second album Abyss Effect and their third album Hope Returns which experimented on new, lighter themes such as the emotions of life.[4]

Contrary to most Terran metal bands, AUS notably kept their work "clean"; in other words, refrain from using profanity.[3]



Stultifera Navis

Side Stories

Heart of Surging Flame

AUS was one of the many musical acts that participates in Obsidian Festival 1097 at Siesta. They also hosted a live performance in downtown Siesta.[5]

Some previously unknown facts about AUS were revealed from Obsgram feeds related to the band. Notably, their guitarist Frost used to practice her guitar skills at a C4ORD guitar shop everyday, wearing a paper mask on her head and carrying a fast food bucket with her, until she was approached by the future vocalist Aya.[6]

The Great Chief Returns

A year before the main story of The Great Chief Returns, AUS were traveling across the dunes of Sargon after Alty acquired the "key" (likely the same device recovered by Skadi and the one mentioned by Gladiia) from Kal'tsit, and while looking back on the deal they made with her, they think about the purpose and meaning of Kal'tsit agreeing to the deal. They questioned what they should do with it, and decided that they would wait to hand their knowledge and the key over to "the one who is ready." However, their car broke down, forcing them to search for help in the nearby jungles of Acahualla. While staying in the jungle, they were welcomed by the local Tiacauhs the chieftain of the Eunectes tribe, Zumama, who helped them repair their car. They also hosted an impromptu live performance in the village which quickly became popular among the tribesmen.[7]

Later, AUS encountered the Messenger Inam, one of the few Acahuallans who maintains contact with the outside world. Knowing their fame, she took them into the Mahuizzotia temple where they performed concerts over the course of two months. After their car was repaired, AUS quietly left Acahualla to resume their journey. All they left behind was a simple note for Inam.[7] Since then, the band is greatly exalted by the locals and the tribesmen worship them as a messengers from their ancestors.[8]



  • Deep Color in the Sea
  • Abyss Effect
  • Hope Returns
  • Die Before Sunset[9]
  • There's Demon Among Us[10]


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