Faction trivia: Alive Until Sunset

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  • "Alive Until Sunset" is the antonym of "Dead by Sunrise", which is the name of an American rock supergroup founded by Chester Bennington, best known for being the lead vocalist of Linkin Park until his death in 2017 – the same year Arknights was announced to be in development. Therefore, AUS is likely meant to be a tribute to Bennington, with their lore referencing his time with Linkin Park:
    • Like LP, AUS is stated to have a "rocky beginning."
    • AUS' first album, Deep Color in the Sea, is critically acclaimed and catapulted them into mainstream success, just like LP with Hybrid Theory.
    • AUS' third album, Hope Returns, is similar to LP's Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns in which they explored new themes and concepts.
    • Similar to LP especially in their early years, AUS do not use any sort of profanity in their works.
  • The name of one of AUS' albums, Die Before Sunset, is essentially the same as the band's name in a literal sense.