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Heavy Metal Trend Heart of Surging Flame
Chat messages on the local tourist terminal.
#1: It's all about the heavy metal bands at the Obsidian Festival.
Obsidian Festival #AliveUntilSunset Also known as AUS, the members of this famous heavy metal band are shrouded in mystery. Despite their rocky start, AUS was picked up by Monster Siren Records and released their first album, "Deep Color in the Sea", which was critically acclaimed and cemented their position in the heavy metal scene. Unlike many other bands in that genre that have been shunned by mainstream listeners, AUS is notable for keeping their lyrics clean.
#2: They said an expensive enough guitar would go un-smashed.
KingofPsychic Did you know that according to Arts research, those who are good at playing music show a better grasp over Originium Arts than ordinary people?
Horn of the Demon King I think I'm already pretty good at Arts. So, if I keep practicing, I'll be able to become a master and make ★ everyone ★ happy, right?
KingofPsychic Whatever makes you happy...... So, what instrument do you play?
Horn of the Demon King Once upon a time, in order to capture the hearts of my guests, I had to pour my heart and soul into practicing guitdaahwnoihwdjnaomcccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Meteorite ......what are you doing?
Handmade Knight 02 He's currently pouring his heart and soul into fighting with the cat for the custody of the keyboard.
Judging from this fierce battle, he has an exceptional talent for striking things.
Forget the guitar, we're witnessing the birth of a legendary drummer.
#3: In fact, most people are just coming along for the ride, and going too fast only makes them panic.
Vigna #AliveUntilSunset Alty's bass blows my mind. I never knew that a bass could have such a commanding presence, I'm almost moved to tears!
Masked Hero Don't remind me, it hurts my soul. I used to be a bassist back when I was a student. I once had a chance to show off my skills at a livehouse, but my car broke down on the way there. In the end I have to leave the band in shame.
Deepcolor in the Sea Because the show is a failure?
Masked Hero No, because the show was a success.
Hibiscus Eh? Then why'd you leave the band then?
Masked Hero Because nobody in the band or in the audience realized I wasn't there until the show was over.
#4: Envy is a very common motif. And the word is short.
Hibiscus #AliveUntilSunset I recently started listening to AUS's songs in order to find some common ground with my sister, who is also a huge fan. Do you have any recommendations for me?
Vigna All of their songs are super amazing, they're absolutely the real deal! So, which of their songs introduced you to them? If you like other heavy metal songs, you might want to start with their first album, "Deep Color in the Sea". The follow-up, "Abyss Effect", is also superb! If you're into something more chill, you might want to try their newest album, "Hope Returns", which explores new themes and is packed with emotions towards life. They must have been through a lot through-out the changes in their creative process, which makes people think deeply, but also gives them a renewed ability to think about the meaning of warmth.
KingofPsychic If you want to listen to their most distinctive works, I'd definitely recommend songs from their first two albums, particularly "Deepfear" and "Among the Beasts". Nowadays, they're chilled out a lot compared to before, so if you start with the most recent stuff, their older works might be a bit jarring in comparison. It feels like the current AUS is a lot different from how they used to be. But you're free to give it a try if you want.
Hibiscus Great! Thank you, Lava!
KingofPsychic I have no idea who that is.
#5: Costuming really has nothing to do with the speed of the performance.
LeaderOne Speaking of Alive until sunset's[sic] Frost, I couldn't find any information about her before she joined the band. She doesn't seem to have anything on her resume about being a guitarist.
Vigna I've been following them for quite some time, and it's just not her. There's not much info on three of them... only some basic information on stuff they did before. It almost feels like a ghost appeared out of nowhere and became really popular.
LeaderOne There's something inhuman about that monstrous guitar solo, I'm telling you. Actually, someone once mentioned seeing that guitarist somewhere before the band was founded.
Vigna !!! Do tell!!
LeaderOne For a while, Frost would be seen in front of a certain guitar store in C4ORD every day, shredding away at high speeds until a long-haired woman who looked like the current lead singer, Aya, came out to talk to her. The important thing is, at that time, she wore a paper mask over her head and carried around a paper bucket she'd used to lug around fast food.
Haze ......
Vigna I already have the mask. Where can I get that bucket though?