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The Lungmen Guard Department (L.G.D.) is an organization in the world of Arknights. As the name suggests, it serves as both a law enforcement agency and an armed force of Lungmen, and is responsible for maintaining Lungmen's peace.


Obedience, diligence, and perseverance – the three virtues of the L.G.D.

The L.G.D. was founded by Wei Yenwu around more than twenty years ago in response to his intention to clean up the city, especially after the city's devastation by the Ursus infiltrators led by the Duke of Kashchey.[1][2][3][4] While publically appearing to be a defense and security agency, internally, the L.G.D also acts as Wei's political tool to run Lungmen. The L.G.D. is able to maintain its vitality, justice, and might thanks to its strict rules of selection as well as its ancient traditions from Yan.[5] As a matter of fact, the L.G.D. is fearfully respected by both the ordinary citizens and the underground world of Lungmen.

Before its official formation, a secret special ops team that would later become the core of the L.G.D. conducted a grand rescue mission on a young Beatrix Schwire who was kidnapped by Wei's political enemy. The criminal's intention was to use the kidnapping to humiliate Wei politically. Luckily, the rescue operation was a success with the aid of Mr. Adams Schwire, and the criminals involved were executed on the spot. Even prior to the successful operation, many tabloids and novels had been written about this special ops team prior to the case. To this day, the police officers of Lungmen are proud of how that case was handled.[2]

Following the rescue of Beatrix Schwire, the formation of the Special Inspection Unit, a special department led by the best policemen of the L.G.D. to conduct dangerous missions, occured. The Unit is led by the L.G.D.'s Superintendent who serves the office for a term of two years.

Notable members


  • Even though Ch'en had left L.G.D. in Episode 07 and joined Rhodes Island in the end of Episode 08, she is still affiliated wih L.G.D. (although Ch'en the Holungday is correctly affiliated with R.I.)
  • Nine was a former member of the L.G.D. who defected to Reunion in Episode 06.
  • Phal acted as an informant prior to his death.
  • Swire was promoted to be the L.G.D.'s next Superintendent,[4][6] succeeding Wei's position after his preparation to departure Lungmen and heading to the Yanese capital in 1099.


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