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The Trilby Asher[1] is an organization in Arknights. They appear (albeit unidentified) in Episode 11 and What the Firelight Casts before becoming supporting characters in Episode 12 and Episode 13.


Named after the tall, brimmed hat they wore and their uniform's color, the Trilby Ashers are personal agents and elite guards serving the Duke of Caster, well-trained in espionage and ISR work, which the Duke herself often boasts on to assert her influence.[2] The Ashers always brought a tape recorder to record conversations with other parties, and while their strength remains unknown, some of the Ashers are actually members of the Victorian aristocracy.[3]

During the Victorian Crisis, the Trilby Ashers kept a close eye towards the parties involved including the other Grand Dukes, Rhodes Island, and Glasgow, and willing to cooperate with any of them when necessary although their mission always come first.


Episode 11

A Trilby Asher secretly oversees Allerdale Cumberland and reminds her to proceed with her mission – recovering the "Sighs of Kings" – while the Cumberland manor was attacked and burned down by the Sanguinarch.[4]

Later a group of Trilby Ashers show up before Indra and Morgan at the entrance to the Mausoleum of Kings, intending to keep them from interfering with Allerdale's mission while recognizing them as members of Glasgow and Alexandrina of Victoria's servants.[5] They are joined by Totter and his mercenaries who had escaped from the Mausoleum following the battle with a surviving Steam Knight, only for Alexandrina herself to follow shortly after. The Ashers conclude that Allerdale has failed before Alexandrina attacks them in anger.[6]

What the Firelight Casts

Episode 12

Episode 13

The Rides to Lake Silberneherze

Notable members

  • Sir Bellingham: A member of the House Bellingham of Suffolk who's employed as one of the Trilby Asher. He was sent to retrieve the Sighs of Kings from Siege and Glasgow gang when they took refuge in the Duke of Windermere's flagship. After Siege rejected his request, he secretly turned off his recording device for a moment to give her advice in regards of building her own army and revealed his noble background. He left after giving Siege the coordinates and some "tools" when it caught signals from Horn's force requesting for help from Chetleigh. Thus, he basically helped Siege to form the Exemplars. His next mission was to infiltrate Kjerag in year 1100 to find out what are they planning secretly, but it ends up with him being pursued by Degenbrecher throughout the village area.