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Zuo Xuanliao is an NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in Invitation to Wine[2] before appearing as a supporting character in Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


Zuo Xuanliao, titled the "Lord Excorcist", is a renowned Imperial Guard general and the father of Candleholder Zuo Le. He's in charge of administrating and commanding the troops stationed in the northern garrison of Yumen alongside Grandmaster Chongyue, protecting the Great Yan' s borders from anything that could impose a threat.[2] His decades of continuous service made him a battle-hardened veteran who believes that there´s still things yet to be done, despite the injuries of his body. His security over Yumen is if anything, strict, and he´s even able to even declare martial law on the city. This comes from the havoc Shanhaizhong caused during their infiltration and attempted destruction of the Nomadic City's power core two decades ago.[3] The incident forced him to impose restrictions to the citizen's movement, heavily reforming Yumen's administration.

He does have a good relationship with his son Le, and thinks he's been doing a good job as a Candleholder. However, he states that he shouldn't have a margin of error due to the importance of his position[4]

Xuanliao is also an old friend and acquaintance of Lungmen's Chief Executive Wei Yenwu, who has a good relationship with thanks to how Yumen depends on supply shipments Lungmen sends from time to time. He also played drinking bets with Wei in the past, on which he ended up wining some fine weapons, ranging from a sword to even a bow that the Tianshi Bureaus just bestowed to him.[5]


Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow