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Mechanist is an NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in Episode 06 before appearing as a supporting character in Dorothy's Vision.


Mechanist the Elafian Elite Op is noted to excel in designing, inventing, and repairing things, ranging from machines to weaponry, hence his codename. He notably praises Maria Nearl for making her own armor,[1] helped Ace in training Blaze and making her tactical chainsaw long before she joined the Elite Ops,[2] and being a mentor for many young engineers such as Greyy. He's also known for being partners with fellow Elite Operator Logos. However, Mechanist states that every mission where Logos is involved would end much faster if it wasn't for his speechcraft.[3]

Long before joining R.I., Mechanist was an employee of the Columbian corporation Volvort Kochinski. He left the company after being upset at them for stealing and misusing his own invention, a unique energy core. Rather than using the core as a road cleaner to aid the pioneers as he expected, they instead installed it inside their automatic popcorn machine after they deem it a business failure. On the other hand, he is happy to see R.I. respecting his creations and using it in a proper manner.[3]


Episode 06

Mechanist is mentioned in Blaze's flashback about her time with the Elite Ops Ace, Rosmontis, and Scout prior to the Chernobog Crisis.[4]

Dorothy's Vision