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What Martial Arts Serve
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Strength is needed to uphold justice, but not every problem can be solved by strength.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Waai Fu to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Waai Fu.
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Female Passerby
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Male Passerby
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Plated Fist Practitioner
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Traceless Fist Practitioner
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Shangshu Teahouse
Seeking her father, Waai Fu follows Lee's tracks to Shangshu. She's surprised to discover that here, a lot of the people perceive the martial arts in a subtly different way...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Huai Tianpei Hit me.
Waai Fu Hyah!
[The young Waai Fu strikes at her father Huai Tianpei, but he countered it that she falls down.]
Huai Tianpei Strength from the ground, fist and feet communicating. Always be aware of what's under your step! Stand up!
Waai Fu Hyah!
[Waai Fu strikes at Huai again for the same result as before.]
Huai Tianpei Do not chase the hands, do not clash with the body. See my movements clearly, be aware of your own self! Stand up!
Waai Fu Yes, Dad!
Huai Tianpei When we train in kung fu, you call me Shih-fu!
Waai Fu Hyah!
[Waai Fu strikes at Huai yet again, still ending up with the same result.]
Huai Tianpei Strength through six harmonies, force within one ts'un! Is this how little power your fists hold?!
Waai Fu (Panting) Yes...
Waai Fu Dad? Where are you going?
Huai Tianpei To find something. Something that can make me stronger.
Waai Fu Can you take me with you? Don't leave me all alone...
Huai Tianpei I won't stop to wait for you. If you want to stand by my side, then catch me, by your own efforts.
Waai Fu Dad–
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Waai Fu It just doesn't make sense!
[Zheng Qingyue the Xingyu innkeeper joins in the argument between Waai Fu and a kung fu practictioner.]
Innkeeper Zheng Hei-yo, it's been madness these days. Not one day of calm.
Plated Fist Practitioner What? What doesn't click about what I just said, Miss Heroine?
Waai Fu I'm being framed, head to tail! What proof do you have it was me who injured your schoolbrother?
Plated Fist Practitioner This recording's the proof. If you have any doubts, we could report it to the authorities. Let them decide if this is "harm with intent," right?
Waai Fu This recording's clearly out of context. I wasn't even using any strength there. How could that possibly hurt him?
Plated Fist Practitioner Those are some big words! If it took no strength to get our second-in-line so hurt, he'd be dead if you put any effort into it, wouldn't he?
Waai Fu You–
Plated Fist Practitioner A coin for a coin, a life for a life. When you hurt someone... you'd better cough up their hospital fees. Here's the bill for your perusal.
Waai Fu This much?!
Plated Fist Practitioner Our schoolbrother kickboxes to feed himself. If he can't fight anymore, that's every meal for the rest of his life gone with it. Of course he needs careful treatment.
Waai Fu I–I don't have this much.
Plated Fist Practitioner Of course. You're so young; it's understandable you have no savings. We're not out just to trouble you here. But we have a way.
Waai Fu What way?
Plated Fist Practitioner You take on this written challenge. Our first-in-line invites you to a kung fu competition three days from now, for our school to uphold its name.
Waai Fu I go for another round so you can stick another battery charge on me?
Plated Fist Practitioner Don't be so sure of yourself. You only beat our second after he held back out of kindness, and our first's skill is in a league beyond his. Victory is up in the air.
Only, our second's still lying in hospital, so winning this will be... well, you think about it, Miss Heroine.
Waai Fu I understand. You want me to lose on purpose, or else you'll keep hanging this "harm with intent" thing over me.
Plated Fist Practitioner Hey, hey, let's be clear, those were your words just now, not mine.
Waai Fu ......
Plated Fist Practitioner Made your choice? It's the bill or the challenge. One or the other, you know?
Waai Fu Fine... I accept the challenge.
Plated Fist Practitioner Then go ahead and sign it with your mark. At noon, three days from now, the Plated Fists will arrange a feast at the Jianlan Tavern in the mountains. We insist you grace us, when the time comes.
Also, we'll be holding onto this recording for now. If you skip Shangshu all by yourself, don't blame us when–
Waai Fu Say no more. Three days from now? I'll be there.
Plated Fist Practitioner Hahaha. You're a forthright one, Miss Heroine. Until then.
[The practictioner leaves.]
Waai Fu You crooked punk–
<Background 3>
Hours earlier...
[Waai Fu arrives at Shangshu just as the affair involving a black goblet is resolved.]
Waai Fu Shoot... I was only a few days behind, and Uncle Lee's already out of Shangshu. Uncle Liang chose this exact time to transfer, too. Now can I talk to...?
Um, what's that up ahead?
[A kung fu apprentice is promoting an event held by a local kung fu school.]
Second Apprentice This is the grand ten-year anniversary of our Plated Fist opening a training hall in Shangshu, and we'll be performing on this stage.
Thanks to our fellow townspeople and our martial allies, everyone who signs up for a course today gets 30% off!
Waai Fu Is kung fu really this thick in the air in Shangshu? I might just get leads on my dad, if I ask around here.
This guy in front's got a sturdy figure, and he seems pretty skilled. Let's see what kind of show he puts on.
Second Apprentice Brothers and sisters, let us display the Eighty One Techniques of the Plated Fist, and give the audience a taste of our kung fu!
These techniques have been a closely-guarded secret, but today is the day we make an exception! We'll open your eyes!
Plated Fist Practitioners Hyah!
Waai Fu Hm... a lot of the apprentices in the back move slightly stiffly. They're lacking both coordination and force. Probably still haven't been training for long. Commendable vigor, though.
Second Apprentice The Techniques of the Plated Fist are time-honored and deep-rooted. If you train hard, you'll be guaranteed to improve your health and live longer.
I'll show you all the results of extended, intense training in our secret techniques! Brother, bring it out!
Staged(?) Female Passerby S-Such thick marble, and three blocks at once! Is he going to split them all in one chop?
Staged(?) Male Passerby There's no way! No human could ever pull off something like this!
Second Apprentice Everyone, watch carefully–hyah!
[The apprentice breaks the marble slabs with his fist.]
Waai Fu Kung fu isn't about simple, brute force. Isn't drawing all this attention a little overboard...?
Second Apprentice Hahaha, that was nothing. Train our techniques to the highest level, and you won't need punches or kicks–you can hurt people with your mind alone!
Observe. With just one chop of the air, I can blast someone over ten meters away!
Waai Fu What?!
[A kung fu practictioner joins in.]
Plated Fist Practitioner Brother! I'll face you!
Second Apprentice Good on you! This is a heavy one, so be careful! Hyah–
[The apprentice punches the practictioner several meters away with his first, though it is clearly staged.]
Waai Fu This is all so fake!
Second Apprentice Miss, we haven't met, have we? What are you smearing our kung fu for?!
Waai Fu Smearing? It's incredible you act so righteous while you trick people with this cheap act.
"Hitting people with the air?" What are you teaching, martial arts or Originium Arts?
Second Apprentice Hahahaha... Miss, you've seen nothing. I'm not arguing with you.
You have to understand, once a man develops his physical potential to the very limit, kickboxing is mightier than Originium Arts could ever be.
Waai Fu Really? As luck has it, I've been training for a couple years too. I'd like to ask, seeing as you're my senior–what power does your fist at "the very limits" have there?
Plated Fist Practitioner She's coming at you! Quick, get down!
Second Apprentice What kind of house or school are you from? Are you really going to fight me in front of a crowd?
Waai Fu I'm from no house or school. If your conscience is clear, why should you care how many people are watching?
Second Apprentice Fine, then each of us makes three moves and no more, the kung fu way. You can go first, since you're a girl.
Waai Fu Are you sure you want me to go first?
Second Apprentice What, are you scared?
Waai Fu *Sigh*.
(This guy probably never practiced any real kung fu. Take a little care. Let's not hurt him.)
(Just make him fall on his face. All he needs is a little humble pie.)
Alright, haiyah!
[Waai Fu punches the apprentice, knocking him down cold.]
Plated Fist Practitioner Brother! Brother!
Female Passerby Eek! He's not getting up, he's not moving! Is he foaming at the mouth?
Male Passerby Run! That might've been a murder!
[The passerby runs away, thinking that Waai Fu had fatally injured the apprentice.]
Waai Fu W-What? I didn't put any force into that!
<Background 4>
Waai Fu I didn't find out anything about Uncle Lee or my dad, and I got sucked into this mess to boot. If Aak finds out, he'll die laughing.
I can't let that bunch of kung fu cheats carry on their evildoing, but if they went to the authorities...
How do I handle this?
[Someone approaches Waai Fu...]
Waai Fu Who's there? Come out!
[...who reveals himself to be a young man.]
??? Relax, Miss Heroine!
There's Plated Fist people in the shadows all around here. I have to be careful not to catch their attention.
Waai Fu Who are you, and what do you want with me?
??? I'm a student of the Traceless Fist. Don't worry, Miss Heroine, I've nothing to do with the Plated at all.
Waai Fu Who knew Shangshu had so many schools of kung fu?
Traceless Fist Practitioner There's close to fifty in all, big and small. The Plated you offended yesterday number as one of the largest. You don't know just how big of a headache you've made for yourself, I worry.
Waai Fu They extorted me for about two years' worth of my wages. I couldn't be clearer.
Traceless Fist Practitioner This isn't a simple matter of money. When you crashed their stage yesterday in front of everyone, you may as well have smashed up their sign, and that's the biggest taboo in the kung fu world.
They're going to regain face in the coming challenge, no holds barred. No matter how supreme your kung fu, I fear alone, you'll be...
Waai Fu Let me ask this. You're a martial artist too. You'd sit back and watch them so blatantly swindle people?
Traceless Fist Practitioner You may not know this, but we've always had a rule: We of the martial ways don't spoil our fellows' livelihoods.
If sides are displayed winning or losing in a public setting, then it's common for the loser to offer a "reconciliation gift," and then arrange for a feast.
The two sides each send a representative, the two publicly discuss how no one style is inferior to another, and they go back to minding their own business.
If someone violates this rule, then all the schools target them, ensuring it's hard for them to find their footing in Shangshu.
Waai Fu I mean, I'm against going around challenging schools too, but doesn't this stink of a sham?
And on top of that, you make it sound like you're all cozy with each other. Are you saying you do things pretty much the way the Plated do too?
Traceless Fist Practitioner We just exaggerate a little to advertise–let's put that aside for now. The main thing I'm here for is to make you a deal. An excellent one.
You declare to everyone that you're a follower of our Traceless Fist, and then our school sends someone to make peace with the Plated. That way, all your troubles are gone.
Waai Fu You called this a "deal." I assume I have to do something?
Traceless Fist Practitioner Of course. There's always a give-and-take in the kung fu world. All we hope for, after things settle down, is that you come to our hall and be a nominal instructor for a month.
Waai Fu A nominal instructor?
Traceless Fist Practitioner Haha, we won't make you teach us your secret techniques, of course. We just want you to stay with us. You can act as living publicity for our school.
We won't make you stay for free, either. We'll pay you a month's wages, and split the Plated Fists' reconciliation gift 20/80! How do those terms s–
Waai Fu Are you done?
Traceless Fist Practitioner You've made up your mind?
Waai Fu I'll kindly refuse.
Traceless Fist Practitioner Er... If you feel it's an unfair price, we can still discuss–
Waai Fu Listen. I may not be totally in the loop about this kung fu "business," and I'm probably not qualified to wax on about the rules and customs and so on?
But to my eyes, this fraud has no fundamental respect for the martial arts at all. I would never accept it.
Traceless Fist Practitioner Miss Heroine, you seem to be mistaken...
The age of true kung fu is long gone... We're all just putting on a show to make a living. That's not some terrible crime.
All we ever need is to save a little face. Why take this so seriously?
Waai Fu Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't judge the lives of others so lightly.
We're just of different mind and different ways. Thank you for your "kindness," and goodbye.
[Waai Fu leaves.]
Traceless Fist Practitioner Come on... You're so young, girl. Why are you clinging to something so old-fashioned?
What era do you think this is? All the real warriors have been beaten to death by now...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Waai Fu Dad, is your kung fu so strong that nobody could beat you?
Huai Tianpei What a joke.
How vast do you think the land is? Just because I pass through a few cities with no opponent, I can pretend I'm number one?
Waai Fu But you've trained so hard, and you look for opponents everywhere. So why?
Huai Tianpei Training is training. Why all the "why?"
All I'm doing is seeking the masters, finding the peaks. Only by witnessing the heights of the sky and the breadths of the land can I know where I stand, can I go further!
To reach the "peak of perfection" of the martial way, that is my life's wish!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Waai Fu Dad, just what is it you're searching for, even now...?
Innkeeper Zheng There's a rough face you're pulling, guest. Not used to Shangshu spice?
Waai Fu No, not that. The food's great, it's just my own worries.
Innkeeper Zheng Peheh, I happened to overhear. Those people made a fine racket in the inn yesterday, and I heard talk of you getting caught up in it.
Waai Fu I must've made a mockery of myself–no, I'm the one who got you caught up in this.
Innkeeper Zheng No harm done. What are you planning to do now, though, Miss?
Waai Fu I know what. I've already agreed to the challenge, so I have to show up. And I'm going to have a fair and square martial competition with them, no tricks or schemes.
It's something all martial artists understand. "Seek to go forth, think not to halt." I made this mess myself, so no matter what happens, it's my responsibility to bear it.
Innkeeper Zheng Fine words. Your righteousness is commendable, young lady, but I think you should know what it means to take it all on yourself.
The first apprentice, in your upcoming match, is probably just as much a martial nobody. But if they're scrambling to control the damage, whipping out every dirty trick in the book, do you think you'll cope with the onslaught?
Waai Fu I'll do all I can.
Innkeeper Zheng And further, if you win, and they kick off and call you the wrongdoer instead, then I'm sorry, but even if their sort can't lay hands on you, it'd never be worth it to get tangled in a lawsuit.
Besides, ultimately, you can't stomach the way they connive together, pulling their dirty tricks. Even if you teach the Plated Fists a lesson, what use will that be in the kung fu circle of Shangshu?
Waai Fu You have a point, sir...
Innkeeper Zheng I don't like to lecture on my seniority. But I hope you give some weight to what I've told you, young lady.
Waai Fu I'm not interested in meaningless scuffles, and at the same time I don't want those people getting what they wish for. But no matter what, I can't see a way I can pull off both.
Innkeeper Zheng There's always some way. You just have to think a little outside the box to find it.
Waai Fu Outside the box, you say...?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 5>
Lee The way the world works, it's like a net. Sometimes it's protective, and sometimes it ties you up like a finfish–and it's not something you can use your fists to shake off.
In this net, the way you act and carry yourself gets bound up, and there's rules to play by. Know what it wants, and you'll know what it fears.
Just rambling, rambling. You don't need to understand what it means just yet, hahaha...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Waai Fu Know what it means, know what it fears...
They won't let me go without a match, and it's just to win back their reputation.
If they love face so much, I could just give them some.
Innkeeper Zheng It looks like you have a plan, young lady?
Waai Fu Thank you for your advice, sir. I think I've got a solution!
<Background 6>
[Many people have gathered in the place where the duel between Waai Fu and the kung fu practictioner is about to take place.]
First Apprentice What's happening? Who invited so many other halls here?
Plated Fist Practitioner We don't know! We heard your warning, we kept away from all the other schools!
First Apprentice Even the "Yin-Yang," "seven Shocks" and "White Feather" houses are here. You think they just came on their own?
Plated Fist Practitioner Please, brother! I genuinely have no idea what happened!
First Apprentice I'll get you all for this later! Is the one who beat up our second here yet?
Plated Fist Practitioner She is! She's over there!
First Apprentice What's with that flag she's holding?
With all eyes on her, Waai Fu ascends the arena, and stands a flagpole easily a zhang[note 1] high in the center. The banner flutters, on one side written "#1 in Shangshu," an awe-inspiring scene.
Waai Fu (Innkeeper Zheng really did invite all these people.)
(I've never spoken in front of this many before. I'm kind of nervous...)
Ahem–Thank you, martial minds, for accepting the invitation to this meeting.
I am Waai Fu, taught in the ways of the Hong Mei Wing Chun. I had the privilege to meet the followers of the Plated Fist some days ago. It was perhaps even... instant chemistry.
My seniors are determined to exhibit their house's prowess, and invite me upon this stage with them, so we can compete for number one in Shangshu kung fu.
First Apprentice What?! You l–
[Zheng shows up.]
Innkeeper Zheng It was the Plated who arranged for this feast. Isn't that true?
First Apprentice Zheng Q–Innkeeper Zheng, what are you doing here?
Innkeeper Zheng It's the most interesting thing to happen to our kung fu in a while. Let a rickety man join in the fun.
No need to greet me, you sit for now.
First Apprentice Very well...
Waai Fu Though I can only speak for so little, I want to do my own part to revitalize the kung fu scene here, so I've taken it upon myself to establish this challenge.
Whoever bests me gets this "#1 in Shangshu" flag. The last one standing on this stage takes it to hang it in their own hall.
Seven Shocks Fist House Good nephew, I hear your house's master has been traveling far as of recent. You truly show determination for your school in arranging this battle as its first disciple.
White Feather Fist House It seems the Plated Fist's undertakings are so grand, Shangshu alone couldn't hold them anymore.
Yin-Yang Fist House Go on, then. Take up that flag and give us old fogeys a good slap and a what-for, hm?
First Apprentice Honored Shih-fus, this is all wrong, it's a misunderstanding...
Waai Fu I thought it would be a shame to take up your invitation to the Plated Fist's banquet but have no one to fight, so... what say you about this contest, schoolbrother?
First Apprentice You must be joking, Miss... I've only invited everyone here for some tea and a meal. What's this talk of competition?
If you would just quickly put this banner away...
Waai Fu Er, could it be I misunderstood your intent, brother?
Alright. If that's what you say, then that's what I'll heed. This contest today is thus canceled.
Waai Fu makes a quick sideways chop, and the solid wood flagpole, thick as a wide bowl, topples in answer. The "#1 in Shangshu" banner lands neatly in her hands.
Plated Fist Practitioner Wow, look at how thick that pole was, and the cut even looks genuine!
Brother, I want to learn that! When will Shih-fu teach us that?
First Apprentice Shut up!
Waai Fu If there's nothing else today, I'll be taking my leave for now, so as not to spoil your teatime mood.
I'll keep this flag in my care for now. If anyone still wants this "#1 in Shangshu" title, you can challenge me at any time. I'll gladly offer up this flag to you, if you beat me.
May fate bid us to meet again, martial minds.
<Background 2>
[Waai Fu talks with Zheng.]
Waai Fu Thank you, sir. Without your help, that could've been a much stickier situation.
Innkeeper Zheng No thanks necessary. You came up with the plan yourself, really. I just sent a few letters, nothing worth mentioning.
You have more than diligent training. There's a fine, clever mind in there too. Very rare.
*Sigh*... You know, my own little girl's around your age, and she has kung fu to speak of at that. If she were half as prudent as you, I wouldn't be getting so many white hairs.
Waai Fu I really am flattered, sir.
Innkeeper Zheng Is something still troubling you, even after getting free of that mess?
Waai Fu I've learned martial arts from my father ever since I was young. The one thing he said to me most was "Martial arts have yin and yang, humans have straight and crooked." With improper intent, you'll never master your kung fu.
I always thought every fighter would be like my father, set on martial progress and nothing else. Now I've seen the way the martial world's become, and I feel like it's just not right.
Innkeeper Zheng The martial world is wherever the martial artists are. There's people devoted to the way, like your father, and of course there's people just in it for a living. But in the end, the "martial world" is still bound to fade away.
The schools you see now were different decades ago. But the longer the days of peace, the less traveling the country calls for kung fu in your pocket. The training gets less diligent in turn.
They say "martial arts to halt a war." When the people no longer need martial arts, that's the day we'll truly be at peace.
Waai Fu Sir, about that. I have a small objection.
Innkeeper Zheng Oh? Go ahead, young lady.
Waai Fu The halls all think times are peaceful enough not to need any kung fu, and my father's been searching for an opponent all his life... I've been thinking over it these past few days, and I feel–the martial arts don't need anything external to show their worth.
Martial arts are like a mirror, they reflect your own will, your own state of mind. Practicing them is recognizing yourself. It's that one, "with no purpose and no self, there is no boundary and no end".
That's what I believe for sure. Or maybe that's just... the arrogance of the young.
Innkeeper Zheng Hahahahaha, well said! I was thinking all these schools in Shangshu would end up vanishing in a few years, if they were left alone.
But what I've seen these past few days really changed my mind. At least in this moment, every day the martial world still exists is a day it should live loud and strong.
If there's no one in the "business" who'll rectify the mood, I won't mind wading in myself.
Waai Fu Really?! Sir, I would absolutely be willing to help you, if that's what you think!
Innkeeper Zheng Haha, your feelings are loud and clear, young lady. But it's a long, long way to build, and you've got more pressing things to do right now, don't you?
Waai Fu Huh? How do you know–
Innkeeper Zheng A man by the name of Lee left a letter here a few days ago. He said a girl called Waai would come to Shangshu looking for him, and to hand it to her.
I worried it'd buck your mood back then, so I didn't bring it up. Now's the time to give it to you.
Waai Fu A letter from Uncle Lee?!
[Waai Fu opens the letter and reads it.]
Waai Fu To my fine niece Waai Fu, I hope this letter finds you well. I've gotten ahold of some news about your father, and I'm right on my way back to... Lungmen?
So I made this whole trip for nothing?!


  1. Hanzi: 丈, Pinyin: zhàng; the traditional Chinese unit to measure length equal to 3.3 m or 3.6 yard