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Operator Record
Exclusive Interview
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Her bag is always stuffed to the brim, so when she needs to find a set of keys, it always takes some time and effort.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Whislash to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Whislash.
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Immature Reporter
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Newsstand Owner
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Kazimierz Avenue
Kazimierz Lounge
Whislash discovers that even years after her retirement, there are still reporters who keenly follow her every move.
<Background 1>
[Zofia stands before a newsstand.]
Zofia One copy of the Central Journal, please.
Newsstand Owner ...Zofia? Long time no see.
Zofia Same to you, Al. Actually, I'm quite surprised your stand is still running.
Newsstand Owner Haha, only by the good graces of my old regulars. Hey, out of curiosity, isn't that knight who's been on the front page recently... your niece?
Zofia Niece? Maria's like a little sister, thank you very much.
Newsstand Owner Haha! Yes, yes, I'll remember next time. I watched the match between her and Brassrust. She's got some of the same grit and spunk you had, back in the day.
Zofia Me? Not Margaret?
Newsstand Owner No, no. I'd never mistake it.
Zofia ...Haha, I'm not going to argue with you, Al. That's all in the past now.
Newsstand Owner Sure is. When I look at the news these days, they're talking about new folks every year.
Last year it was the Blood Knight, cover to cover. But this year, quite a few newly-promoted knights have made the headlines.
Zofia I saw. Maria made it too.
Newsstand Owner There was a time when you were the talk of the town, too. Hey, what are you looking at?
Zofia "Four Seasons Times"? ...Is that a new one? I don't remember seeing it before.
Newsstand Owner Haha, well, take a gander at the header– "The Whislash Knight returns to the arena as a coach, guiding Maria Nearl to defeat Ingra the Butcher."
Zofia Never imagined there would still be reporters paying any attention to my life. I guess news of my shopping spree last weekend wasn't boring enough, so they're coming back for more.
[The owner cycles through the newspaper's pages.]
Newsstand Owner Eh, reporters aren't the same as they used to be either. They used to sip on fine honey, but now they swallow rot.
[The owner cycles through the newspaper's pages.]
Newsstand Owner ...Still, this one seems to be the real deal. Picks their words carefully, and has a style that isn't overblown. Here, take a look at this!
Zofia "...Can this up-and-comer from the Nearl family, under the guidance of the Whislash Knight, forge her own radiance in the arena?"
"And if so, could this mean that the Whislash Knight has re-centered herself and is ready for a comeback?"
Unfortunately... they're going to be disappointed. I'm just doing a little babysitting.
Newsstand Owner Want to take a copy home?
Zofia Thanks, but no thanks. I already hear more news than I care for these days, Al.
Newsstand Owner See you later then, Zofia.
<Background fades out and in>
[Zofia walks to the newsstand from before, which had slightly changed.]
Zofia One copy of the Central Journal, please.
Newsstand Owner ...Zofia? It's been a while.
Zofia You've started selling knight merchandise too, Al?
Newsstand Owner These little dolls bring in good money, Zofia. Especially the Radiant Knight's. Tch, I go through sixty a day. Meanwhile, I can barely get rid of a few papers.
Zofia I'll let Margaret know how much you appreciate her then. I'm sure she'd be happy to know that.
Newsstand Owner Hahaha, put it like that, and those reporters with their ears to the ground owe her their lives too. The Radiant Knight's return has been a goldmine for both scoops and sales.
Zofia Heck, maybe I should be thanking her too. Without her, I might still be coaching Maria, worrying about how to make it to the next round.
Life's a lot simpler these days. I've been looking at a nice little villa in the countryside–once the dust settles, I plan on moving out of the city.
Newsstand Owner Don't be like that, there are still plenty of people here who care about you. Here.
[Zofia noticed a newspaper and picked it up.]
Zofia "Four Seasons Times"... Huh, they're still in print?
Newsstand Owner More than that, they've even set up a column dedicated to news about you. Take a look.
Zofia "The Whislash Knight gives up coaching Maria, wishing to return to a life of luxury." How do I put this... My lifestyle's not THAT extravagant, is it?
Newsstand Owner Depends on who you compare it to.
Zofia Hmph.
Newsstand Owner Tch. And would you look at that. You can practically taste the venom dripping from every word.
Zofia Read it out loud for me, Al. I want to hear it.
Newsstand Owner Are you sure? Their choice of words is quite... intense.
Zofia Mhm. Go ahead.
Newsstand Owner Uhh...
"After Maria dropped out of the Major, Whislash also made the extremely disappointing decision to step away from her position as coach, and from the arena."
"After her retirement, she seems to have forgotten the spirit of chivalry, instead sinking into wealth-addled mediocrity, drunk off the wine of complacency."
Zofia Pffhaha––
Newsstand Owner You can still laugh when they're tearing into you like that?
Zofia It's obvious from how they put it that they're just a naive child who knows nothing of the world. Why bother getting mad?
Newsstand Owner Hahaha, I suppose so.
[The owner puts the newspaper away.]
Zofia Oh, no need to put it away, Al. I'll take that one too.
Newsstand Owner See you later then, Zofia.
<Background fades out and in>
[Zofia walks to the usual newsstand.]
Zofia One copy of the Central Journal, please.
??? It's been a while, Zofia.
[Tytus Topola, the former Left-handed Knight, walks to the stand.]
Zofia Tytus? What are you doing here?
Tytus Topola I could ask the same of you. I assumed you'd have servants to pick up the paper for you.
Newsstand Owner Hey, you little–
Zofia I can speak to him myself, Al.
Tytus Topola (Shrugs)
Zofia Is it just me, or are you always out and about these days, Tytus? Seems like you're enjoying your retirement.
Tytus Topola Nothing compared to you, of course. With our champion, the Radiant Knight, at your back, I'm sure your life's positively cushy...
Oh, but how could I forget? Since she's been turning down all those sponsorships, maybe our champion's been sponging off of you. So how have you been? Keeping busy?
Zofia If you know I'm busy, why waste your breath on all that nonsense?
Tytus Topola (Curls lips)
I have some connections in the General Chamber of Commerce, and after the finals... I got some news.
They're building a brand new arena on the newly-built plate. And while they're at it, they're probably going to develop a new commercial sector nearby. It's a good investment.
Zofia No.
Tytus Topola Let me finish–
Zofia Not interested.
Tytus Topola Zofia, at the rate you burn through money, you'll run out one of these days, no matter how big your family business is. Not to mention those self-serving underlings you finally axed last year... Tch, now that's a royal waste of money.
Zofia That's none of your business.
Tytus Topola ...Well, if you're really not interested, then forget it.
Oh right, and I say this with sincerity–Zofia, you're still very young...
Zofia Tytus, I'll listen when you have something worth saying.
Tytus Topola ...In any case, spare a thought for yourself.
Zofia Ah yes, thank you for your concern. See you never.
Newsstand Owner So, are you going to buy something before you leave?
Tytus Topola ...Hmph.
[Tytus walks away.]
Newsstand Owner Looks like a lot of people have been looking for you since the Radiant Knight lifted the trophy.
Zofia Margaret... Well, it's not like I can just leave her to her own devices either.
Newsstand Owner You've been worrying way too much about the Nearl kids all these years, Zofia.
Zofia Well, we grew up together, and our family origins are–
Hey, Al! What's that you're hiding?
Newsstand Owner *cough* *cough*... Oh, it's nothing.
Zofia Hand it over.
Newsstand Owner I told you, it's nothing.
Zofia Now!
Newsstand Owner ...Here, it's another column from that frizzy kid. Don't get mad, they have no clue what they're talking about.
[The owner pulls out a newspaper and Zofia takes it.]
Zofia ......
There's no text in the column, only a huge photograph occupying the entire page.
It's a picture of me sitting in the audience during the finals. The worry, uneasiness, and thick, palpable pride on my face are all clearly captured by the camera.
Even the nigh-imperceptible envy in my eyes could not escape the keen lens.
Above the photograph appears an extremely eye-catching title printed in thick, black ink.
"The Nearl Family's Best Attendant"
Zofia The kid's got guts...
Newsstand Owner Zofia...
Zofia offhandedly folds the newspaper to cover half the picture, obscuring the faces in the auditorium so that only the dazzling knight on the field remains.
Zofia See you later, Al.
[Zofia leaves.]
<Background 2>
??? Miss Zofia! Miss Zofia!
Zofia ...Who is it? And where am I?
??? Hurry, wake up! I'm so glad I found you, I was scared half to death! Why were you sleeping in the bushes?
Zofia ...Partied too hard last night. Haven't drunk like that in a long while. Help me up, Lily.
Servant Careful now.
[The servant helps Zofia up.]
Zofia Did they leave yet?
Servant Mmhmm. Miss Margaret and Miss Maria both had a bit much to drink, so the butler arranged for a driver to take them home not too long ago.
Zofia Where's Młynar?
Servant Did you forget? He didn't even stay halfway through before leaving.
Zofia ...I guess I was already pretty wasted by then.
Servant I haven't seen you indulge yourself like that in a long time.
Zofia Margaret deserved the toast.
Servant Oh, allow me to see you to your bedchamber.
Zofia Hold on.
[A nearby door creaks open...]
Zofia Who's there? Show yourself!
[...as someone runs away, but Zofia catches them...]
Immature Reporter Let go! Let go of me!
[...who is revealed to be a young paparazza.]
Servant A reporter? How'd you get in here?! Miss Zofia, should I call the police?
Zofia No need. You can head back first.
Servant But...
Zofia Don't worry. I can toss this runt back over the walls myself.
Servant Please don't hesitate to call me if needed.
[The servant leaves.]
Zofia How old are you? Fifteen? Sixteen?
Immature Reporter I'm an adult!
Zofia "Four Seasons Times"... So YOU'RE that reporter.
Immature Reporter Please give me my badge back.
Zofia Are you aware that trespassing is a crime?
Immature Reporter I'm sorry... I just wanted...
Zofia Hmph.
Seeing how you chased me all the way here, you might as well ask what's on your mind while you've got the chance.
<Background 3>
[Zofia takes the paparazza inside.]
Zofia If you have the guts to barge into my house, surely you have the guts to sit on my sofa?
Immature Reporter I...
Zofia Take a seat.
Let's just call this an interview. I'm sure you've got pages of questions you've been itching to ask.
Immature Reporter I'm new to the job... I've never done an interview before.
Zofia Perfect. Now's your chance to practice.
Immature Reporter Uhh... I'm really sorry, I broke into your house on an impulse. I'm willing to accept the consequences, be it a fine or jail time–
Zofia You know, normally an interview begins with a self-introduction. I'll get started for you.
Immature Reporter But–
Zofia My name's Zofia, formerly known as the Whislash Knight, now retired. A sister to both Maria and the Radiant Knight. Well, technically their aunt, but whatever.
I'm also a VIP at Golden Palm Bank, a super-VIP at the Starlight Street shopping mall, and a swindled customer of various real estate moguls... Oh right, and occasionally the center of attention for the tabloids.
Immature Reporter No, that's not you...
Zofia Then who am I, in your eyes?
Immature Reporter I've watched the recordings of all your matches, and read every article... You were different during each phase of your career.
Zofia Then start with the "me" you have the deepest impression of.
[The paparazza pulls out a photo of Zofia.]
Immature Reporter Oh, here it is. It's from this time... You wore a ponytail back then, just like Maria.
After the Radiant Knight left, the decline of the Nearl family was inevitable, so you stepped into the arena seeking to save everything for her sake... I still have photos from that time.
Zofia That was such a long time ago. Not even I kept that photo.
But yeah. Margaret went far, far, away. Młynar didn't want to become a knight, preferring to wear a tie and sit in a cubicle, so I had to step up and make something happen.
Immature Reporter Just for the Nearl family?
Zofia Of course not. After being bathed in the Radiant Knight's light, how could I not let it touch my heart? Of course I wanted to pierce the darkness covering Kazimierz with my own strength, sword in hand.
Immature Reporter But you weren't able to...
[The paparazza pulls out another photo of Zofia.]
Zofia Hey, where'd you get that photo? Get rid of it! It makes me look ugly!
Immature Reporter No! I worked so hard to buy this one!
Zofia You kids really are something else. Why work your butt off for a picture of a knight with a bruised nose?
Immature Reporter This is a photo of your last fight. Ever since your defeat to Fissure in the round of 16, you were never seen in the arena again.
Zofia My left hand was injured.
Immature Reporter But you fought to the end with your right.
Zofia Gee, thanks for reminding me. I'm sure I would've forgotten all about it!
Immature Reporter Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up.
Zofia It's fine. Getting injured was only part of the reason I decided to retire. There were some things buried too deeply for me to think about back then.
But when I look back at it now, more and more I think it was the disillusionment. Though I'd already expected it to some extent, once I was fully exposed to the filth beneath the glamor of knightsports, I really couldn't find a reason to keep going.
Not everyone has the never-ending light to dispel the darkness wherever they go, like the Radiant Knight.
Most fall right there, on the cusp before daybreak. Even if they point their swords to the sky, they can only swing at the infinite darkness.
Immature Reporter But you were still willing to be Maria Nearl's coach and help her shine in the arena.
Zofia All I did was teach her how to survive in the darkness.
I couldn't teach her anything I didn't know how to do myself.
Immature Reporter What do you mean?
Zofia I mean she managed that on her own.
Be it with Maria or Margaret... There was nothing I could do.
Immature Reporter At least... they were able to bring you joy with what they accomplished. Like you said in "Sports Afternoon," you're proud of them.
Zofia You're right, I am. The Four Seasons Times echoed a similar sentiment in that one article, "the Nearl Family's Best Attendant."
Immature Reporter ...That was just a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Zofia (*Shakes head*) Haha, don't worry. I didn't take it personally.
Immature Reporter But that's not what the look on your face said. I saw you at the newsstand that day, and your expression was different from usual.
Zofia Okay, now this is getting creepy... How long have you been stalking me, kiddo?
Immature Reporter I've been taking photos for the last few months, but I've been following you for the last six years and twenty-eight days.
Zofia ...Okay, you're definitely going to land yourself in jail one day.
Immature Reporter Sure, but I'll also land myself the greatest honor a reporter can get.
Zofia ......
Suit yourself, doesn't matter at this point. Let's get back on topic.
The moment I saw that photo, some things clicked in my head that I wasn't sure of before.
I'll admit it, I was jealous of Margaret, but I'm not sure whether it was her combat prowess, her Originium Arts, her being a Pegasus, or the "Nearl" name.
Immature Reporter None of those things matter. You wouldn't envy the Radiant Knight over little things like that.
Zofia Yeah.
I guess I was just sad that I couldn't be like her, charging towards a goal from start to finish. Without hesitation, fearing neither hardship nor darkness.
Immature Reporter ...You've never thought about stepping back into the arena?
Zofia I'd rather die.
Immature Reporter So... do you miss your competitive days?
Zofia Hmm...
At least I knew what I wanted back then.
Immature Reporter ...May I write an article and publish what you just said?
Zofia Knock yourself out. I don't care, and the people I care about don't care either.
Immature Reporter Will you buy a copy of the Four Seasons Times next week to read it?
Zofia Let's cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?
<Background 1>
[The paparazza walks to the newsstand Zofia frequented.]
Immature Reporter One copy of the Central Journal, please.
Newsstand Owner Here you go, kid. There aren't many people like you who read the papers these days.
Immature Reporter You talk too much, gramps.
Newsstand Owner Hey, it's a bit old-fashioned, but you should buy another one if you're waiting for someone.
Immature Reporter What do you mean?
Newsstand Owner You've been following her around for so long, you really think I wouldn't notice the camera behind your newspaper? Look, she's coming this way right now.
When she sees the familiar figure, the reporter perks up, raising her camera and pointing it at the woman across the street.
In her right hand is a freshly-bought cup of coffee, wispy steam coming off the rim of the cup.
When she gets to her car, she moves the cup from her right hand to her left and tries to grab the keys from her purse. Her left hand is impaired, and the coffee is very hot, so she can only hold it from an awkward position.
Upon seeing her distress, passersby try to help her on multiple occasions, but each time she refuses.
Seeing the woman grit her teeth in pain and rummage through her purse for her keys, the reporter cannot help but squeeze her camera tightly.
The look on her face reminds her of the videos she had seen, where this woman fought against all sorts of powerful enemies with a similar expression.
After a painstaking amount of time, the woman finally manages to wrestle the ring of keys from her purse.
Immature Reporter ......
Newsstand Owner Why'd you put the camera down? Not going to shoot?
Immature Reporter There's no need.
Newsstand Owner Why not?
Immature Reporter She found it.
Newsstand Owner Huh?
Immature Reporter Her keys were right there in her purse. She was going to dig them out sooner or later.
Newsstand Owner What?
[The paparazza gets on a bike and drives away.]
Immature Reporter Hahahaha!
Newsstand Owner Hey kid, keep your hands on the handlebars when you're riding a bike!
Immature Reporter Catch you later, gramps!
Newsstand Owner Heh. Kids these days.
??? Good evening, Al.
Newsstand Owner One copy of the Central Journal?
[Zofia walks to the stand.]
Zofia No, I'll have a copy of the Four Seasons Times, please.