Glaucus: On My Own Two Legs

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Operator Record
On My Own Two Legs
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She doesn't need others to recognize it. In Glaucus's heart, technology takes its own shape.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Glaucus to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Glaucus.
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HR Employee
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Professor's Assistant
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Raythean Industries Security
Glaucus has an unsuccessful job interview at Raythean Industries.
<Background 1>
[Glaucus has just finished testing a device.]
Glaucus Hm, tests completed. Everything's running normally.
And we'll be done once I install the Originium battery set. Where did that go...?
[Someone walks outside the room...]
Glaucus Hm?
[...and opens the door.]
Glaucus Professor Millais?
??? Professor who?
Glaucus Sorry, I got the wrong person. I thought only Professor Millais would come here around this time.
??? Oh...
You're the only one here. Is this... Raythean Industries' workshop?
Glaucus Looks like it. That's what the sign said when I walked in.
??? You... understand all this high-tech stuff?
Glaucus Well... A little?
??? ......
Yo, I got a weapon made by you guys that's broken. Think you can fix it?
Glaucus You want to get your weapon fixed?
(Why did his tone change all of a sudden?)
??? Can you do it?
Glaucus (Not even a third of the time I have for this practical exam has passed. Maybe they noticed I finished early and decided to give me a new test?)
(So aside from design and modification, you also need to know how to make repairs... Becoming a Raythean equipment designer isn't easy, is it?)
??? What are you spacing out for? Can you do it or not?
Glaucus I should be able to. What do you need fixed?
(He's even pretending to be a real customer. Is he evaluating my performance, too?)
??? Here.
The warranty card is in the bag, probably at the bottom, under everything.
Glaucus It says Gordon... Are you Mr. Gordon?
Gordon Yes.
Glaucus Whoa... I've never seen a weapon like this before.
It looks like a regular crossbow from the outside, but the whole firing mechanism was overhauled. It's connected to... an EMG sensor!
It uses multiple EMG sensors to form a module recognition system that helps users with hand disabilities control the weapon. The design is genius.
When you wield it, you just need to lift the weapon to the right height, and the sensor module on your upper arm will be able to detect your muscles' movements.
So by moving their arm, the user can issue commands to control the crossbow's power and firing mechanism. Once they've gotten the hang of it, they could even fire it with no hands whatsoever.
...With this design, you could definitely factory-produce weapons for disabled soldiers.
Gordon Heh.
It's those factories that gave me this dud. The EMG sensor you're talking about's broken.
Glaucus Is it broken? I just plugged it in for a test. It should be working fine.
Gordon Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If that's not broken, what is?
Glaucus But the test signal...
Gordon I don't need to know how it goddamn works! All this high tech stuff goes right over my head. Just fix it!
And you better not slack off! I'm telling you I need it back this morning! If I don't get it back...
Glaucus Don't worry. Debugging is very simple. It won't take all morning. You can watch me tune it.
Or you could sit somewhere. I'll be done in no time.
Gordon ...Alright.
[Glaucus puts the weapon on her desk.]
Gordon Uh, about your legs...
Glaucus Huh? You mean my exoskeleton?
I've got bad legs. It's thanks to these babies that I can walk.
Gordon What happened?
Glaucus It's genetic.
Gordon So you need to wear those braces all the time... Isn't it painful?
Glaucus I mean, it's definitely not the same as using your own legs, but I'm used to it.
Gordon Doesn't Raythean have lots of high tech wheelchairs or whatever? They got those ones that can carry people and run around, or even give you a massage...
You could just get one of those. It's gotta be better than putting up with how heavy that metal doohickey is, right?
Glaucus A wheelchair would be more comfortable, but that only gives you mobility.
Gordon Is that not enough?
Glaucus I like the feeling of being able to stand up.
Don't get me wrong, a good mobility tool is great, but to me, my exoskeleton is irreplaceable.
The solid sensation you get from under your feet... How you get propelled forward by the ground when you run... The winds whispering in your ear...
I was thrilled by all the sensations throughout my body when I first walked on the ground with my own two feet.
It made me truly realize that, instead of floating powerlessly at the mercy of the wind, I'm... actually connected to the land.
Er, sorry for going off on a weird tangent. Pretend I never said that.
Gordon ...You're goddamn right though.
But... it's too late for me.
Glaucus For what?
Gordon I mean... Sorry for that outburst just now. I got carried away.
Glaucus Huh? I don't see anything wrong... Hm...
Mr. Gordon.
Gordon Huh? What's the matter?
Glaucus Do you use this weapon yourself?
Gordon Yeah.
Glaucus Your hands are injured, right? May I see them?
Gordon ...Alright.
He presents a pair of timeworn hands. Under the light, his rough skin appears so dull that it is as if it is covered with a layer of ash.
On the back of each hand is a conspicuous scar resembling a valley in the desert.
Gordon I only have my thumbs left. Can't move the others.
Glaucus These calluses on your fingers... You're an outstanding mercenary, aren't you?
Gordon Heh.
A year ago, I got careless on a mission in Rim Billiton. Those bastards drove me into a corner, and they cut the tendons in my hands.
I only have myself to blame for wasting all my money every payday. I had nothing saved up, and when it came time for my treatment, I had to take on an ass load of debt, and this is what I ended up with.
...Can't even pull a trigger. Now I need a toy crossbow like this to make a living and pay off my debts.
A good-for-nothing like me's always gonna be down on his luck. In the end, even this toy is turning its back on me, making me watch, helpless... *spit*.
Hah, but whatever. After today... it'll finally be over. Everything I should've ended a long time ago.
Glaucus Um... If you don't mind, I have an idea.
I could help you modify your weapon to make it easier to use.
Gordon Whatever works. Long as it shoots bolts when I need it to.
Glaucus Alright.
<Background fades out and in>
Ten minutes later...
Glaucus That should do it. Here.
Gordon Is it good to go?
Glaucus Well, I'm done modding it...
Voice Outside the Door Who on Terra thought to hold a media day? What is even the point of these things? What a bunch of crap!
I have enough to worry about as it is. If it weren't for the recommendation, I wouldn't have even entertained interviewing anyone today.
Gordon Is someone coming?!
Glaucus That's probably Professor Millais.
Gordon Quick! Give me the crossbow!
Glaucus Huh? Wait!
I haven't told you how to use the new module yet–
<Background 2>
[Glaucus is being interviewed.]
Millais Miss Glaucus.
[Glaucus does not respond.]
Millais Miss Glaucus!
Glaucus Oh, sorry. You mentioned the practical exam, and it reminded me of what happened back then.
Millais It's fine. My next...
Glaucus Look at all the snacks you've got in this basket. Do you usually hold back from munching on them during interviews?
Millais I'm... not a fan of snacks.
Glaucus Is it okay I have a lollipop, then?
Millais ...By all means.
[Glaucus ate a lollipop.]
Millais My next question is, as all our research and development here is team-based, what do you think of group R&D?
Glaucus You mean everyone here works as a team? That sounds pretty good to me.
When I worked at Rhodes Island, I often worked as a group, so I suppose I do have experience in that area.
Millais When you worked with others before, did your team members say anything about your performance?
Glaucus Oh, yes, they did. I think some of them said... uh...
That I should work on my own.
Millais ......
I have no more questions. Do you have any questions for me?
If not, then we'll...
Glaucus (Hold on. Closure went over this. At the very end, when it's my turn to ask questions, I should ask the interviewer what they thought about me. That'll give me a good idea of whether I'll pass or not.)
So... what do you think about me?
Millais (Deep breath)
You have proven your talent in engineering as a professional equipment designer.
Your answers in your field of expertise during the interview and your performance during the test were both practically perfect, and your ideas in the applications of electromagnets are very imaginative.
However, I find that your work habits and the direction of your research are somewhat different from what we have in mind.
For example, you insist on spending much of your energy on tuning and personalizing equipment, and it's reflected in your designs.
You customize your modules to the user's needs. This introduces complexities to the design, but the issues they are intended to address may very well be ones that the user could have gotten used to over time.
To tell you the truth, I don't think that's a bad thing, but when you design based around that logic, the additional costs don't result in additional profits. Furthermore, such designs cannot be produced on the assembly line.
In the end, Raythean Industries is a large corporation, and we aren't lacking in geniuses here.
Moreover, your work style is rather... unique. I'll have to think more about how well you'd perform in a team. That's more or less it.
Glaucus Thank you.
Millais Let's wrap it up here for today. All you need to do now is head home and wait for us to contact you. You may rest here for the time being. Someone from HR will escort you out later.
I have other things to attend to. Now if you'll excuse me.
Glaucus Oh, okay.
Millais Oh yes, and you may help yourself to the snacks in the basket.
[Millais leaves.]
Glaucus (Sounds like this one's a bust. I guess I'll be helping Closure out for the foreseeable future.)
(Oh well. Heading back isn't so bad, but let me have something to eat first.)
[Someone opens the door.]
Glaucus Hm?
Gordon Excuse me. I'm here to take out the garbage.
Glaucus It's you...
Oh, I get it.
They must've asked you to participate in my test this morning out of nowhere, right? Thank you for your work.
Gordon ......
Glaucus Your hands... Does it ever get in the way?
Gordon I can still hold the tools I need to.
Glaucus Oh, right. Your weapon...
Gordon Shh, move.
You have paper shreds next to you.
[Gordon cleans the paper shreds and takes the garbade.]
Gordon Alright, my job here is done.
Thanks for your help this morning. My dream has come true. From here on out, pretend like you've never seen me before.
That's it. Goodbye.
Glaucus Wait–
[Gordon closes the door.]
Glaucus (That's strange... Wasn't he here this morning... to help evaluate me?)
[A HR employee knocks the door and enters.]
HR Employee Sorry for the wait. Let me walk you outside.
Glaucus Oh, okay.
HR Employee Right, we have a media day today. If you'd like, I could show you around our company's various departments.
<Background 3>
[The HR employee takes Glaucus to an outdoor site.]
HR Employee This is our division's outdoor test site, and it's where we test out the capabilities of all the equipment and weapons we develop, and get the data for our designers to iterate upon.
The weapon you put together this morning was also tested here by our professionals. It was pretty well-received all around.
Glaucus The weapon... Just one?
HR Employee Yeah, that EMP field launcher. The idea of striking the enemy's tactical equipment was very creative. A couple of our senior designers in attendance were really inspired.
They all said that the last time they saw such an impressive design was when Professor Millais submitted his, right after he was reassigned here from HQ.
Glaucus No way...
HR Employee Can't imagine it, can you? Professor Millais is a genius, through and through. In just a few short years, he created multiple successful product lines for our division, and our profits saw a ten-fold growth.
Glaucus No... That's not what I meant. What kind of tests do you normally give everyone who applies for the position?
HR Employee Uh... I can't say.
Glaucus Do they ever have to work with someone pretending to be a customer?
HR Employee I can't recall anything like that happening...
Glaucus Whoops, I may have, uh, presented myself as–
HR Employee Oh, looks like the media tour's just made it here, too. And there's Professor Millais.
Let's wait here a little and let them head on over first.
Huh? Why is there still a janitor here? I thought they were going to have everything cleaned up before the media got here.
Glaucus Mr. Gordon? That bag on his cart!
Stop that janitor!
HR Employee What?
Gordon It's too late...
Glaucus Mr. Gordon!
At the very front of the group of visitors, the inconspicuous janitor suddenly removes his disguise and unleashes his original strength.
With everyone completely defenseless, none of them are able to escape the veteran mercenary's assault.
In a flash, he already has Professor Millais in a chokehold.
Raythean Industries Security Emergency defense system activated!
Millais You hear him? Don't move!
Gordon ...So fast to cave, huh?
Raythean Industries Security Don't worry, Professor! You designed our defense system. It can shoot the hostage taker with no risk!
Millais Shut up... Just do as he says!
*cough*... I had them stand down. They'll follow your orders. They do whatever I tell them anyway... So can you relax your grip a little? I can hardly breathe.
Gordon ......
Millais *cough*... You disguised yourself as a janitor and infiltrated us all this time, choosing this specific day to take me hostage... *cough*... instead of just killing me.
There's something you're after, isn't there?
Gordon You're clever, I'll give you that.
Millais Is it money? Or something else? Whatever it is, we can satisfy your demands.
Gordon Good!
Listen up, all of you! I have two demands!
First, for Raythean Industries.
Transfer 20 million Victorian pounds to the bank account on this strip of paper. Now!
Millais Assistant. Bring me my terminal. I'll pay him with my personal account.
[Millais' assistant runs off.]
<Background fades out and in>
[The assistant returns.]
Professor's Assistant Here, Professor.
Millais ...Here's the receipt.
Gordon Good. Efficient. That's a mega corp for you.
Millais *cough*... I fulfilled your first demand. What's the other?
Gordon My second demand is for all the members of the media in attendance!
Millais What...?
Gordon I want you all to report what I'm about to say, word for word.
Raythean Industries Security He might very well damage our company's reputation! This could be a disaster!
Sorry, Professor! We have to activate the defense system. Trust us. It can handle threats of this level!
Millais Wait! Don't do it!
Raythean Industries Security Professor!
Millais Dammit! That's a "Raythean Navigator Mk. I" tactical crossbow! I'm the one who designed it!
It's controlled via multiple EMG sensors. It's 300 times faster than pulling the trigger by hand!
At this distance, if he wants to shoot me, the system won't stop him in time!
Gordon So it was you...
Millais What... What are you trying to say?
Gordon I've been looking for this weapon's designer for a very long time.
Everyone, I'm former specialist mercenary Gordon Bounou of Dakfung Security. I lost the use of my hands in an accident, so I was supplied a "Raythean Navigator Mk. I" tactical crossbow.
But I never expected that this half-baked, defective product would lead to an outcome I could never take back.
Because it wouldn't shoot properly... I had no choice but to watch my... subordinate die...
Millais Impossible...
Gordon That account you just transferred the money into is his family's. That's what Raythean owes him! You have to take full responsibility for his death!
Raythean Industries... this black-hearted company... and you, you bastard! For letting your unreliable weapons enter the market while you watch your stock prices go up from your offices...
All of you assholes deserve to die!
Too bad for you... No way I could've dealt with all of you, but looks like fate's on my side. I caught you.
Millais Don't be hasty! There must be some kind of misunderstanding!
That weapon cannot be defective! I tested it myself!
Gordon Shut up! I...
[Glaucus walks toward Gordon.]
Glaucus Try launching a bolt. Just give it a try.
Millais What are you doing? Are you trying to get me killed?!
Gordon Stay back! This has nothing to do with you!
Glaucus No, I'm saying you should try firing your crossbow.
Gordon Firing my...
Right... I've come this far. There's no turning back.
I lived half my life as a merc. I live and die by the crossbow... My life came to an end the day I lost the use of my hands.
But now I have this bastard right here in my grip. If I can at least drag him down with me...
Millais Wait! Don't do it!
Glaucus ...Fire it.
Perhaps trying to look better in death, the man forces himself to smile, at least a little.
He contracts the muscles in his upper arm as he's practiced before, making no mistakes in the action.
In less than one three-hundredth of a second, the crossbow will fire, and its bolt will pierce his hostage's body.
Then, he will swallow the poison pill in his mouth, and everything will end exactly the way he envisioned.
Yet nothing happens.
Gordon What... How come...?
Millais Help!
[Gordon tries to escape...]
Raythean Industries Security Quick! Don't let him get away!
[...but the security stops him.]
Raythean Industries Security He's got something in his mouth! Open it up! Don't let him kill himself!
After a brief commotion, the crisis finally comes to an end.
Gordon Get off me! Get off!
No way... Why...? Why didn't it fire again?!
What did you do? Didn't you say you fixed it?!
Glaucus I didn't fix it, I modded it. To make it... suit you better.
She leans down and picks up the weapon that she modified herself.
The "Returner." That's the name she came up with for it.
She fastens the custom-made ringband that went ignored around her hand, and assumes a shooting stance.
Then, she pulls the trigger.
Gordon This...
Raythean Industries Security Don't move!
Gordon Get off me! Let me see! Let me see her!
Millais Relax your hold on him a little. Let him see... but don't let him go!
Glaucus I was trying to tell you how to use it after I modded it, but I didn't get the chance.
After seeing your hands, I figured that as a veteran, pulling the trigger has to be the action you're most familiar with, right?
You've been on thousands of missions and come back from danger countless times, so I knew that being able to shoot accurately and instinctively has to be the one thing you can count on the most.
So when I saw that you can still move your thumb, I made a little change.
Instead of relying on the EMG sensor, I added a ringband that stands in for the trigger being pulled.
That way, you can pull the trigger yourself and fire your crossbow the way you're most familiar with.
Professor, is it alright if we let him try it?
Millais ...Keep him under control.
[Glaucus gave the modified crossbow to Gordon.]
Glaucus Here, put this on. Give it a try.
Gordon ......
Glaucus How is it? Not bad, huh?
There is no answer.
He simply lets the tears in his eyes run down his face.
<Background 2>
Professor's Assistant Professor, the results of the investigation are in.
A mercenary called Gordon did indeed use our "Raythean Navigator Mk. I" during a mission. It was bought wholesale by Dakfung Security for their disabled soldiers.
And the mission did turn out as he said. Six months ago, a 23 years old mercenary was killed by rioters because the man wasn't able to fire his weapon in time.
After the incident, he left Dakfung Security and used one of the fake identities he used as a mercenary to apply to become a janitor at our division.
He'd been planning this for a very long time. He was going to commit suicide during our media day, and lay all the blame on our company.
Since we outsourced janitorial work to a service company, we didn't discover his plan in time. This oversight is our security department's responsibility, and we'll make sure that they take the necessary precautions going forward.
Millais Necessary precautions... If it weren't for that candidate modifying his weapon, I would've been killed!
Professor's Assistant I'm truly sorry!
Millais Never mind... Did you bring the report regarding the mission he was on?
Professor's Assistant Here it is.
Millais Did the "Navigator Mk. I" really malfunction...?
Professor's Assistant Based on the operational logs we exported from the unit, it seems... it was working as intended.
And Dakfung Security's internal investigation report shows that the real reason behind that incident was that the mercenary subconsciously wanted to pull the trigger...
Millais ...and failed.
Professor's Assistant It's a good thing he didn't get his way. I mean, I knew there could never be a problem with your design.
Millais ......
Announce to the public that his weapon malfunctioned and caused the accident. That we sincerely regret this and will take full responsibility.
Professor's Assistant What? Professor!
Millais Now leave, and do as I said. I'll pay for any compensation out of my own pocket.
Professor's Assistant Understood.
[The assistant leaves.]
Millais Phew...
That's fine with you, right boss?
[Someone answered Millais' call from a terminal.]
??? Mhm.
Is there anything else you want to say?
Millais Of course, I also wanted to talk to you about the new candidate, Glaucus. Didn't you contact me because of her?
She may have saved my life, but my judgment is still that she's not fit to be an equipment designer.
Her design philosophy simply can't develop the sort of products that could expand our company or increase our profit margins.
??? I know.
Millais But she is indeed a genius, and your headquarters can't let talents like her slip by.
??? I will send someone to sign a cooperation agreement with her and sign her on as a advanced weapon evaluator. She will be in charge of tuning the latest weapons, and all the company's most innovative research will be made available to her.
Millais Good. That's a much better position for her.
??? "A technology company should strive to better serve the masses with technology." I remember you saying that during your interview, years ago.
Millais Right. I wonder how I turned out the way I am now.
When I interviewed Glaucus, I asked her the same question. How she sees the relationship between technology and people.
And her answer was...
"Technology may have forged my legs, but it's only when I run that they have meaning."