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Operator Record
Unmanned Workshop
Click icon.png

Knock, knock, knock, who's at the door? Come on into the workshop where nobody's home–

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Click to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Click.
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Camera Crew Leader
Male Lungmenite icon.png
Lighting Engineer
Underground Passage
Click, still a novice at the time, participates in the shooting of an adventure video. After getting the wits scared out of her, she realizes that everything was caused by a musbeast. Just when the adventure video's view count starts to stagnate, Click releases her own myth-busting video to drive both to the top of the charts.
<Background 1>
[Someone starts the recording of a video...]
Camera Crew Leader Hey everyone! It's your old friend, Nancy!
[...and Click the albino Zalak vlogger joins in.]
Click And your brand new friend, Click!
Camera Crew Leader Huh? Hold up, Click! Stop messing around!
Ahem! After watching all those videos, I'm sure you know this "abandoned factory" pretty well.
Legend has it that it used to be the nomadic plate of a Columbian pharmaceutical company, but was abandoned for some reason. The employees committed mass suicide, and even the boss mysteriously went missing in the middle of bustling Trimounts.
Click But that's not all...
Though many brave adventurers have visited here, the story goes that most of them vanished, and the few who made it back have been hospitalized ever since, unable to say a word.
Camera Crew Leader At the same time, more people began subscribing to an alternative version of the legend–that the boss never went missing, but instead killed himself, and those who venture deep into the factory end up cursed!
That's enough chit-chat though, I'm starting to get chills all over! It's not like I'm scared or anything, but–
Click That's because we made it here to the abandoned factory! Take a look, everyone–less than fifty meters behind us is the entrance to the infamous, abandoned plate!
We're gonna take you in to explore the truth behind this abandoned factory, and pull back the curtain on this paranormal phenomenon!
I'm your brand new friend, Click!
[Click ends the recording...]
Click Cut! Perfect!
[...but the lighting is not adjusted yet.]
Camera Crew Leader Lights! Lights! Robbie, how many times have I told you to keep a close eye on the lighting? You make me look good, and that nabs the audience's attention!
Lighting Engineer I can't do it! Th-This place is way too scary!
Camera Crew Leader And Click, where'd you pop out from? Are you really a newbie coming along for your first shoot? I've never seen a fresh face as enthusiastic as you.
Click That's how you spice up a video! You keep rattling off those bland, rehashed intros and I'll click off the page right away!
Camera Crew Leader Alright, alright. I can cut you some slack since it's just the intro, but after we head in, I need you to stick to the script, alright? I've got everything here planned out very carefully. We can't have it going wrong.
[Click runs off.]
Camera Crew Leader Hey, no running around!
Remember, Robbie, you're gonna let out a piercing scream after you go through that door. Then, you fake a fall toward the rocks next to you and lead the camera over to transition to our next scene–
Click, after you film him screaming, head down the hallway and we'll be good for the transition–You catch all that?
Click Got it!
"Make sure we don't get stuck with a crappy view count. Not only is it humiliating, it's also a waste of money. Can't keep filming if you don't have money, and can't make money if you don't keep filming." See, I memorized it!
Cap'n, how about moving this line up to the opener? It'll definitely make things spicier!
Camera Crew Leader Urgh... I feel another headache coming on...
But I have to say, that doesn't seem like a bad idea.
<Background 2>
[Click tries to contact Nancy the crew leader...]
Click Testing, testing. We getting a signal in here? Can you hear me?
Lighting Engineer Gah! Don't scare me like that! Lemme turn the volume down first... Thought I was gonna go deaf.
[...and she responded.]
Camera Crew Leader Loud and clear. Let's start filming!
––Yo, guys! We're inside the abandoned factory now.
We each have our own cameras, recording everything we see on our expedition to provide you the most authentic footage!
I'll start heading down from the top of the building, while Click and Robbie go up from the first floor. We'll set off at the same time and explore from two different directions, then meet in the middle. Let's find out for ourselves what this curse is all about!
Alright, you guys get going too!
[Nancy signs off.]
Click Hmm, Robbie, there's something written here. Lemme see... "Stay away, or you'll die."
"The curse is real!" "Save me!" "Don't look back."
Lighting Engineer S-S-Stop talking and start shooting! Let me focus here...
*Rustling sounds*
Click Hehe, can I draw something on the wall? Lemme add... myself doing a V-pose here! Peace, peace!
Lighting Engineer 'Sup, everyone. The time now is 12:15 a.m. on July 13th, and we've just entered the first floor lobby of this abandoned factory.
Click It sure is cold in here. I remember someone came in to film, and ended up going insane after they got back.
Shall we commemorate the occasion as well? Then, we can catalogue everything we see here. I'm sure the others are dying to know about it too. C'mon, I'll stand over here–
[The sound of a breaking object is heard.]
Click ...
Lighting Engineer What's that?
Click A bloated fowlbeast... Oh, some sort of taxidermy?
What is something like that doing here? Isn't this supposed to be an abandoned factory?
This looks more like something you'd see in a hospital...
Lighting Engineer Are we still filming...?
Click L-Let's worry about that later...
*Rustling sounds*
Lighting Engineer Okay then... By the way, do you hear that sound I keep hearing?
Click What sound? I'm too focused on the stench from this puddle of liquid.
Let's... keep recording, I guess?
Lighting Engineer ...
The two continue down the barren hall, the strange scent prickling at their sinuses, creating an uncanny atmosphere.
It is as if they have been cut off from the outside world, completely engulfed and surrounded by something that should not exist.
[Click starts the recording.]
Click We've followed the strange noises down the corridor, and have now arrived at the deepest part of the first floor.
There are rows of rooms to our sides that feel like they haven't seen visitors in years. Let's pick a door and see what's inside.
Lighting Engineer *pant*... *pant*... Alright, I'll do it...
[Click turns the knob of a nearby door...]
Click Whew...
[...and it opens.]
Lighting Engineer The door opened on its own?
[Click focuses the camera on Robbie the lighting engineer.]
Click Were you the one knocking on the door just now?
Lighting Engineer N-No, it wasn't me.
Click ...
Well, it wasn't me either...
Lighting Engineer S-S-Stop trying to freak me out...
Click (*Gulps*) Let's head in and take a look?
Lighting Engineer I, I think I'm good...
Click Wanna stay behind me then? Also, give the boss an update on how we're doing. We're almost done shooting up here. We should start heading upstairs.
Click tightly grips the video camera in her hands.
It's pitch-dark all around her and she can't see a thing. Only through the hazy green fog of the small night-vision screen on the side of the camera does she notice a small, discolored corridor.
Everything starts to feel surreal. She waits for an answer from her crewmate.
*Rustling sounds*
Click ...
Click turns around, but there's nobody behind her.
Click ...Robbie? Where'd you go?
No response. There is a loud sound of a heavy object falling to a ground, followed by a whimper like that of a wounded beast. From the darkness comes a faint sound of claws scratching against the ground.
*Loud rustling sounds*
[The scared Click tucks tail and run.]
<Background 3>
[Click runs into a damp storeroom.]
Click Robbie? Where are you?
[No response.]
Click ...Robbie, is that you?
Click runs past several empty rooms, one after another, the video camera's small night-vision screen already having become her eyes.
She can't control the wild thoughts prancing through her mind–
If... If there really was something lurking in the dark, would she be able to sense it? Would she be able to... get away from it?
Is there really... nobody behind her?
Lighting Engineer I'm over here! Hurry–
Click ...!
Robbie! You scared me half to death! Didn't we talk about running off? Where'd you go, all of a sudden?!
*huff*... *huff*... How'd you even run this far?
Robbie? Where are you? I don't see you yet. It's too dark in here...
Ugh... And what's with all these ashes?!
Lighting Engineer Hurry and get over here! I found it––
Click I still don't see you though!
Click raises the video camera again. For some reason, hardly any time passes before its battery runs out.
The red battery warning icon keeps flashing, its flickering casting figure-like shadows across the walls.
Click Robbie, wave for me real quick?
Lighting Engineer? I found it–
Found it–
Vague traces of light and shadow interplay in front of him, as if the cowardly man is forced to repeat the same lines over and over.
Click lets out a sigh of relief.
Click How'd you get all the way over here? I thought you were too scared to go off alone!
Are you pretending to be scared? Is this just a bit for the video?
Well... It's solid acting, but you're not gonna spook me that easily, you know?
Robbie doesn't respond. Click reaches over to pat him on the shoulder.
She could've sworn it was Robbie.
Wait... is that really Robbie?
Click's hand hits a hard object.
The wooden skeleton collapses to the ground, the rags on it fluttering in the wind when that voice rings out again–
Lighting Engineer? I found it–I found it–
Click Gaah!
The place where sound came from was nothing more than a mess of tangled wires. Two red signal lights flicker, pause, and then repetitive sounds come from beneath the debris.
"I'm over here! Hurry up! I found it–"
"I found it–I found it–"
"I found it–"
<Background black>
Click Robbie? Robbie! Why's my video camera completely out of juice already?
[Click runs in the middle of darkness.]
Click Robbie? Captain? Oh right, the captain. I still have my comms terminal... Captain! Where are you? Robbie's gone missing!
Pick up... Please, pick up...
[Nancy picks up the transmission...]
Camera Crew Leader ...Click... missing...? Rob... hurry up...!
Click... get out... dark...
[...but it is abruptly cut off.]
Click Captain! Captain? What's wrong with this thing all of a sudden? Ugh...
What time is it...? Huh? How is it still 12:15?! I...
[Click runs away.]
<Background 2>
[Click made it back to the first floor.]
Click Why am I back on the first floor? Didn't I go upstairs? Hmm, maybe the second floor looks the same... Yeah, that's gotta be it...
Wait, this is me... doing a V pose...?
Does that mean... I'm on the first floor?
*Rustling sounds*
Suddenly, a noise comes from the video camera. Click looks down: on the screen swirling with snowflakes is Robbie's pale face, plastered with scarlet wounds.
His lifeless eyes look straight into the camera before he lets out a horrific scream–
Click Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
Lighting Engineer Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh––––!!
<Background 4>
Camera Crew Leader Perfection! That's the ticket, Click! We've got all the footage we need. Our new video's gonna go viral for sure! Let's pack it up, everyone!
I've already decided how I'm gonna edit this. So if you have any ideas, feel free to chime in. C'mon, c'mon, we're aiming for the top!
Click (So scared... I don't wanna think about it anymore...)
(Finally outta there... Soon I can head back to my room, curl up with my blanket, and enjoy some snacks...)
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Lighting Engineer The door... The door opened on its own!
Click Were you the one knocking on the door just now?
Lighting Engineer N-No, it wasn't me.
Click Well, it wasn't me either...
*Rustling sounds*
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Click (No! I need to get this out of my head...)
(I'm out. I'm already out. None of this is real...)
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
"I'm over here! Hurry up! I found it–"
"I found it–I found it–"
"I found it!"
*Rustling sounds*
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Click (Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh––––!!)
(What was that noise the whole time?! Was someone else in there?)
Camera Crew Leader Click?
Click *gasp*... *gasp*...!
Camera Crew Leader Come in, Click. Are you reading me?! Hey, after I finish editing, I'll treat you guys to dinner!
Lighting Engineer Goddamned kurwa bloody ta ma de hell–!
[Robbie runs off.]
Click Huh?
Camera Crew Leader He was like this when I found him. He was going around punching trees, apparently chasing after something that scared him in the factory. There probably aren't a whole lot of leaves left in that patch of the woods.
C'mere, Click. Let's trim the video together. Didn't you always say you wanted to scrounge up enough money to film your own videos? When we top the charts, I'll give you a bonus!
Click Oh... Sure.
(The captain seems so calm, but Robbie's scared out of his mind... Weren't we in the same place?)
(Ugh... Do I work on the video first, or calm Robbie down? Or maybe, I need to calm myself down...)
<Background fades out and in>
Click Hyah! Dammit, can't believe I'm getting spooked by my own video.
Camera Crew Leader Any idea what happened to make Robbie like this? He still hasn't recovered.
Click Can't tell... But this scene is pretty terrifying, for sure. You can see the camera shaking and hear his panting, and you even get glimpses of his face every now and then.
Oh, I don't mean him, he's not what's scary.
But, those wounds on his face definitely aren't something he could make by himself, and I kept hearing rustling sounds the whole time...
Camera Crew Leader One sec! Let's cut here to add a transition and some narration. Starting from the staircase, then–
Click Mmhmm. Turn up the brightness, blur out all the garbage, and then amplify the breathing sounds...
The door opening, the scream, the chase up the stairs. Cut here, then swap over to my perspective...
*Rustling sounds*
Click Cap'n, do you hear that?
Camera Crew Leader Yeah... What is it?
*Rustling sounds*
Camera Crew Leader I heard the very same sound! It was when I was on the roof. I got your call, and then...
*Rustling sounds*
Though she's returned to the light of day, Click still feels like she's in that dark factory.
She leans closer to the monitor, to the constantly-shaking perspective, the chaotic background sounds, and Robbie's panicked panting. Click turns up the brightness.
Two little red beads suddenly appear in the corner of the video, directly facing the camera. They begin to draw closer.
*Rustling sounds*
Squeak, squeak!
Click ...
Hold up, what is that...?
A musbeast?!
It's a freakin' chonker!
Camera Crew Leader Where? Lemme see.
Click Over there! Look!
Wait, why's there one over here too?!
Ah! It, it jumped on Robbie's face and bit the heck out of him! After that... Robbie dropped the video camera, and it jumped out the window!
Camera Crew Leader What?
Let me see!
Wait a damned second, there's another one over here! Why are there so many of 'em?
Wait, don't tell me, the abandoned factory... is nothing more than a musbeast den?
Click No way! So much stuff was going on in there. There was that knocking sound, even though nobody was at the door, and then it opened on its own!
Then, Robbie's video camera started looping! Also, I couldn't get up to the second floor, no matter how hard I tried, and time stopped! No matter which way I took, the time was stuck at 12:15 and I kept going around in circles on the first floor!
L-Let me see for myself!
Click drags the loading bar aside.
Click Also, I lost contact with you!
Camera Crew Leader And here!
Click Our comms went down because... a musbeast tinkled on the base station and caused it to short circuit?!
Then... Then, why was I stuck on the first floor?
Camera Crew Leader And here!
Click They chewed through the stairs because they were nesting there?!
And the time got stuck at 12:15 because they ruined my watch?
Camera Crew Leader ...What?
Musbeast Squeak, squeak!
Lighting Engineer Huh?!
You little runt, I see you now! Hahaha! I swear upon my honor I will slay you this day––
Musbeast (Darts away hurriedly)
Lighting Engineer GET–– BACK–– HERE––!!
[Robbie goes after the fleeing musbeast.]
Click ...
Captain, does this mean... there isn't actually any paranormal stuff going on? It was all the fault of a chonky musbeast?
All of it?!
Camera Crew Leader Huh... so it was just a musbeast after all...
B-But, if we come out with the truth in our video, it won't make for good content...
We've already made our trailer, and everyone's expecting some horror factory adventure story, either to get a fright themselves or to watch our reactions. But a musbeast? That's just so boring.
Click What should we do then?
Camera Crew Leader Let's stick to the original plan. It's a horror video, plain and simple. We'll cut the part where the musbeast shows up.
Just like all the junk you blurred out. People want a bit of drama in their videos, and nobody's gonna be interested if it's too ordinary and realistic.
See what people are talking about on our trailer page? We can't go wrong giving them what they want to see!
Click Umm...
Camera Crew Leader You don't like the sound of that?
Good grief, Click! Why are you acting like a novice who's never touched a video camera before? Do you think we're misleading our audience or something? C'mere, listen up. This has nothing to do with deceiving anyone...
Click Well...
That's not what I meant!
I totally agree with you!
Camera Crew Leader Huh?
Click I think you made a very good point! That's something everyone can sink their teeth into.
Lighting Engineer Sink... their teeth into... me?
You think I'm gonna let you eat me? Ol' Robbie here's gonna knock the daylight outta you––
Click Calm down, Robbie! That's just a rock––
<Background fades out and in>
[Click prepares to upload the footage...]
Click How's it looking, Cap'n? Anything that needs editing?
Nothing else? Are we good then?
Robbie? Are you feeling better yet? I'm about to upload the video. In three, two, one!
[...and does so.]
Camera Crew Leader C'mon, c'mon! Refresh, refresh! I wanna see the comments!
The views are starting to shoot up! What are people saying?
Click I don't see anything in the comments section yet, they're probably still watching. But, the number of likes is going up quickly. We're about to break a thousand already!
The featured video at the top of the charts has 30,000 views, and we've already reached 5,000... No, 8,000!
The comments are starting to roll in! "I started screaming along with that guy!" "Nopenopenope, don't wanna watch! Someone tell me what's behind the door?" "Every time the camera perspective changes, my heart skips a beat!"
Camera Crew Leader Whew, my friends are starting to DM me. Looks like they're envious!
Wait, what? We've already reached 10,000 views?
Click 15,000... 20,000!
Camera Crew Leader C'mooooon, reach 30,000! Pleaaaase! I wanna top the charts at least one time!
Click One sec. I'm gonna refresh real quick. There might be a little delay.
Hmm, it seems like...
Camera Crew Leader Engagements are starting to slow down... 25,000. Let's wait and see what happens?
Click Mmhmm!
25,300... 25,500... 25,532... and it's stopped.
Camera Crew Leader ...
Click Hey, Cap'n, second place is already really impressive! Plus, we just uploaded the video. Who knows, we might take the top spot in the evening!
Look at the video at the top of the charts. It's just a guy walking along, munching on street food with a smile on his face. He's not even saying anything other than 'It's so delicious, you've gotta come down to try it!' We can top this for sure.
Camera Crew Leader You stole the words right outta my mouth, girl.
But, I should be the one consoling you, not the other way around. You should feel proud that you pulled this off on your very first shoot.
Click Teehee.
C'mon, we've been working hard all day and night, so I'll go grab food? We've been so busy I'm practically starving here.
Pizza or honey biscuits? Or maybe you're in the mood for some cured meat?
Camera Crew Leader Gimme beer! Lots of beer!
Lighting Engineer Hahaha! I'm gonna barbecue this whole factory!
Click Huh? Is he still not back to normal?
Camera Crew Leader ...
<Background 5>
Two days later...
Camera Crew Leader Ugh, it's been two whole days, and we're still stuck at second. Why... can't we get more than a few hundred views? Are we seriously going to lose to some random shopping and eating video?
If we don't get enough money this time, we're gonna be tight on food budget for next month, and it'll also push Click's startup fund back a few more months.
And... what's that burning smell?
*cough* *cough*, *cough* *cough*!
Urgh! Where's all this smoke coming from? What's going on with our equipment?
Click? Robbie?
[Click sifts through the comments on the video.]
Click It's fine! It's fine! There's way too many comments on the video, so it's having a hard time loading!
Camera Crew Leader Too many comments? Didn't our video get stuck in second place?
Wait, wait. What's going on? There's a new video at the top of the list now? "Truth Demystified: The Supernatural Abandoned Factory"?
This video is of the same place we went to... Wait, no, this is our footage! I can hear Robbie's voice! And... it's all the clips with the musbeast!
Click Teehee.
Wanna guess who made this new video?
Take a look! It's driving the view count on our adventure video up! After watching the myth-busting video, people are re-watching the full version and everyone's trying to find the musbeast in the comments in real time!
Camera Crew Leader Huh? Our video just hit the top of the list?
And the Demystified video is in second place!
Click (Smugly shakes the terminal that is giving off smoke, overloaded by the maxed out comments section)
Now let's see where that shopping video is in comparison!
Camera Crew Leader My goodness, Click!
As the wispy black smoke curls around the room, Robbie lets out two powerful sneezes.
As if waking up from a dream, he lets go of the folding chair he was trying to pummel just a moment ago, and sees that the video he starred in has reached over 50,000 views.
Lighting Engineer Huh? Wooooah! We're number one? We're number one?!
Click! Am I dreaming?! Or did I die in the factory?
Where am I? Is this Columbia or Bolívar?
The teammates squeeze in front of the terminal, watching the adventure video compete for the top spot with the myth-busting video, their view counts continuing to skyrocket.
A notification pops up from the background and the revenue figures from the two videos start to roll in as well, causing more black smoke to leak from the terminal.
Lighting Engineer Yaaaaay!!
Camera Crew Leader We're eatin' good–!
Click My startup fund!
My video studio... is finally about to open!