Broca: The First Step Towards Trust

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Operator Record
The First Step Towards Trust

If you want someone to trust you, the best method of proof is action.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Broca to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Broca.
RI Operator icon.png
Guard Operator
RI Medic icon.png
Medic Operator
Lungmen Highway
Lungmen Uptown Rainy
RI Room
Broca has just joined Rhodes Island and is clearly unwilling to trust the company. On one fateful mission, he finds himself in an argument with another operator.
<Background 1>
Broca Aosta, are we really joining this Rhodes Island organization?
Aosta That's right, Broca. I think it's our best option.
Broca There's other places we could go.
Aosta I know you aren't a fan of this idea, Broca, but, honestly, this is our best option.
Broca ......
[Chiave approaches Aosta and Broca.]
Chiave Oh, don't give me that look, Broca.
If things don't go our way, all we gotta do is split.
Aosta Hah... I don't think it's that simple, but he has a point.
So how about it, Broca? Are you on board?
Broca …I'll give it a try.
<Background 2>
Guard Operator You're finally awake.
[Broca rises up.]
Broca Where are we...?
Guard Operator The forest. Our team was attacked by a pack of beasts, and the two of us fell off the cliff. Remember now?
Broca Yeah.
Guard Operator ......
Broca ......
Guard Operator Hmph, you're not very cute, are you?
Well, I still gotta thank you. If it wasn't for you, I might've died there on the spot.
Broca Don't mention it.
Guard Operator ......
Broca ......
Guard Operator Aghhhhhhhh! Fine, okay! I'm sorry I picked that bone with you yesterday. I shouldn't have said that.
I'm a little testy, you see. I don't like it when I hear someone badmouthing Rhodes Island.
But you're new here. It's not your fault you don't know what we're like just yet. Yato really tore me a new one last night. Don't take it personally, okay?
Broca No, I was at fault myself.
Guard Operator Eh, c'mon. I did you wrong, and I'll own up to that.
Anyway, let's put it behind us. That fine with you?
Broca Alright.
Guard Operator Well, that's a weight off my shoulders. It's been bothering me all day.
Broca Where's everyone else?
Guard Operator No idea. With their skills, I'm sure they can hold their own.
Broca We should look for them, then... Ugh.
Guard Operator Hold up, bro. You shouldn't move around yet, what with how hurt you are.
Broca "Bro?"
Guard Operator Oh, that's just what I call everyone. It's more intimate. You don't have a problem with that, do you?
Broca Call me whatever you want.
Guard Operator Alright, that settles it. Let's rest up here for the time being. We'll get moving once you heal up a bit.
Broca But...
Guard Operator Eh, don't worry. Yato's there with them. She's one of the most experienced operators we have. Nothing's gonna happen to them. Let's take care of ourselves.
Broca Fine.
Guard Operator Well, you lie down here a bit more. I'll take a look around.
Broca Alright.
[The guard operator checks the surroundings as Broca rest.]
<Background 3>
Broca You know how loyal I am! Why are you abandoning me, Boss?!
??? It's because you're loyal, Broca.
All that loyalty, isn't it natural you'd die for me?
Broca ......
<Background 2>
Broca ......
[The guard operator returns.]
Guard Operator Yo, bro. Broca. I'm back.
I took a stroll around. This forest is huge. We gotta be a bit more careful.
Broca My wound's starting to get better. Let's move.
Guard Operator You sure you don't want to rest a little more?
Broca I'm good.
Guard Operator Right on, let's get moving, then. I have a decent idea of which way we came from.
<Background fades out and in>
Guard Operator Hey, bro, I've been wondering. What's with that saw on the back of your drill?
I don't see you using it much when you fight.
Broca I use this when I do retrofitting work. It's for sawing wood, among other things.
Guard Operator Sawing wood? So you used to be a lumberjack or something?
Broca No, I wasn't. I just like crafting sometimes.
Guard Operator Heh, I didn't expect you to be the crafty kind.
Broca It's nothing that amazing.
Guard Operator Well, bro, I just noticed there's one more thing I'm wrong about you. When we left for this mission, I thought you were the type to keep to himself. I didn't know you could be so talkative.
You should talk more. Try to express yourself if you don't want people to get the wrong idea. I mean, yesterday was the perfect example.
Broca I actually mean it, though.
Guard Operator You mean you don't trust Rhodes Island?
Man, that's what I was talking about. You just got here, makes sense that you'd be a little iffy on the place.
Really, though, hear me out on this one. You really shouldn't talk like that. The first thing you said was "I don't trust Rhodes Island." What kind of impression do you think that gives the rest of us?
Broca I don't...
Guard Operator Eh, stop right there, bro. I'm not trying to say you're hurting anyone's feelings or to tell you to shape up or anything. It's just, well, how should I say this...?
You see, I used to be a mercenary, and I've worked for organizations before, too. When I first got here, it was purely transactional. I was just here to make a living.
They treat us well, and the food's not bad, but that's about it. If you'd asked me back then, I probably would've told you I don't believe in that good, charitable company bull crap.
I mean, all the big companies are basically the same. You feel the same way too, no?
Broca Sure.
Guard Operator But anyway, I've been here for a while, and I can tell. Rhodes Island is different. This is something you need to learn yourself. Ain't nobody can teach you that.
And yes, I trust Amiya, I trust the Doctor, and I trust Dr. Kal'tsit. They all won me over.
I didn't snap because the way you were talking bugged me. I snapped because what you said was wrong. You know what I mean?
Broca I'm not sure...
Guard Operator Eh, it's all good. I'm not telling you to figure it all out right now. What I'm trying to say is Rhodes Island isn't quite like what you think it is. You should try to trust in us a little more.
Broca I don't remember helping out the village being part of our mission.
Guard Operator Huh? Oh, that? It's actually the Captain's call. If he thinks we can manage it, in most cases, we try to do something to help the locals out.
Why bring that up all of a sudden?
Broca No reason...
[After an awkward moment of silence...]
Guard Operator Come on... Wait, bro.
Broca What's wrong?
Guard Operator Look.
Broca ...?!
Before the duo realize what has happened, the beasts that attacked the squad have already surrounded them.
Guard Operator Looks like we got company.
Broca I can still fight...
Guard Operator Don't. You haven't healed up yet. I'll create an opening for you. Run away when you get the chance.
Broca I can't leave you behind.
Guard Operator Hey, bro, you know why I apologized to you in the first place?
Broca ...?
Guard Operator I wouldn't apologize even if Yato lectured me the whole night, but you shielded me when we got ambushed. That's when I knew you were a good guy.
Someone like you will come to like Rhodes Island.
Broca ......
Guard Operator Anyway, I owe you this one.
Broca No.
[The guard operator takes a defensive stance.]
Guard Operator Eh, bro, don't be so stubborn.
Relax. This is nothing. I ain't gonna die.
Broca ......
Broca simply stands there and lifts his weapon as though he didn't hear the operator's plea.
Guard Operator Eh, you really ain't cute at all.
I can let it slide though.
Alright, then. Stay close to me, bro. I got your back, and you got mine. We'll bust through these jackasses and make it out of here, together!
Broca Alright.
Just before the two of them could attack, a yelp can be heard from amongst the beasts.
Guard Operator Huh? Is that...?
Medic Operator Are you two okay?!
Guard Operator Oh, there you are! We're fine!
Medic Operator Hey, Broca, you don't look so good. Hurry. Sit down and let me take a look.
Broca I'm fine.
Guard Operator That's Yato and the rest of the gang over there, right?
Medic Operator Yep, we've been looking for you two ever since you fell down there. It's such a relief to find you alive.
It looks like you're hanging in there okay. We can't let our guard down, though. Let's leave this place to the others and take Broca back first.
Guard Operator No problem!
Broca Thanks.
Guard Operator Huh? What was that?
Broca Nothing.
<Background 4>
Aosta So how was your first field op, Broca?
Broca It was fine.
Aosta Really? Great. I was worried you'd end up starting a fight. I guess I shouldn't have worried.
Broca Yeah, I think... I can give this a try.