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Operator Record
XXL Honey Biscuit
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Children of the barrens will apply nature's norms in civilized society.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Ceobe to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Ceobe.
RI Corridor
RI Room
RI Cafeteria
A plain and simple day in the life of Ceobe.
Rhodes Island Landship
Vulcan's Workshop
<Background 1>
Vulcan Kay.
Ceobe What is it, Vulcan?
Need my help?
Vulcan When was the last time you performed maintenance on your equipment?
Ceobe Well...
Let me think.
One... Two...
(Ceobe counts on her fingers)
Fifteen days, I think?
Vulcan It's about time. You'd better get to work on them.
Ceobe Okay.
Vulcan You still have that maintenance diagram I drew for you?
Ceobe Yup! I hung it up in my room.
Vulcan Are there sufficient tools and consumables in that room? If you've run out, you can take some now.
Ceobe There's enough!
Vulcan Good.
Let's clean up and pack up. Then we can head out when the fire dies down.
Ceobe Leave? Are you going out?
Vulcan Yes, I have to go check on the boiler room, then collect the materials I ordered from the warehouse. Don't have time to worry about the fire.
Ceobe I can watch the fire.
Vulcan That's not a good job for you.
You have things you need to do as well, right?
Ceobe I guess.
Vulcan Almost time. Let's go.
I made you a lunch, remember to take it when you leave.
I'll come find you when I finish.
Ceobe Okay, Vulcan.
Vulcan Right, see you later.
[Vulcan leaves.]
Ceobe Come back soon!
Oh... She's gone...
What... should I do...?
Ceobe I'll go to my room to take care of my babies then.
<Background 2>
Ceobe's Room
[Ceobe is checking something.]
Ceobe This... The picture says vegetable oil.
Vegetable oil?
Is it... this?
The label says——Vege... table... Oil...!
I got it!
What's the next step?
Dip the cloth into the oil, then slowly rub all the shiny parts.
Yup, just like that!
I remember it super clearly.
I wonder what Vulcan will say when she sees how good I did? Maybe I'll get a gift?
She made a top for me last time. It's so fun to spin!
Maybe I'll get something even better this time.
I've never tasted oil before.
Since it's food for my babies, it must taste good.
(Ceobe dips her finger in the oil and licks it)
Looks like I can't eat the food my babies like.
And here I thought maybe we'd have something to enjoy together.
Back to work.
Okay, I'm done!
What to do next?
Oh, I have to wipe oil on other parts.
With different oils too.
<Background fades out and in>
A long, long time later...
[Ceobe is maintaining her weapons.]
Ceobe I think I'm almost done.
I'm kinda hungry.
Okay, lunch time, lunch time.
Today's lunch is——
Grilled meatbeast chop! And mashed potatoes with sauce!
<Background fades out and in>
Ceobe Ah——finished!
Vulcan is so good at crafting anything, even food!
But——I'm still a little hungry——
Hm, what time is it now?
Oh, eleven... eleven fifteen... It's noon!
It's time for everyone to eat!
Which means——
[Ceobe rushes off gleefully.]
<Background 3>
11:30 A.M.
Rhodes Island Cafeteria
[Ceobe arrives at the cafeteria.]
Ceobe Wow, there's a lot of people here!
Let's see what food they have.
[Courier approaches Ceobe.]
Courier Hello, Ceobe. What do you want to eat?
Ceobe I'm looking.
(Since there's so much good food here, there must be more inside!)
(Okay, let me think how to sneak inside.)
Courier Are you going to order?
Ceobe No, I don't need to.
Courier See you.
[Ceobe rushes off just as Gitano approaches Courier.]
Gitano Courier, the food for your counter is almost here. Be ready.
Courier Okay.
(Whisper) She's here.
Gitano (Whisper) Understood.
<Background fades out and in>
Ceobe Vulcan taught me to watch closely and wait for a chance.
I didn't watch enough last time and the old guy caught me at the door...
But this time will be different!
I'll definitely get inside!
<Background fades out and in>
Gitano Shchi, huh? If I recall correctly, it goes there in the middle, where Courier is standing.
Gummy Alright.
Ceobe (The door is close to my hiding spot.)
(There's a pretty lady by the door, I can't let her see me.)
(Little Cub is talking to her.)
(There's a lot of tasty stuff next to her, but people are watching.)
(There's a little hole further away. I think it is for dishes. I can't get through it.)
(The door is my only choice.)
(But the door's so crowded still.)
(Hmm, I'll wait a while more.)
(Okay the door is quieter now.)
(No one's there!)
(Now's my chance!)
Yummy goodies, here I come!
Gummy Wooaahh! Kay, you can't go in there!
Ceobe I can't?
Gummy You can't! Don't you see the sign on the door?
Ceobe I see it.
I see a red circle with a tilty red line going through it.
I also see Kay.
Gummy That means "Kay is not allowed in here." Got it?
Ceobe Got it.
Gummy If you get it, why are you still going in?!
Ceobe Hungry.
Gummy If you're hungry, you can just get in line and order something to eat.
Ceobe Hungry.
Gummy Y-You're not allowed in there!
Ceobe But I'm hungry!
Gummy Fine, fine! I'll think of something!!
What if I...
If I give you this cookie, will you promise not to go inside?
Ceobe *sniff* *sniff*
Okay, okay!
Gummy Here...
Ceobe Thanks!
[Ceobe gleefully leaves the kitchen.]
<Background fades out and in>
Not long afterwards...
[Ceobe had just eaten the cookie given to her by Gummy.]
Ceobe Little Cub's cookie was tasty.
But I'm still hungry...
Sorry Little Cub, I still want to go in.
Maybe I got found out because I was too excited.
I won't make the same mistake again!
Hm, let's see...
(The only one by the door is the pretty lady at the counter.)
(The door is still open?!)
(There's bread in that basket!)
(Smells so fresh!)
(I wanna eat it!)
Yummy yummy goodies, here I come!!
Gitano What is it? Where are you going?
Ceobe (Oh no, I got caught!)
Urk... Ahhh...
(What do I do?! What do I do?!)
I-I want to go to the toilet.
Gitano This isn't the toilet. There's a sign over there, look for the one with the blue and pink people.
Ceobe Oh, I see!
Thanks, pretty lady!
Gitano No problem, don't make the same mistake next time.
Ceobe Got it!
[Ceobe leaves.]
Ceobe (Ahh, I'm lucky she didn't figure me out. I don't want Vulcan to get mad at me.)
[Gitano looks at Ceobe...]
Gitano ......
[...just as Dur-nar approaches her.]
Dur-nar Gitano, the last dish is here.
Gitano Ah, good job. This should go to the farthest corner where Noir Corne is.
Dur-nar Alright...
Gitano What's up?
Dur-nar Nothing really, Gummy bit me.
Gitano Ooh, I didn't know you two were THAT close.
Dur-nar Don't joke about it, it hurts.
Gitano Hm-hmm.
Oh, right.
Dur-nar Huh?
Gitano Put two standard meal sets at the prep station near the kitchen door.
Dur-nar To feed the Perro?
Gitano I'm good.
Dur-nar Sure, I'll tell the cooks.
Gitano Maybe it'll go numb later?
Dur-nar Please no. Spare me...
Gitano I'm just joking~
Dur-nar If you're joking, doesn't that mean I'm done for...
Gitano Of course not.
Go on, we can wrap up and have lunch soon.
Dur-nar Okay...
[Ceobe is peeking around the corner just as Dur-nar and Gitano leave.]
Ceobe I'll make it this time!
Let's see.
There's no one there at all.
Even the pretty lady by the door is gone.
[Ceobe finally enters the kitchen, despite the sign clearly stating that she is not allowed to enter.]
Ceobe Hehe, the door is unlocked.
I'm going in!
Ohh! There really was food here!
How is the taste——
Wow, it's tasty!
So good!
Ah, I'm so happy I got to eat!
I better go home and finish taking care of my babies!
Just now, wasn't Little Cub's tummy rumbling?
Is she hungry because she gave her cookie to me?
Poor Little Cub...
Vulcan says that when people help you, you should pay it back double or triple or whatever's even more than those, I forgot! Fourple?
Anyway, Little Cub gave me a small cookie, so I should give her a really really really——big cookie.
Okay, I'll make it as soon as Vulcan gets back!
Now I need to go home and finish up my work.
<Background 2>
Ceobe's Room
[Ceobe are cleaning her belongings.]
Ceobe Hm...
Weapons are done.
The covers for the weapons and the bag are clean.
Just one last thing left.
Vulcan, please hurry back, so Little Cub won't be hungry anymore...
[Someone knocks the door.]
Ceobe Who's there?
Vulcan It's me.
Ceobe Ah, Vulcan! I'll get the door!
[Vulcan enters the room.]
Ceobe You came back really early today.
Vulcan Work went nice and smooth today, finished quick.
Can you let me see your maintenance work?
Ceobe Okay, okay!
I just finished, the weapons are all neat on the table!
Vulcan Great, I'll have a look.
Ceobe (I did it just like the pictures.)
(I have to believe in myself!)
(I know I did it right!)
H-How is it?
Vulcan The oil is applied very evenly.
(Vulcan lifts the weapon and sniffs it)
The right oils, too.
You cleaned the sheaths?
Ceobe Yup!
Vulcan Good.
You did a good job.
Ceobe Thanks, Vulcan!
Vulcan I'm going back to the workshop. Do you want to come along?
Ceobe Mm!
<Background 1>
Vulcan's Workshop
Vulcan This is a good batch of material here.
Hope I can make something satisfying out of it.
Ceobe (Go on, say it, say it! Little Cub is still starving!)
(B-But, I'm a little nervous...)
Vulcan What's wrong? Is there anything you want to tell me?
Ceobe Oh, umm, well...
Vulcan Yes.
Ceobe Can you teach me how to make a big cookie?!
Vulcan Oh? You want to make your own food, finally?
Ceobe Y-Yeah!
Please, teach me quickly! Little Cub is gonna starve to death soon!
Vulcan Little Cub... you mean... Gummy?
Ceobe Ah, uhh, yeah!
Noon... Yeah, noon! I saw Little Cub at noon!
She gave me a really tasty cookie! So I want to give Little Cub an even bigger, even tastier one! But, I don't know how to make a cookie, and I don't know where Little Cub lives either, I-I——
So I, uhh, I——
Vulcan I understand.
Ceobe Vulcan, I——
Vulcan You'll twist your tongue in a knot if you keep talking.
Ceobe Sorry... I-I'm in a bit of a hurry...
Vulcan Mm, alright.
Now, listen to me.
Ceobe Alright...
Vulcan I know where she lives.
I'll teach you how to make the treat, then bring you there.
Ceobe Really?!
Vulcan I'm always willing to teach if you're willing to learn.
Ceobe I want to learn!
Vulcan I happen to have some fermented dough here. Let's make a huge cookie, okay?
Ceobe Okay!
Vulcan How big do you want it to be?
Ceobe The bigger the better!
Vulcan Alright.
Help me clear the workspace. I'll get the fire going.
Ceobe Got it!
[Ceobe clears the stuff on the workshop's table to give space for the cookies she and Vulcan are going to make just as the Forte blacksmith done preparing.]
Vulcan Preparations are just about done.
Did you wash your hands, Kay?
Ceobe Yup!
Wow, what's this?
Vulcan Dough.
Ceobe What should I do?
Vulcan Simple, just knead the dough.
Just try it and see. I'll let you know if you're doing it wrong.
Ceobe Kneading the dough...
Like this?
Vulcan Yes, continue.
Don't be afraid to crush it, put some force into it.
Knead it for a few more minutes.
[Ceobe kneads the dough for several minutes.]
Vulcan Alright, that should be enough. Spread it on the board.
Cut it in half with the knife.
Ceobe Like this?
Vulcan Yep.
Then press each half into a circle.
We won't use any stuffing this time. I'll teach you how to prepare the stuffing and how to make pies when you're better at this.
You missed a spot here, yes, here.
Alright, not bad.
Take the dough on the board and put it into the oven. Use these mitts for safety.
Ceobe Okay.
On the rack in the oven?
Vulcan Correct.
Ceobe Okay——It's in!
Making cookies is so easy!
What else do I need to do?
Vulcan Watch the time.
Ceobe Ahh——
That's hard.
<Background fades out and in>
Around ten minutes later...
Vulcan Kay.
Ceobe Hm... hm?
Vulcan It's time to take the cookie out.
Ceobe It's time?!
Vulcan Yes.
Ceobe Ohhh!
Vulcan Wait!
Put these mitts on first.
Ceobe R-Right!
Vulcan Just place it on the table and it's done.
Ceobe O——kay.
*sniff* *sniff*
It smells nice.
It must be really tasty.
Let me taste it.
(Ceobe breaks off a piece and chews it)
Vulcan What do you think?
Ceobe It's tasty!
Cookies are best when they're still hot.
I have to give this to Little Cub quickly.
Vulcan I'll put it between these wooden boards, so it'll stay warm longer.
I'll guide you this time, but you have to go by yourself next time, got it?
Ceobe Got it!
<Background 2>
Outside Gummy's Place
Vulcan We're here.
Ceobe Got it!
(Ceobe rings the bell)
*Ding Dong*
??? Come in, the door is open!
Ceobe (Ceobe pokes her head in)
Is Little Cub here?
Gummy Hm?
Ceobe There you are!
Gummy Eh?
Ceobe Hiya.
I ate your cookie earlier, so I got you a new one.
Vulcan taught me how to make it. It's fresh outta the oven.
Gummy Isn't it... kinda big?
Ceobe Hurry up and eat it before it gets cold.
Bye bye.
[Ceobe leaves Gummy's (actually U.S.S.G.'s) room and returns to Vulcan's side, who are waiting nearby.]
Vulcan How did it go?
Ceobe Little Cub looked very happy.
Vulcan Oh? That's great.
Ceobe Vulcan.
Vulcan Huh?
Ceobe Thank you!
Vulcan Heh.
You don't have to thank me.
Learn to do it well and you can make cookies by yourself next time.
Who knows, you might even be able to make your own honey biscuits one day.
Ceobe Wow, that sounds good!
Vulcan Doesn't it?
Ceobe But I think I'd still eat your honey biscuits, Vulcan!
Vulcan Really?
Ceobe Yup!
Vulcan Oh, that sounds good too.
Let's go back. We can't leave the fire alone for too long.
Besides, you haven't finished eating the other cookie yet.
Ceobe Oh, right!
I was in such a rush to bring the cookie to Little Cub, I forgot my own.
Vulcan That kind of cookie is fine for filling your stomach, but it still lacks a little something to make it really delicious.
Ceobe ?!
Vulcan Do you remember the meat sauce from last time?
Ceobe Mm!
Vulcan Want to dip your cookie in it?
Ceobe Yes!
Vulcan Let's go then.
I'm a little hungry too.
Ceobe Got it!
Yummy goodies, here I come!