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This interlude deals with serious psychological issues and contains implied acts of violence.
As such, reader discretion is advised.
Habits Children of Ursus
RI Room
RI Cafeteria
RI Training Compound
Dur-nar points out one of Gummy's strange habits when attacking. Gummy tries to overcome it, but fails.
Her habits are all left by past trauma, and may take a bit of time to fade.
<Background black>
Gummy is the second one in her dorm to wake up every morning. And she has a habit.
As soon as Istina wakes her, they share a handshake. Gummy then goes next door to wake Zima in the same fashion.
Whether "The General" decides to shake her hand or not depends entirely on her mood.
<Background 1>
6:30 a.m.
Rhodes Island Dormitories – Istina and Gummy's Room
Gummy Zzz...zzz...
(It's morning.)
(Istina should be here soon.)
(But she sure is taking her time today. Maybe she's been working too hard?)
(But I'm gonna be late if I keep waiting for her. C'mon, Gummy, just get up already!)
(You can do it, girl!)
Zzz... Nnhhah!
[Gummy wakes up.]
Gummy I'm up!
It's so dark...
What happened to my night light?
Istina? Istina!
Weird... Did she head out already?
Better go check on her.
Yeah, she's not here.
I guess she had something important to do.
I wonder what it was?
What's this...?
Gummy, we went out. Won't be back until evening. Please look after yourself.
"Signed, Istina..."
"...and Zima."
Hmph! Look at them treating me like a kid again. Of course I can take care of myself!
That means Zima's already up too.
Oops, I better hurry up and report in or I'm gonna be late.
Just gotta grab my trusty shield and frying pan...
Right, that's everything.
Time to go!!
<Background 2>
11:28 a.m.
Rhodes Island Cafeteria – Kitchen
Gummy I'm kinda hungry...
I left in a hurry this morning and didn't have time to fill up my tummy.
But I guess I should focus on work first and grab some food afterwards.
Order up! Ready for the counter!
Dur-nar On it!
Gummy Gotta do a shchi next? Okay, I'll have it right out!
[Moments later...]
Gummy Done!
Food's ready! Please take it to the dining area!
Next up is... Mhm, we got another fried pelmeni.
Just need someone to take this order, then I crank out the pelmeni and I'm good to go.
Dur-nar Gummy, I have my hands full over here! Put that out for me?
Gummy Sure thing!
I got this. It's way lighter than my shield.
But where does it go?
Why is everyone in such a hurry today? I turn my head for a second and she's gone...
Oh well, guess I'll just ask where to put it.
<Background fades out and in>
Gummy It's gotta go around here somewhere. The lady at the cash register, that's... Gitano, right?
Hey, Gitano.
Gitano Good day, Little Cub.
Why are you out here with your frying pan? Do you need my help?
Gummy Just one thing. Could you tell me where to put the shchi? It's getting cold!
Ceobe ......
Gitano Shchi, huh? If I recall correctly, it goes there in the middle, where Courier is standing.
Gummy Got it!
Gitano Are you sure you don't need any help, Little Cub?
Gummy I'm perfectly fine! See you later, Gitano!
Gitano ......
Spot Forget it. You couldn't lift it anyway.
Gitano Yes, I know.
<Background fades out and in>
Courier Welcome, what can I get for you?
Braised pork and vegetables? Coming right up. And a steamed egg with your stir-fried vegetables? No problem.
All right, here you go.
Please be careful. It's hot.
Mhm, see you~
Gummy Courier, I got the food!
Courier Great! Thank you, Gummy.
Gummy You're welcome~
Courier Huff!
Phew! That's all for now.
Sorry to bother you, Gummy, but would you mind taking this pot back to the kitchen?
Gummy Okay, Courier!
Gummy Ughh...
Courier You've really outdone yourself, Gummy. C'mere, I have a cookie for you. You must be hungry, right?
Gummy Thank you very much, Courier!
Courier It's my pleasure. Make sure to have a proper meal after this, all right?
Gummy Will do!
<Background fades out and in>
Gummy See you later, Gitano. I need to head back and get some stuff done.
Gitano Stay safe.
Gummy Will do!
Gummy (Just hold out a bit longer... It's almost time to eat!)
Ceobe Yummy goodies, here I come!
Gummy Wooaahh! Kay, you can't go in there!
Ceobe I can't?
Gummy You can't! Don't you see the sign on the door?
Ceobe I see it.
I see a red circle with a tilty red line going through it.
I also see Kay.
Gummy That means "Kay is not allowed in here." Got it?
Ceobe Got it.
Gummy If you get it, why are you still going in?!
Ceobe Hungry.
Gummy If you're hungry, you can just get in line and order something to eat.
Ceobe Hungry.
Gummy Y- You're not allowed in there!
Ceobe But I'm hungry!
Gummy Fine, fine! I'll think of something!!
What if I...
If I give you this cookie, will you promise not to go inside?
Ceobe *sniff* *sniff*
Okay, okay!
Gummy Here...
Ceobe Thanks!
Gummy You're welcome...
*sigh*... She finally left...
Gummy There's... there's still... one more to go...
Just hold on... just a little longer!
Gummy Why's the ladle so heavy......
I can't even scoop up the food......
I can't do this anymore. I have to eat something!
<Background fades out>
Gummy has a habit. When she's famished, something takes hold of her,
And she can't resist her urge to eat...
...anything and everything.
Gummy ......
What's this?
??? The hell ya doin', Gummy?
Gummy So soft... Mmmhh.... It must be delicious.
Ah, mm....
<Background fades in>
Dur-nar Gyahhhhhhh!!!
Gummy Eh?
Dur-nar Gummy, why are you chewing on my hip?
Gummy Ah, mm, hmm...
S-sorry, Instructor!
<Background fades out and in>
11:55 a.m.
Rhodes Island Cafeteria – Dining Area
Gummy (Gummy is practically inhaling the bread in her hands...)
(...washing it down with a swig of soup.)
Dur-nar C-calm down, Gummy, the food's not going anywhere. And we got training in the afternoon, y'know.
Gummy (She doesn't leave a single scrap on her plate...)
(...and doesn't hesitate to reach for seconds.)
Dur-nar Gummy?
Gummy (In no time, she's gobbled up an entire table full of food.)
Dur-nar Guess you're not feeling talkative...
I'll get back to you later.
<Background fades out and in>
Gummy Whew. I feel like a whole new Gummy!
Instructor, don't you want to eat?
Dur-nar Sure do. But somehow all the food I brought out disappeared into your belly.
Gummy I'm so sorry, Instructor!!
Dur-nar Don't worry about it, I can always get more.
By the way, how'd you end up so hungry? You skip breakfast or something?
Gummy I overslept this morning and didn't have time to eat, so...
Dur-nar Y'know, you might just be that type of girl. With a bottomless pit for a stomach.
Gummy Really?
Dur-nar Yup, just like that one over there.
Gummy Kay? She's charging the kitchen again?! I better–
Dur-nar Relax, we got someone keeping an eye on her. Plus, they laid out some goodies near the door just in case she gets in. She won't make it to anything important.
Gummy Oh, I thought those were welcome baskets for new recruits...
Dur-nar Yeah that too. Whatever gets the job done.
See, she's done.
If we sealed that door, it'd hurt her feelings. Letting her in every now and then lets her feel like she won. And it doesn't cost us much.
Gummy Oh...
Um, so who's in charge of keeping an eye on her?
Dur-nar Gitano's on duty today.
Gummy Good choice. She's always got it together.
Dur-nar That reminds me, I have to ask you something. It has to do with training.
Gummy Mm, sure. What is it?
Dur-nar I notice you have trouble moving your arms, especially in quick, repetitive motions. Why is that?
Gummy Eh?
Dur-nar I've watched you in combat, and it's the same in the kitchen. You get two good strokes in and then you have to stop.
Gummy I guess... it's a habit?
Dur-nar Huh–? Well, that's a bad habit if I ever saw one. Can we fix it?
Because stopping like that on the battlefield is gonna get you killed.
But if we can cure you, I'm sure you've got the next Rhodes Island Chopping Competition in the bag.
Gummy ......
Dur-nar Give it a try?
Gummy ......
Okay... I'll try...
Dur-nar Good. We'll get to it after defender practice.
We won't know if we can fix that habit until we try.
But for now...
We gotta eat.
Gummy Yeah.
<Background 3>
3:00 p.m.
Rhode Island Training Center – Defender Training Room
Dur-nar Last round of the day. Let's power through.
I want four sets of planks, time—
Dur-nar Ten seconds!
Three, two, one!
Okay, we're done. Go cool off.
Defender Operators Woo!
Dur-nar Gummy.
Gummy Yes, ma'am!
Dur-nar You ready? What we talked about at lunch?
Gummy Yes, ma'am!
Dur-nar I'll get the training shield, and you can use your weapon there.
Now relax. That's gonna be an important part of your rehab.
Gummy Right!
<Background fades out and in>
Dur-nar Okay, Gummy. I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
I know you're tired from afternoon training, but it's actually the perfect time to work on this.

Dur-nar You get me?

Gummy I get you.
Dur-nar Great. Now gimme whatever's left in the tank.
[Gummy hits Dur-nar.]
Gummy Hyah!
Dur-nar Again.
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Gummy Hyah!
Dur-nar Again.
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Gummy Nngh!
Dur-nar Again! Keep going!
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Gummy Gah!!
Dur-nar Again!
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Dur-nar (If it's a conditioned reflex, that should have shaken out some more swings.)
(Is she stopping herself involuntarily?)
(But why?)
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Dur-nar Gummy, swing!
Gummy I can't do it!
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Dur-nar Swing!
Gummy I can't!
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Dur-nar That's an order!
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again.]
Dur-nar I order you to—
<Background fades out>
Gummy is a good cook, but she has a habit.
She chops only twice. Should she ever chop a third time—
She'll chop straight through the cutting board, right into the counter itself.
[Gummy hits Dur-nar again, but this time she hits with such force that it knocks down Dur-nar hard.]
<Background fades in>
Dur-nar Ngah!
Nng... Phew...
Gummy Instructor!
Dur-nar I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just been a long time since I took a hit like that.
Is this another one of your "habits"?
Gummy Sorry, Instructor...
Dur-nar Relax. I told you, I'm fine.
But it looks like this problem of yours is more complicated than I thought.
On your third swing, you subconsciously put your full strength into it. Is that right?
Gummy Yeah...
Dur-nar And I'm guessing that takes a fourth swing off the table.
If we were in the kitchen just now, you'd've chopped that cutting board into a nice, clean pair.
Here I thought we just had to push you over the edge... Turns out there's something else going on here.
I jumped headfirst into this without really feeling it out. Sorry, Gummy.
Gummy It's... it's fine.
It's my fault for being a lousy student.
Dur-nar Let's call it for today. You go home and rest up. Give me some time to noodle on this.
But if you want to try again, you know where to find me.
Gummy I could use a break.
See you later, Instructor.
Dur-nar Bye-bye.
[Gummy leaves.]
Dur-nar ......
(I can't feel my arm.)
(It's totally numb.)
(Those Ursus Youth Scouts are stupid strong.)
(I better pay Gavial a visit in Medical.)
(I'll grab her something to eat on the way.)
<Background 1>
4:30 p.m.
Rhodes Island Dormitories – Zima, Istina, and Gummy's Quarters
Gummy goes back home alone.
She does not turn on the lights.
She hangs her "shield" in the corner,
And makes her way inside.
She did nothing wrong.
And yet she is sad.
She wants to do better, for everyone who does so much to help her.
She failed.
Since coming to Rhodes Island, Gummy's "habits" only bred more habits.
And she knows those habits bother the people around her.
But she can't change.
She can do nothing but keep on being "Gummy."
<Background fades out>
And Gummy has a habit.
She carries a safe door and a frying pan with her everywhere she goes.
Gummy has a habit.
She uses the entire tube of toothpaste, going so far as to suck out the last few drops.
Gummy has a habit.
When up somewhere high, she keeps far away from the edge, even if there's a guardrail.
??? ......
Gummy has a habit.
When she's famished, she has to fight the urge to devour the nearest object. Should she fail...
??? ......?
Gummy has a habit.
If she finds herself in the dark too long...
[Zima enters the room.]
Zima Oh, Gummy, you're back? Why didn't you turn on the lights?
Gummy has a habit.
All her myriad habits dissipate as soon as she sees Zima and Istina.
<Background fades in>
[The light turns back on.]
Gummy Ah?!
Istina No doubt she was sniveling alone in the corner after something shook her.
Gummy (Snivelingly) Was not!!
Istina See?
Zima What am I gonna do with you?
Gummy, start cleaning. Leto is coming.
Gummy You got it, Zima!
Istina Hey.
Zima Hmph.
Gummy, come here.
Gummy Yes, Zima?
Zima Come.
Gummy Mmm.
I can do it myself.
Zima Don't move.
Gummy Mmmf...
Zima There. Give Istina back her handkerchief after you wash it.
Gummy Okay.
Zima Now tell me what happened.
Gummy Erm...
Istina Zima.
Zima What?
Istina (Shhh...)
Zima Right. Forget it.
Get to work, Gummy. I did the shopping. The rest is up to you two.
Gummy Okay. What's so special about today anyway?
Istina It's been exactly one year since we came to Rhodes Island. Zima even woke up early for the occasion. If you believe it.
Zima Phew— I'm beat. I'm gonna lay down for a bit. Call me when Leto gets here.
Istina Oh no you're not. There's too much to be done.
Zima Nah. I'm tired.
Istina Gummy, do the thing.
Gummy Do I have to?
Istina I'll go prepare the refreshments. You're responsible for getting Zima up.
Gummy Okay.
Zima What.
Gummy Gummy loooooooves yooou~
Zima Spare me the schmaltz. I'm sleepy.
Gummy Ziiimaaaa~ Hehe~
Zima Get off me!
Gummy Tickle tickle.
Zima Fine! I'm up! I'm up!
Gummy Job's done, Istina!
Istina Good. Now put her to work. I have my hands full.
Zima Ugh. I just carried all those bags. Why do I have to work more?
Istina Call it the burden of command.
Gummy Because you're our leader! Hehe.
Zima Aahh... Damn it.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Zima It's open.
[The one who knocks the door is revealed to be Leto.]
Zima Come on in and give me a hand.
We'll celebrate once everything's done.
Leto Can't believe you remembered.
Ooh, is that...?!
My favorite!
That stuff isn't cheap.
Zima My treat.
Leto Hehe, thanks.
Zima What're you standing around for? Get busy.
Leto All right, all right.
Can I put this here?
Zima I just put that out!
Gummy Hahahahaha!
<Background fades out>
Gummy has a habit.
When she's happy, she laughs.
It's a laugh from the very depths of her soul.
And she wants everyone to share such a laugh.
<Background fades in>
Istina Done.
Zima, say a few words.
Zima "A few words." Eat up.
Ura![note 1]
Istina Ura.
Leto Ura!!
Gummy Ura!
(It's been a long time since we all got together.)
(I hope Rosa can come next time.)
[Someone knocks the door.]
Zima It's open.
Ceobe (Ceobe pokes her head in)
Is the Little Cub here?
Gummy Hm?
Ceobe There you are!
Gummy Eh?
Ceobe Hiya.
I ate your cookie earlier, so I got you a new one.
Vulcan taught me how to make it. It's fresh outta the oven.
Gummy Isn't it... kinda big?
Ceobe Hurry up and eat it before it gets cold.
[Ceobe closes the door and leaves.]
Gummy Oh. Bye!
She's gone.
Leto Nichego sebe,[note 2] that's one hell of a cookie.
Zima A cookie's a cookie.
Well? Eat it already.
Gummy (I'm eating well tonight.)
<Background fades out and in>
9:00 p.m.
Rhodes Island Dormitories - Zima, Istina, and Gummy's Quarters
Gummy Phew. That was great. But now it's bedtime.
Just need my trusty night light...
Huh? It's not turning on?
Did the bulb burn out?
Now that I think of it, it wasn't on this morning either.
So when did it break?
Uh oh...
Gummy has a habit.
She absolutely must sleep with a night light.
Istina Gummy.
Gummy What's up, Istina?
Istina Can I sleep with you tonight?
Gummy Y– yeah!
Istina Zima.
Gummy Are you sleeping with us too?
Zima Uh, I guess so.
Hey, Istina?
Can the three of us really fit in Gummy's bed?
Istina Just squeeze in tight.
Zima Guess we're making a Gummy bear sandwich.
Gummy Fine by me.
Zima All right. Just tell me if it gets too hot and stuffy. I'll go back to my room.
Gummy Okay.
Istina I'm turning out the lights. Good night.
Zima Night.
Gummy Nighty night.
<Background black>
Zima When was the last time we all slept together like this?
Istina I can't even remember. I don't even want to remember.
Gummy Me either.
Zima Forget I asked. Just get some sleep.
Istina Zzz......
Zima As soon as her head hits the pillow, huh?
Gummy ......
Zima Gummy?
Gummy Zzzzzz......
Zima Guess I'm the only one who doesn't pass right out.
Settle down, brain. We got a busy day tomorrow. Ugh.
Gummy (Hehe~)
(Zima's so cute.)
(Nighty night~)
Gummy has a habit.
You know the Ursus Student Self-government Group?
Zima and Istina?
They're the habit Gummy just can't quit.


  1. Cyrillic: Ура; "Hurrah/hurray" in Russian
  2. Cyrillic: Ничего себе; "Wow" or "Whoa" in Russian