In the Biting Cold

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In the Biting Cold The Black Forest Wills A Dream
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Sami Shaman
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Magallan applies for a permit to enter the icefield as per usual, but finds that Ursus has abruptly blocked the route. She makes her way through Sami instead, meets her old friend Santalla by an old tree, and hears from different sides about the grudges between Ursus and Sami.
<Background black>
Ursus, Icefield entrance, Wright-Kochinski Scientific Investigation Supply Depot
<Background 1>
[Magallan makes her way through deep snow before arriving at a building.]
Magallan Phew— Finally here.
Device *beep* *beep* Please enter passphrase.
Magallan *ahem*—Columbian Billy Bro, Ursus Cautus Dossoles, Horosho![note 1]
[The device loads]
Device Verifying passphrase... Confirmed. Xорошо,[note 1] Columbian.
[The device loads again.]
Device Verifying speaker... Confirmed.
Rhine Lab, serial number CRL005—
(Strange tone) My-ma-meh-ma-ah~gah~lan~
Welcome to the Wright-Kochinski Scientific Investigation Supply Depot.
[The door opens.]
Magallan Hmm—
(Fishes out notebook) 'Audio system in Ursus W-K station is slightly damaged—'
'—Maintenance unnecessary for now.'
That should do.
[Magallan enters the basement.]
<Background 2>
[Magallan checks the supplies.]
Magallan Professor Mary's team probably took enough supplies for, let's see, one, two, three... twenty people?!
Twenty people's worth of supplies for a team of fifteen...
[Magallan takes notes.]
Magallan (Fishes out notebook) "Only five percent of supplies remaining, enough for ten people (excluding myself)—requires restocking."
Now what else—
Structure... shows no signs of damage. Energy... no recharge needed. Life support equipment... still good, temperature's alright.
First aid kits appear to be unused, doors and windows show no sign of external damage...
And finally...
(Operates supply depot equipment)
Yup, that's the route.
(Confirms signals returning from outposts along the route)
The routine reports along the way suggest they didn't run into any trouble.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background black>
Two months ago
<Background 3>
Columbia, Trimounts, Rhine Lab Headquarters, Scientific Investigation Section
Magallan Alright, I'll prepare to depart then. Anything else you need me for?
Scientific Investigation Section Member That should be all.
(Quietly) There's one last thing, but you can't tell anyone.
Magallan Huh? Sure, I can keep a secret.
Scientific Investigation Section Member (Glances around)
(Quietly) Director Maryam's team went missing in the icefield.
Magallan Huh?! What happened to Professor Mary—
Scientific Investigation Section Member (Quietly) Keep it down!
Magallan Mmf, mrrmrmff.
Scientific Investigation Section Member (Quietly) Anyway, that's the gist of it.
Quietly) So your top priority on this trip is to find and rescue the Director's team.
(Quietly) The Exploration Society's already organizing their own search and rescue, but I'm sure you know how inefficient they always are.
(Quietly) So... you're the only one they can count on.
Magallan (Quietly) Got it.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Magallan (Operates supply depot equipment)
The other outposts seem normal.
Which means they're still together.
That, or...
[Magallan gets a signal]
Magallan Hmm?
A signal from a Columbian outpost?
(Operates supply depot equipment)
(Picks up receiver)
[A familiar voice answers.]
??? This is @#¥-bian base—
We're under¥!@%&! Need... #¥!
Magallan A signal sent by Professor Mary himself... Which means he should still be there!
But it would take some time for the signal to travel all the way here...
(Pats her own cheeks)
First things first, Magallan.
[Magallan uses the device.]
Magallan (Presses console button)
[The device goes on.]
Device *Beep beep*
Magallan CRL005, Magallan.
Device Identity verified. How may I help you?
Magallan Give me both the outgoing and incoming signal logs from Columbia in the last three or so months, thanks.
[The device loads.]
Device Confirmed. Beginning encrypted callbacks to Messenger Outpost.
[Magallan presses a button.]
Magallan (Switches console off)
Ursus uses the base station established by the Exploration Society too, so that'll be convenient for applying for an icefield entry permit...
I can go as soon as the Messenger from Ursus gets here to confirm the documents.
I'm on my way, Professor, so stay out of any serious trouble.
[Someone knocks on the door.]
Magallan That was fast— Please give me a moment, I'll be right there!
[Magallan uses the speaker.]
Magallan Hi there.
??? Miss Venta Magallan.
Magallan Is this Mr. Ivan?
Ivan Yes, on business as usual.
Magallan One sec, I'll open the door for you.
<Background 1>
[Magallan opens the door and goes outside.]
Magallan Hello, Mr. Ivan. Would you like to take a rest inside?
Ivan You know the rules, Miss Magallan. If I take even half a step forward, we'll never hear the end of it from the Columbians.
Magallan It's just us here. Who's gonna know?
Ivan Your little machine is already keeping a close eye on us.
Magallan Between you and me, the systems here aren't as smart as you'd think, haha.
Ivan Still, better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the Columbians.
Not that I don't trust you, of course. But allow me to decline your kind invitation out of an abundance of caution.
Now then, if you could show me your documents?
[Magallan gives Ivan multiple documents.]
Magallan Hyup.
That should be all of them.
Ivan Hm... entry permit... expedition permit... expedition route confirmation... cartography commission...
Very good, Miss Magallan, everything seems to be in order.
Magallan Phew—
Ivan That said, I have some unfortunate news for you—
All icefield expedition permits this year have been cancelled.
Magallan Wha?!
That's, but... the documents should all be...
Ivan I doubt this is the first time you've experienced this, so please try to understand our situation.
Magallan But I have to go, it's urgent. Could... Could you please manage some kind of workaround?
Ivan It's not impossible, if you can tell me why.
Magallan Really?!
Ivan Really.
Magallan So the thing is, we have a missing team out there and I need to find them, or at least confirm their situation.
There are lives at stake here, so whatever conditions there are, I'll agree to them after I find them.
Ivan Then you should have reported this through official channels and waited for an Ursus rescue team. Why set out on your own?
Magallan I understand, I really do, but an official rescue team needs time to prepare, right?
I'm an explorer too—one pretty familiar with the icefield if I do say so myself—and finding them even a day earlier will make the follow-up rescue that much simpler.
Ivan I understand.
Then do you mind sharing the missing group's last known coordinates?
Magallan Eh? Oh, okay, just give me a moment.
[Magallan walks around.]
Magallan They should be around here.
Ivan Thank you.
[Ivan turns on a communicator and walks away.]
<Background fades out and in>
Ivan (Ursine dialect) I've obtained the Columbians' coordinates. Based on them, they likely have something to do with what's happening in the north.
??? (Ursine dialect) Very good.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) What do we do with the girl?
??? (Ursine dialect) She's supposedly a veteran explorer from Columbia, but her importance to the country is unclear. Keep an eye on her and await further instructions.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Understood.
[Ivan ends the call.]
Magallan Mr. Ivan...
Ivan I just confirmed with my colleagues. My apologies, Miss Magallan, but we still can't let you head any further north.
The front is under military control, so it's out of my hands.
Magallan Then...
Ivan But to make up for it, I can accompany you anywhere within Ursus territory. My status as an Ursus official should simplify things for you.
Magallan Let me think then...
Oh right, Sami!
No one would block me if I entered the icefield through Sami, right?
Ivan In theory, yes. However—
Magallan Then let's go to Sami first!
[Magallan runs inside and after a while returns.]
Magallan I'm all ready, Mr. Ivan. Please take me there now.
[Ivan turns on the communicator again.]
Ivan (Ursine dialect) She wants to enter the icefield through Sami. Do you have enough time to run a background check?
??? (Ursine dialect) Just do what she wants. Investigating a Columbian with a public identity won't take long.
reach the border, the guards will send someone to take over your job.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Roger.
??? (Ursine dialect) Be careful not to let the Witch spot you.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Understood.
[Ivan ends the call.]
Ivan As you wish, Miss Magallan.
<Background black>
[The wind is blowing throught the frozen tundra.]
<Background 1>
[An Ursine soldier runs up to another.]
"Soldier" Captain, a moment please.
"Captain" You have a question, soldier?
"Soldier" Yes, Captain. Regarding... our mission.
"Captain" You have concerns about the military's arrangements?
"Soldier" No, sir. I wouldn't dare. I was only thinking, about how we treat the Sami—
"Captain" You pity those creatures?
"Soldier" Yes, Captain. I think—
Wait, what did you just say?
"Captain" I can understand your sympathy.
Let me ask you a question though, soldier.
As I recall, you're the son of a farmer.
"Soldier" Yes, Captain.
"Captain" Then, on your family's land, you must breed burdenbeasts. You use them to pull your carts, and otherwise create value as your father demands.
Do you think those burdenbeasts would have done any of that on their own, without your father to tame them?
"Soldier" Of course not, Captain.
"Captain" So what makes you think the Sami would?
"Soldier" But, Captain—
"Captain" After the Ursus people overthrew the Hippogryph's rule, they spent a millennium transforming the land into what Ursus needed it to be.
And yet Sami remains a desolate woodland.
The Sami have contributed nothing to civilization.
"Soldier" ...
"Captain" I believe that with proper guidance, they will eventually come to understand the painstaking efforts Ursus has made here.
We've brought them the fire of civilization, so they should be shedding tears of gratitude.
Yet their response, well, I believe it goes without saying.
"Soldier" Yes, Captain.
"Captain" They understand only strength, and more civilized means of persuasion fall on deaf ears.
As such, violence is a necessary evil.
But when their descendants are living in sturdy homes and enjoying the products of Ursus culture...
—Then they'll understand.
"Soldier" Understood, Captain.
[Another soldier runs up to them.]
'Scout' Reporting in. A group of Sami sighted ahead, engaged in combat with the demons.
"Captain" Get in formation, and have the Caster team ready their Arts.
'Scout' Yes, sir!
"Soldier" Captain, you...
"Captain" Not even a disobedient burdenbeast deserves to be devoured by starving beasts, wouldn't you agree?
All units, prepare to attack the demons.
"Soldier" —Yes, sir!
<Background black>
One week later, Sami-Ursus border
<Background 1>
Magallan and Ivan are making their way through the snow.
Ivan Just a little further, and we'll reach the border sentry outpost. And Sami is a short trek from there.
This is as far as I can accompany you.
Magallan It's been a whole lot easier communicating with anyone from Ursus with you around.
Ivan Your Ursine isn't bad, although your accent is thick.
Magallan I doubt I'll be fixing that anytime soon, heh.
And I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes I can't understand a word you're saying, Mr. Ivan.
Ivan It's an obscure regional dialect. Not even other Ursus can understand me sometimes.
I could teach you some on your next visit, if you're not so busy next time.
Magallan Really? That'd be wonderful, thanks!
Ivan Ha, you're very welcome.
By the way, are you particularly familiar with Sami?
Magallan Well, I've never used this route before, so not really.
But I've heard it takes just as many supplies to get through Sami as it does to enter the icefield, and there are fewer outposts there as you get nearer to the icefield, so restocking is difficult too.
Ivan Indeed, it is a savage place.
Magallan You don't seem to like it much, Mr. Ivan.
Ivan Normally, there is a permanent garrison at every outpost on the Ursus border, but the Sami-Ursus border only has regular patrols. Can you guess why?
Magallan Does... Ursus have some sort of dispute with Sami?
Ivan Dispute? The Sami invaded Ursus territory and attacked our soldiers, all to satisfy their malicious, primitive desires.
Even the sentry outpost up ahead was once occupied by the Sami for no reason at all. We even so kindly helped them repel the demons before issuing a protest to reclaim our territory.
But they refused to leave, and even harmed our soldiers. In the end we had no choice but to drive them out with force.
Magallan Is that so...
(Is that so...?)
Ivan The barbarous Sami exacted their revenge by sending out a vengeful spirit we call the Witch.
She killed every last soldier at the outpost, and has been wandering the border ever since.
Whenever she runs across a small squad, she'll engulf them in a snowstorm before going in for the kill, but if she meets a larger force she'll hide in the wind and snow.
We can neither get rid of her nor chase her away. A real thorn in our side.
In the end, our only option is to strengthen the border defenses with an elite patrol squad, simply to prevent the Sami from wreaking further havoc.
You must also be careful when passing through Sami.
The moment they spot an outsider, they will not stop until they rip out your throat to sip on your blood.
Like the wild beasts swarming the snowfield, we can only keep them in check by force.
Am I clear?
Magallan Y-Yeah, you're clear.
Ivan Good.
It's windy out here. Let's hurry to the outpost and get some rest.
[Magallan and Ivan walk faster. From afar, a white-haired woman is watching them.]
??? ......
<Background fades out and in>
Sami Warrior Is the monster still there?!
Sami Shaman It's been driven off, so we should be safe for now.
Sami Warrior Phew... wonderful.
Hey, friends from Ursus! How is the situation over there?!
[An Ursine soldier approaches the two Sami.]
Ursus Officer No casualties on our end.
Sami Warrior Freya, do you still have any extra water? Bring some for our Ursus friends.
Sami Shaman At once.
Sami Warrior Phew. That was a little dangerous earlier. If you guys haven't helped out, some of our fledglings here might already be on their way to meet the ancestors.
Ursus Officer Please, there's no need for that. We share a common enemy.
Sami Warrior Where are you people headed to next?
Ursus Officer We just happened to be passing by while performing our military duties.
Sami Warrior The people of Ursus sure are stiff. We just fought demons, and you're still thinking about these 'military duties' of yours. Your brothers must be exhausted.

Come rest at our camp. Warm yourselves by the fire, and have some dried meat before hitting the road again, friend.

Ursus Officer Then... I suppose it would be rude to refuse.
Sami Warrior Hahahaha. There's no need to be so polite.
Freya, where's that water?!
Sami Shaman I'm still patching someone up, give me a moment!
Sami Warrior Forget about it then, we're bringing them back to camp for drinks!
Santalla What wrong?!
Sami Warrior Double-check that there are no more demons in the area, while I take the wounded and our Ursus friends back to camp!
Santalla Got it, then I'll return when I'm done. Remember to leave me a spot under the tree!
Sami Warrior But of course.
Get up, kiddos! Time to head home!
Ursus Officer Listen up, soldiers.
Advance in formation.
<Background fades out and in>
[Magallan and Ivan arrive at the outpost.]
Magallan Is this really a sentry outpost? It's so spacious!
And this tree smack dab in the center. Does Ursus have a custom of planting trees in the middle of buildings, Mr. Ivan?
Ivan It was planted by the Sami, and has been dead for a long time.
But fortunately it's sturdy enough to act as a much needed barrier out here in the snowfield. So we decided to let it stand rather than cutting it down for firewood.
Magallan There aren't any other trees in a hundred miles. So why would they randomly plant one right in the middle of the snowfield?
Ivan I wouldn't know.
Magallan Can I... collect some samples?
Ivan By all means.
[Magallan goes to the tree while Ivan uses the communicator.]
Ivan (Ursine dialect) We've arrived at the dead tree outpost; the Witch has not bothered us.
??? (Ursine dialect) We've finished our investigation into the girl, too. Her background is unremarkable, but we can make use of her expertise.
(Ursine dialect) The border guards will move to your position as soon as they can. They'll take the girl and pass her on to the investigation team, who need someone to guide them across the icefield.
(Ursine dialect) Your role ends there.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Understood. I'll go ahead and prepare the signal beacon to connect at any time.
[Ivan ends the call.]
Ivan (Ursine dialect) My apologies, little one.
<Background fades out and in>
[The Ursine soldier from before approaches the Sami Warrior with his weapon aimed at him.]
Ursus Officer My apologies, "friend."
Sami Warrior What are you doing?! Lower your weapons!
Ursus Officer My duty is to expand our territory for His Majesty the Emperor.
Sami Warrior What?
Ursus Officer From today onwards, this too is Ursus territory.
Sami Warrior No, what? What exactly do you mean?!
Ursus Officer Did I not make myself clear, barbarian?
This is the only settlement within a hundred kilometers. Once we occupy it, great Ursus will naturally be the master of this land.
As this is now Ursus territory, I must request that you leave.
Sami Warrior We've been living here for ages, while all you've done is plant a flag! What grounds do you have to claim this land as yours?!
Ursus Officer Because we're here now. No more reason is needed.
Hmm... In honor of our friendship and mutual assistance against the demons, I'll give each of you two choices. Leave this place at once, or become subjects of Ursus.
You and your people are excellent warriors, so our nation will gladly welcome you.
Of course, you must learn to speak Ursine, wear Ursus clothing, and most importantly, abandon your abominable and heretical beliefs.
Sami Warrior You!
Sami Shaman (Silently mouths a spell)
Ursus Officer Caster, shut that witch up.
[A caster strikes the shaman.]
Sami Shaman Urgh...
[The shaman collapses.]
Sami Warrior Freya!
[The soldier aims his weapon at the warrior.]
Ursus Officer Don't do anything foolish, and don't even think about resisting.
Sami Warrior ...
[The warrior takes a deep breath.]
Sami Warrior (Speaking in Sami) O old tree, I plead you bear witness in my stead...
[The soldier strikes the warrior.]
Sami Warrior HEAAAAARGH!!!!!
[Chaos ensues.]
Ursus Officer You leave me no choice, "friend."
[The Ursine soldiers charge at the Sami.]
Ursus Officer All units, attack.
<Background fades out and in>
[Ivan answers a call.]
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Please speak.
??? (Ursine dialect) The wind from the direction of the border guards seems off, so there might be an incoming snowstorm. Find an open space to deploy a signal beacon for them, and upon making contact, take the target and leave the area immediately.
Ivan (Ursine dialect) Understood.
[Ivan ends the call and goes to Magallan.]
Ivan I see you're done collecting samples.
Magallan This tree has some amazing properties. Biologically speaking, it's completely withered. But what's strange is how parts of it still feel alive and well.
With more thorough research, I might even be able to publish a whole paper on it.
Ivan A great blessing to academia, no doubt.
But there's a snowstorm coming, so you'd better go shelter in the outpost first.
Magallan Ah, gotcha.
[Ivan is leaving.]
Magallan You're not joining me, Mr. Ivan?
Ivan I'm going to go check the scale of the storm, so that if the weather worsens we'll still have a chance to send for help.
Magallan Oh, okay.
Please, have some of this before you go.
I just heated up some water, so have a cup to warm yourself up.
Ivan That's alright, I'll be right back.
Magallan Mr. Ivan...
<Background 4>
Magallan Wait, why am I hiding in here by the fire while he's hard at work outside? That doesn't seem right...
I'm an explorer, aren't I? How can I let my companion face this alone?
Maybe I should—
[The wind can be heard blowing outside]
Magallan So cold...
(Looks towards window)
Oww, my face hurts...
The wind's picking up.
You need to be careful, Mr. Ivan.
Mr. Ivan?
No, that's not, that's—?!
Muohttaga Noaidi.png
A gust of wind kicks up waves of snow, pouring towards the outpost.
However, the waves seem to advance only sluggishly, at a controlled speed. As if commanded to do so.
This is not an optical illusion caused by the distance, but the wind and snow are indeed following orders.
They dare not let even a snowflake overtake their leader without permission.
And she, currently leading the wind's charge, holds her scepter high as she slowly makes her way towards the outpost.
One step, then another.
Smooth, steady, unquestionable.
Until the land is buried beneath the wind and snow.
Or so it might have gone. But Magallan welcomes this scene, more than anyone else on the northern frontier.
Because the woman walking amongst the ice and snow is her best friend on the icefield.
<Background 4>
Magallan Simone!
As her shout travels across the snow, Magallan clearly feels the wind subside.
The waves of snow behind Simone vanish without a trace as she walks up to Magallan.
[Santalla enters the outpost.]
Santalla Hello, Magallan.
Shouldn't you be out on an icefield expedition? What brings you here?
Magallan A professor I respect has gone missing out there, but Ursus blocked the route, again. So I have to take the long way around.
I warmed up some tea, want some?
Santalla Why, thank you.
So, you want to enter the icefield from Sami.
Magallan Uh-huh.
Ah, right. Simone, you're a Sami, right?
Santalla That I am.
Magallan Then you—
Santalla How could I possibly not help out a good acquaintance?
Magallan Ehehe~
Okay, then I'll say goodbye to Mr. Ivan when he gets back, and then we can head into Sami.
Although I've heard it's kinda primitive there, and really scary.
Santalla Is that... what the Ursus Messenger told you?
Magallan He also said there's a witch around here who attacks people for no reason, so I should be careful.
Santalla The Ursus are all like that.
So what kind of person do you imagine this witch to be?
Magallan Hmm... a little scary, just like this tree.
*sigh* Mr. Ivan really seems to loathe Sami, though.
He was so upfront about it, too.
Santalla Us Sami hate the Ursus just as much.
Magallan But why? Couldn't you just talk out this misunderstanding?
Santalla Because to them, conquest is far simpler than understanding. They may see just one annoying witch, but countless Sami have already—
—No, it's getting late. Where did you say your friend was headed?
Magallan North, towards the snowstorm.
Santalla Wait here, I'll go help him out.
Magallan I think it's better if we go together—
Santalla Stay put, Magallan.
You're safer in here.
Magallan O-Okay then...
Be careful out there, Simone.
Santalla Mhm.
Magallan Um, and be careful of the witch, yeah?
Santalla Hah. If she does show up, I'll be sure to stay far away from her.
In the meantime, could you warm up some more tea?
Magallan Mmhmm!
[Santalla leaves. As she exists the outpost, a snowstorm can be heard blowing outside.]
Magallan And now I'm all alone, again.
I hope Mr. Ivan and Simone can get along out there...
What do you think, Mr. Tree?
The ancient, dead tree responds with silence.
Magallan I still don't get it. How can they fight off a common enemy together one minute, and go for each other's throats the next?
Isn't cooperation obviously the better choice?
[The wind blows through the tree's branches.]
The venerable tree ponders for a moment, and decides to answer by smacking its withered branches together.
Magallan What about you, Mr. Tree? Did you come here to this snowfield all on your own because other people couldn't understand you?
The towering tree feels the question is difficult to answer, so chooses to remain silent.
Magallan You're right... that was a stupid question.
But if possible, I still hope we can—
??? I'm back.
Magallan Simone?
[Santalla enters the outpost.]
Magallan Oh, here's your tea.
Santalla Thank you.
Magallan So where's Mr. Ivan?
Santalla I looked where you told me to, but couldn't find the Messenger you mentioned.
The storm from the north is close.
Perhaps he's already rendezvoused with the border guards he called for help, and taken refuge with them.
Ursus sentry outposts aren't sturdy enough to withstand a snowstorm this strong. This building will be completely crushed.
We might also want to...
Magallan ...
Can we... wait just a bit longer? Mr. Ivan is a pretty experienced Messenger, and we've known each other a long time, so I don't think he'd be caught by a snowstorm like this.
Santalla If you insist. Just a bit longer.
I'll let the old tree know that we're safe.
Magallan The old tree... Simone, are you from around here?
Santalla It used to be my duty to protect this unchanging old tree.
It may have transcended death, but failed to be remembered.
And to think all this happened because of a moment of kind-heartedness.
We sow goodwill only to reap evil. This is how the land does things.
Magallan ...
So, that's why there's a... witch roaming nearby.
Santalla Perhaps.
[Santalla walks away.]
<Background black>
[The wind can be heard blowing outside.]
<Background 4>
[Santalla approaches Magallan.]
Santalla It's about time. We'll be trapped in here if we don't get moving.
What are you doing?
Magallan Finding a spot protected from the wind, to leave a mark for him.
I have to at least let him know I made it out safely.
[Magallan carves a mark.]
Magallan Hmm... that should do it.
I'm leaving, Mr. Ivan.
Santalla Let's go, Magallan.
Magallan Mhm.
<Background black>
[The wind can be heard blowing.]
<Background 1>
[Magallan and Santalla are on their way to Sami.]
Magallan The wind and snow seem so docile when I'm with you, Simone.
Santalla Just a little Arts I happen to know.
Magallan Hmm... That communicator on your shoulder... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before.
Santalla This? I bought it from the Ursus. It works quite well.
Do you need one?
Magallan I'm good. Columbian communicators are way easier to use than Ursus ones.
Ah... Simone?
Santalla Yes?
Magallan There's something... I need to apologize to you for. I hope you won't get angry.
Santalla I won't know until I hear it.
Magallan Erm, so earlier, at the sentry outpost, I got a little excited and took some samples from Mr. Tree.
Santalla Did you harm the old tree?
Magallan N-No, the thing is, I did intend to make a hole to collect a sample, but as soon as I touched it, it just dropped two pieces of bark.
So really, I didn't—
Santalla Bark?
Magallan Yeah, please don't get mad. I didn't doodle on it or anything.
Santalla May I... see them?
Magallan Eh? O-Okay.
Santalla (Tries putting the pieces of bark together)
(Thank you. Thank you so much.)
Magallan What is it, Simone?
Santalla Oh, nothing...
Keep these with you. The old tree won't blame you for it.
Magallan Oh.
Thank you, Mr. Tree.
Santalla Yes, praise be the old tree.
The snowstorm will be here soon, so we need to hurry and find somewhere suitable to spend the night.
Let's go.
[Both of them continue with their journey.]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Cyrilic: Xорошо; romanized: xorošo. "Alright" in Russian