Shadows of Trees

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Shadows of Trees The Black Forest Wills A Dream
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Forest Shaman
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Magallan (Dream)
Snowy Mountain Pass
Ice Forest
Sami village
Dark Forest
Cold Forest
The gang stops at the settlement of a friendly forest tribe and stays overnight. That night, Magallan dreams of herself becoming the prey of a shadow. Santalla helps the tribe conduct a ritual that rouses their clan tree, which rises to begin its journey with its subjects, casting a shadow that Magallan finds somewhat familiar.
<Background 1>
Typhon Breathe in—
Magallan Hffff—
Typhon Breath out—
Magallan Phew—
Typhon Here. Eat this.
Magallan Okay—Gah, so sour...
Typhon At least it's edible, right? You'll get used to it.
And here. This too.
Magallan Awgh—Huh? How come this nut is hollow?
Typhon Like a bubble?
Magallan Mm... yeah.
Typhon The locals call them 'bubbles.' You hardly feel anything when you eat them, but they're very important for climbing these mountains.
Do you feel better now? Does your head still hurt?
Magallan Mm—I'm fine now. These fruits and nuts are way better than altitude sickness pills, at least.
So do you know how they work?
Typhon No. But does it really matter, as long as they do?
Magallan Of course it does. I gotta jot this down and bring some samples back with me. My colleagues in pharmaceutical R&D would love to hear about this.
Santalla Did you bring any of those pills?
Magallan For altitude sickness? Of course.
Santalla You should take a look at the active ingredients.
[Magallan opens her backpack.]
Magallan (Rummages through baggage)
Here they are!
Main ingredients... wild sourberries and bubblenut extract... You mean...?!
Santalla One of Sami's primary exports to Columbia is raw medicinal ingredients.
Although I hear your company plans to cut off all trade with us as soon as they figure out how to synthesize or cultivate them themselves.
Unfortunately for them, that will never happen. Not with something from Sami.
Magallan You're saying we can't recreate the growth conditions in Columbia?
Santalla No, of course you can. But even if you did, what sprouts from the soil wouldn't be the same plants.
For one very simple reason.
Typhon (In Sami) Because everything is provided by Sami.
Santalla (In Sami) Everything is provided by Sami.
Magallan (In broken Sami) Everything... provided... by Sami?
Typhon You pick up languages quickly. When we first met, you needed Simone to translate for you whenever you wanted to say something about Sami.
Magallan Hehe~
Your Columbian's not bad at all either.
Typhon Arges speaks it well. That's why I can manage.
Santalla I see the tree line. The mountainfolk won't bother us anymore.
Typhon Phew, finally. A place to have a good meal.
Magallan Do trees mean better food?
Typhon The mountains have meat, but no fruit.
The forest is different. There are all kinds of food there. Anything you could want to eat.
Magallan Whoa.
[Magallan begins to take notes.]
Magallan (Pulls out notes and starts writing) "Forest has abundant resources..."
<Background 2>
Santalla Typhon, is there a settlement nearby?
Typhon Yes, and it's a tribe with a tree.
Santalla Then they must have lived here in peace for many years.
Magallan A tribe with a tree? What does that mean?
Santalla Each forest tribe has their own clan tree.
...If they don't, then they must either be up-and-coming, or they managed to lose even their tree. Whichever the case, it's laughable.
Will this tribe listen to us?
Typhon I believe they're quite friendly.
But either way, I can guarantee they will be more welcoming than the mountain tribes.
Magallan Huh? Really?
Typhon Of course. The mountain warriors fight the monsters in the north and the unfriendly Ursus all year round, so you can't blame them for being so uptight.
Some of them are less cold when they leave the frontlines for home.
Magallan Well, that's good to hear.
So, how do the Sami usually categorize themselves?
Typhon It's pretty easy to remember. The ones farthest to the north who live in the mountains are the mountainfolk, the ones who live in the middle in the forest and its surroundings are the forestfolk, and the ones who live in the wetlands to the far south are the marshfolk.
Magallan What about you, then?
Typhon Me? I'm a hunter?
Magallan A hunter? Uh, going by the classifications you just gave me, shouldn't it be based on what environment you're from?
Typhon Oh, that... I'm a Sarkaz. I don't have a fixed place to live, and I don't belong to a tribe. So naturally, I live outside the rules.
Magallan Then what about Simone?
Typhon Simone...? She—
Santalla I'm a Rhodes Islander.
Typhon Rhodes? I've never heard of an island like that here.
Magallan Is Rhodes Island another category here?
Santalla Perhaps.
[The group reaches a village.]
Santalla Here we are.
<Background 3>
[Magallan runs to a big tree.]
Magallan Whoa—
This tree... It's like... a vertical nomadic city!
I-I've never seen—
—I've gotta take a picture.
Typhon It doesn't seem so different from last time, but—
Why does it look like they're all moving things outside?
[A Sami shaman approaches the group.]
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Welcome, friends.
Santalla (In Sami) Thank you for your hospitality, Attendant of the Tree. We came from the north. Would it be convenient for us to stay the night?
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Of course, honorable shaman. We always enjoy receiving guests. In any other circumstances, your arrival would be reason enough for a feast.
(In Sami) Alas, as you can see, we are preparing to move from this land that has long been our home. We leave on the morrow.
(In Sami) You will find many of our houses on the Tree empty tonight. You and your companions may pick any of them to rest in. The Tree won't mind.
Santalla (In Sami) I thank the Tree and your tribe for your generosity.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) You are very welcome. Please, come in.
(In Sami) Once you have settled down, please come to the ancestral home at the top of the Tree. We may have need of your wisdom.
Santalla (Nods)
We have their permission to stay the night. Let's pick... the house closest to the branch there.
[The group heads towards a house.]
Magallan Hah... Finally, sleeping indoors.
Typhon Is that important?
Magallan How else can you rest easy? Otherwise, you're up all night from worry.
Typhon Is that so... That's awfully picky of you.
[Typhon walks away.]
Magallan It's not. Let me explain—
[Magallan runs after her.]
<Background 4>
Magallan Waterproof pad... sleeping bag... there!
Typhon Pft.
Magallan What's so funny?
Typhon Hm? Oh, I just thought it was amusing that you put in all this effort just to sleep.
Magallan We don't get this chance every day, so I'm gonna make the most of it and get as comfy as I can.
Want to try it yourself?
Typhon Me? No need. As long as I have my robe to wrap myself in, I can sleep anywhere.
Magallan I mean, sure, you could... But you could also get in this sleeping bag and close your eyes. It's sooo comfortable, you'll see.
Typhon Really?
Magallan Can't hurt to give it a try, can it?
Typhon Alright...
[Typhon lies down in the sleeping bag.]
Typhon Hup...
Magallan Just squeeze yourself in there. I won't zip it up.
Typhon Mm, it's soft. Like beast skin... But it feels lighter than that...
[Santalla comes inside.]
Santalla These are our rations for tonight.
Magallan Alright, thanks. You can leave Typhon's over here.
Santalla What's wrong with her?
Typhon ......
Magallan I had her try out my sleeping bag, and she fell asleep, just like that.
Santalla ...Oh.
I need to step out for a second and speak with the shaman here.
If you want to go outside, you should take Typhon with you.
The forestfolk may be friendlier, but they won't appreciate it if you don't follow their rules.
Magallan Okay, got it.
[Santalla leaves.]
Magallan Have a safe trip, Simone!
Hey... Typhon. Typhon?
Typhon ......
Magallan She seems pretty exhausted.
I'll just take a few photos from the doorway...
[Magallan walks towards the door.]
Typhon Hmm...
<Background fades out and in>
[Santalla enters the shaman's house.]
Santalla (In Sami) You requested my presence, ma'am?
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Yes, yes. Thank goodness you've come.
(In Sami) Allow me to explain the situation. As you can see, we are preparing to move.
Santalla (In Sami) We encountered some trouble on our journey from the mountains. Are you facing similar issues here?
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Indeed, indeed.
(In Sami) Thankfully, there are no victims yet, but my tribesmen tell me of a number of ill omens we've received.
(In Sami) Most importantly, there's this.
Santalla (In Sami) 'Korona,' 'Hreidr.'
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Samivilinn is clear. Regardless of the reason, my tribe must depart for a more suitable home.
Santalla (In Sami) I understand.
(In Sami) But then, why did you summon me...?
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Please take a look at this.
Santalla (In Sami) I mustn't. This is your tribe's register.
(In Sami) I am an outsider.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) I understand your concerns, my friend.
(In Sami) I've lived in this forest ever since I was a child. As did my father, his father, and all of our ancestors.
(In Sami) But because we have lived such quiet, comfortable lives for so long, this register has become barely more than a symbol for us, an inheritance.
(In Sami) When I flip it open, I find myself unable to understand all of its words.
(In Sami) I've studied it with my family, and communicated with my ancestors in hopes of understanding of the symbols within.
(In Sami) But I feel as though we are still missing something.
(In Sami) You are a shaman too, are you not?
Santalla (In Sami) I was.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) As long as you were once, your wisdom will undoubtedly be of assistance to us, friend.
(In Sami) Please have a look. We need your advice.
Santalla ......
<Background fades out and in>
Typhon ......
[Typhon wakes up.]
Typhon Hah!
Sleeping bags are actually pretty comfortable...
Strange... Where is she?
[Multiple people can be heard talking outside.]
Typhon Things seem pretty noisy outside...
Hm... 'Outlander...' 'touching the clan tree'?!
Oh no, it has to be that birdbrain!
[Typhon runs outside.]
<Background 3>
Magallan ......
Typhon Speak.
Magallan I'm sorry! I knew I couldn't take samples, but I had no idea I wasn't even supposed to touch it!
Typhon *sigh*...
The tribe's tree is their oldest, most respected presence. Under normal circumstances, an outsider wouldn't even get the chance to stay in their tree houses.
Would you touch an ancient monument for no good reason? That, or... Do you have any wise elders where you're from?
Magallan Hm... The President?
Typhon President, okay. If you were to run up to your president and touch their face, how would others react?
Magallan I'd probably be tackled to the ground by secret service agents before I got within ten feet of him...
Typhon It's like that, then.
Luckily, these people are peaceful. All they've done is talk behind your back. If we were anywhere more hotheaded, they might have taken an axe to your head.
Magallan I'm sorry...
Typhon Simone told you to take me with you when you go outside. How could you forget?
Magallan I just wanted to take a few pictures, but the tree looked like it had a nice texture, so I wanted to see it up close, and...
Wait, huh? You heard what she said? Weren't you asleep?
Typhon I could hear her while asleep.
Magallan Th-Then how come you didn't wake up when I called your name?
Typhon Because I was asleep.
Magallan Ugh...
Typhon Anyway, you've learned your lesson. Don't get hung up on it. Do you want to try some tasty fruits and nuts?
Magallan They have any here?
Typhon I saw a lot of them in the forest.
Come, we'll pick as many as we can. Enough for Simone too. We can eat them on the road tomorrow.
Magallan Mm-hmm.
<Background 4>
Santalla You two are back?
Magallan Mmhmm!
Typhon We got some fresh fruits. Do you want any, Simone?
Magallan Mmmmmm?
Santalla We should rest now.
Magallan Mm.
Santalla Magallan.
Magallan Mmm?
Santalla Typhon, what did you feed her?
Typhon It wasn't me. She picked some nuts and asked if they were poisonous. I said no, and before I could even finish, she'd stuffed her mouth full of them.
Santalla Silencing chestnuts?
Magallan Mhm.
Santalla You should rest, then. A good night's sleep ought to fix it.
Magallan Hmm...
Santalla Good night.
[The group goes to sleep.]
Typhon Good night, Simone.
Magallan Mm mmmmm.
Typhon What's wrong?
Magallan Mm.
Typhon You keep the sleeping bag. I don't need it.
Sweet dreams.
[Magallan tugs herself into the sleeping bag.]
[The group goes to sleep.]
<Background black>
Magallan can still remember how fluffy and warm her sleeping bag was, and how rhythmic the breathing of those around her was.
It was a quiet, comfortable environment, just perfect for resting.
[The wind can be heard blowing.]
<Background 5>
But the moment she opens her eyes, she finds herself in the forest.
A blanket of greenery drapes over her waist. The trees around her have shrouded the moonlight above. It is completely dark all around.
She feels thirsty, so she follows the sound of water to a stream. She bends down to drink from it.
[Magallan drinks from the water.]
Nothing is out of the ordinary. Everything is exactly as it should be, even when she sees the reflection in the water.
Even if the reflection in the water is that of—
A musbeast.
Magallan *Squeak*
[Magallan walks through the bushes.]
The night is dark, quiet, and full of terrors. Magallan instinctively senses danger. She quickly lies down and breezes through the bushes before climbing onto the tree marked with her secretions, the nest she calls home.
Magallan *Squeak*!
It is safe there. There, she will find her kin, her family. She stands on the tree branch and squeals, waiting for a reply.
[Only the wind can be heard.]
She hesitates a little, but in the end hops onto the tree trunk and back into her nest.
[Magallan snuggles into a pile of leaves.]
There, her mother is fast asleep in the shadows.
<Background black>
She wants to snuggle up to her, to get through the night in her embrace, but once her eyes adjust to the darkness, she finds only a scattered pile of beast bones.
The nest is very wide and very dark, almost like there's something waiting for her.
Waiting for her to come home.
Waiting for her to lower her guard.
Waiting for her to be overwhelmed by fear.
Something climbs onto the back of her neck—
<Background 4>
[Magallan gets startled and sits up.]
Magallan !
Mm... ugh...
[Magallan goes outside.]
<Background black>
[The wind can be heard blowing.]
<Background 6>
The nightmare left Magallan feeling sick. She wants to walk out the door, catch her breath, and calm herself down before going back to sleep.
But the moment she steps outside, what she sees makes her doubt that she has actually awoken from her dream.
There is a large, shadowy entity roaming here.
It looks like a person, and also kind of like a tree. The large shadow is moving in a single direction at a slow yet steady pace.
The entity shrouds even the moon above, keeping the ground below out of the moonlight's reach.
Magallan What... is this?
I need to get a picture of it.
[Magallan takes a photo.]
<Background flashes>
Magallan Th-That's not possible. It makes no sense!
In the photo she just took, the shadow was nowhere to be seen and the moonlight illuminates the ground. Everything looks perfectly normal.
But the shadow stills moves before her eyes.
Without a sound.
Magallan stands rooted to the spot.
She doesn't know if she should head back inside to sleep as if nothing had happened...
...Or go grab her equipment and measure this possibly unrecordable supernatural phenomenon as best she can.
Just as she finds herself lost in thought, the enormous shadow sweeps past her. She instinctively jumps back, and at the same time—
Something climbs onto the back of her neck—
Typhon What are you doing out here?
Magallan Ah!
Typhon *sigh* Relax, Magallan. Calm down. I'm here. Nothing here is going to hurt you.
Magallan Huff... Haah... Phew...
Typhon Don't try talk yet. Calm down first.
Magallan Mmm...
Typhon Have a seat, and drink some water. It doesn't matter how big that guy is. It's just a shadow.
Magallan Huff... huff—
Typhon Feeling any better?
Magallan Mm, thanks. You almost scared me to death.
Typhon You're stronger than I expected. I was looking forward to you screaming loud enough to wake everyone up.
Magallan Are they going to kick me out of the village tonight, then?
Typhon No, no. The Sami aren't that narrow-minded.
...Had a nightmare?
Magallan Mhm.
Typhon Let me guess. One where a beastling cub goes home, finds its mother's bones, and then gets eaten?
Magallan Did you have the same dream?
Typhon Yep. Just this afternoon in your sleeping bag.
Magallan I'm sorry...
Typhon It's not your fault. It comes whenever I rest in a safe, relaxing environment.
Like an unwelcome friend.
This is one of the bad things about Sami. The cycle of hunt or be hunted never ends, even in your dreams.
And in dreams, most find themselves on the side of the hunted...
Magallan Then... can we become the hunters?
Typhon Wouldn't you rather be the rules themselves?
Magallan Is that even possible...?
Typhon Who knows?
Maybe it is.
Once we become more mature...
When we're no longer afraid of these big guys.
Magallan, why don't we try touching it?
Magallan Huh? Isn't that dangerous?
Typhon I thought you were an explorer? Why are you so afraid?
Magallan I only ever set out after I've planned for every possible contingency, but how am I supposed to prepare for this?!
[Typhon takes Magallan's hand and runs to the tree.]
<Background black>
Magallan S-Stop pulling—
[Both step onto it.]
Magallan Aghhh! We stepped on the tree!
Typhon It's not the main trunk. Stepping on it a little won't hurt.
Besides, no one's around to see.
This is a great spot. Let's sit here.
<Background 6>
Magallan A-Are you sure we're not too close?
Typhon How are we supposed to touch it from far away?
Magallan Are we... really going to touch it?
Typhon It's just a shadow. There's nothing to be scared of.
Or to exact, it's only a shadow for now. A very, very faint one.
Maybe one day it will grow into a more concrete threat, but we'll have grown too. We'll have even more tricks up our sleeves.
So when that time comes, maybe these things won't be so scary to us anymore.
Besides, I can sometimes hear a voice in that dream where we're preyed on.
"If something ever scares you, you should attack it without hesitation."
"If you defeat it, you will have defeated fear. If you run from it, you will always be afraid."
Magallan But...
Magallan uneasily looks at the curtain-like shadow before her.
The cruel and oppressive feeling she felt in her dream still haunts her mind.
Part of her tells her not to take the risk, but—
She slowly reaches her hand out.
Typhon Just like that. Slowly. It'll be fine.
I'll do it with you.
Guoski Itkkut.png
Typhon places her palm on the back of Magallan's hand and gently pushes it forward.
The moment they're met with a hint of resistance, she stops pushing forward, and instead reaches forward ahead of Magallan's hand.
She dips her hand into the shadow and pulls it back out. Then, she places it back on Magallan's hand.
Typhon See? Nothing to be afraid of.
Magallan Mm... I'll give it a try...
Magallan's hand inches forward bit by bit, until her fingertips are finally submerged in the shadow.
She thought she would feel a hint of cold, or perhaps that something would suck her in or chew on her fingers.
But there was nothing.
First, up to a joint. Then, a whole finger. Finally, her whole hand.
The shadow still moves, but aside from the change in the light, nothing happens at all.
Exactly as Typhon said.
It's just a shadow.
<Background 6>
Typhon How is it? Just like I said, right?
Magallan You're right... There's nothing.
Hm... How did something like this happen in the first place...?
Typhon Still hung up on those scientific principles of yours?
Magallan Things don't just happen without rhyme or reason.
Typhon Mm-hm.
Then how come our mothers gave birth to you and me, and not to anybody else?
Based on your logic, isn't that something with no rhyme or reason?
Magallan W-Well, that's because...
Typhon It seems like you southerners really need to have a reason for everything.
But if you ask me, I think it's more important to be able to face the unknown at any time.
Even if I'm not prepared.
Magallan Don't you... get scared?
Typhon Do you? When you encounter a blizzard in the icefield, an avalanche in the mountains, or a pack of beasts when you're alone?
Magallan I do, yeah... but I still think I'll manage to survive somehow.
Typhon If you can manage to survive even when you're scared, you've already accomplished the most difficult thing there is.
And in that case, what else is there to be afraid of?
Even if the shadow in front of us were to suddenly turn into a real monster, you wouldn't be afraid, would you?
Magallan If it were something that actually exists, we could deal with it. This? This is just a shadow.
Typhon Everything that exists has a weak point.
You wait, observe, and survive until the moment you find that weakness, and then you attack. That's how hunters have always lived.
You're an explorer, so you're something like half a hunter. I'm sure you can handle these things, too.
Nothing stays the same forever. Maybe there will come a day when the things that once scared you are afraid of you instead.
Don't overthink it. We have to be on the road tomorrow.
Oh, right. Here.
Want a fruit before you go back to bed?
Magallan No thanks. Eating sugar before bed is how you get cavities.
Typhon Alright, up to you.
Good night.
Magallan Nighty-night, Typhon.
[Typhon leaves.]
Magallan turns around and looks at the hovering shadow once more.
But for some reason, she doesn't think it represents fear and emptiness this time.
It feels more like a traveler who has lost his bearings and doesn't know where to go. Simply wandering the lands aimlessly.
Maybe, by the time the sun rises, it will have gone back home for a good night's sleep.
[Magallan takes a photo.]
<Background flashes>
Magallan takes another picture. Just like before, there is nothing in the photograph.
She thinks a little, and adds a note on the picture.
[Magallan labels the picture.]
"Mr. Lonesome."
[Magallan walks back to the house.]
Finally, everything is quiet once more.
Only the wandering shadow is left to hover around alone.
Until daybreak.
<Background 1>
Magallan It should almost be time.
I wonder what kind of ceremony this is.
Ooh, it's starting!
[The Sami can be heard cheering. Magallan takes notes of everything happening.]
Magallan (Takes out her notebook) "The Sami begin the ceremony by singing and dancing around their clan tree. Perhaps this is meant to be a farewell to the tree."
<Background black>
Ten minutes later...
<Background 1>
Magallan Hmm...
"The dance is very unique, but disorderly. Everyone dances on their own."
"It's almost like a carnival."
<Background black>
Thirty minutes later...
<Background 1>
Magallan (Yawns)
[Typhon appears.]
Typhon Is Simone here yet?
Magallan Oh, she's right under the tree, talking to the shaman.
If you wanna look, I can lend you my binoculars.
Typhon No thanks. My eyes are enough to see her without your gadget.
Magallan What kind of ceremony is this, anyway? And how much longer will it take? If you hadn't come, I'd have fallen asleep by now.
Typhon I'm a Sami Sarkaz, not a Sami Elafia. I don't know much more than you.
As for how long it will take, that's hard to say. I've seen ceremonies that ended with just the shaman's nod, as well as gatherings that lasted all day and night.
But forget the ceremony. Take a look at this. I found it in the forest!
Magallan Is this... a snowball?
Typhon It's Amma's Affection, Magallan! This is Amma's Affection!
Magallan Amma? That means "mother," right?
Typhon Good memory.
As a southerner might put it, this is a mother's love.
It's the protection most sought after by the Sami. Among all of Sami's kindnesses, it's the purest and most sincere.
Here, take it Magallan. Put it in your pocket.
Magallan Didn't you just say all the Sami want this? You found it, so you should keep it. I can't take it.
Typhon I know its worth, but that's why I don't have the right to it.
Amma doesn't like granting protection to greedy people.
But you know nothing about her. Ignorance is also a kind of purity, and you have an honest soul. That's why you should have it.
Magallan Then... what should I do with it?
Typhon Forget about it, like you never received it in the first place.
Magallan Then I gotta give you something in return, too.
Hold on...
Here you go, Li'l Typhoon.
Typhon What did you just call me?
...Never mind. So what is this?
Magallan A flare. Just twist open the lid and pull the string, and it'll let out a ton of light and noise. You're a hunter; I'm sure can think of a use.
Typhon That does sound pretty useful. I'll try it out next time.
Huh? Magallan, they stopped dancing. Aren't you taking notes? Quick!
Magallan Huh? Oh! Okay!
[Magallan takes notes.]
Magallan (Pulls out notebook) "After forty straight minutes of independent carnival, the ceremony has moved onto its next phase."
"The shaman shows the tribesmen a woodcarving."
"She says something impassioned."
"Then, she raises her wooden staff, faces the clan tree, and sounds the horn. Then she starts murmuring something."
"There is another shaman assisting her by her side, like she is singing an accompaniment."
Typhon, can you help me out and figure out what they're saying?
Typhon Hmm...
I can't understand it.
The tone is familiar, but those are clearly not words you use in normal conversation.
[Magallan continues taking notes.]
Magallan (Jots notes) "Some sort of ritualistic language."
Typhon She's repeating a few short words over and over.
Magallan "Repeating..."
"Her emotions build up, and she keeps raising her voice—"
[The ground begins to shake.]
Magallan W-What's going on?
An earthquake? Typhon?! Where should we evacuate to?!
Typhon No... Magallan...
Look... The tree...
(In Sarkaz) My god.
Magallan Hmm...?
<Background black>
[The tree begins to move.]
Napaaqtuq Kiujuq.png
The tree's roots begin to emerge as it gradually lifts off the ground.
A thunderous sound rings through the forest and suppresses the shouts of everyone underneath.
Surrounded by other trees, it slowly rises into the air as its roots wring together into a bundle and form an unprecedented—in human terms—mobile structure.
Its leaves come falling down from the canopy, but the Sami are not shocked in the slightest. Instead, they appear very excited.
Indeed, what could be more encouraging than your tribe's ancestral tree lifting itself from the ground along with all the clan's history and memories?
<Background 2>
Santalla (In Sami) Congratulations, Attendant. The ritual was a success.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) I've always thought my ancestors' journey with the Tree was a mere tale.
(In Sami) Thank you, child of the Santalla Tree. Without your interpretation and assistance, this awakening ceremony would not have been successful.
(In Sami) The Tree has awakened, but It still awaits a direction and Its next steps from us. I must research our tribe register more.
Santalla (In Sami) With the Tree's enormous body out in the open, the disaster of the north is bound to notice it.
(In Sami) Their activity has been growing more and more frequent of late. You must pray for Sami to protect the Tree with you.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Yes. Yes, you are right.
Santalla (In Sami) Please make your way to the south with all haste and replant the Tree. Do not let yourselves get caught up in them.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Understood. Hm... The register says...
Santalla ......
(In Sami) Well, then. My companions and I must take our leave. I pray that Sami will find you and your tribe a satisfactory destination, such that you need never relocate again.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Oh, are you leaving so soon?
Santalla (In Sami) You still have much to attend to. No need to see us off.
Forest Shaman (In Sami) Then I wish you and your companions a safe and uneventful journey. Once again, I thank you kindly for your help, honored friend... Oh... I see... To make the Tree set out, I must first...
[Santalla's communicator gets a signal.]
Santalla (In Sami) Farewell.
[Santalla walks away from the shaman and answers the call.]
??? Report.
Santalla (Imitating the Ursus Messenger's voice) I have entered Sami as planned. Please advise on the positions of Liebafowl and the Black Mark. Over.
[The call is ended.]
Santalla Hmph...
[Magallan and Typhon run up to Santalla.]
Magallan Simone, Simone!
Santalla Yeah, I'm back.
Is there something I can help you with?
Typhon It's time to go.
Santalla I'm sorry that took so long.
Magallan It's okay. Let's go.
Simone, you really need to explain to me what she said during the ritual. It's going to be real important to my research!
Santalla I'll tell you all about it on the way.
[Santalla leads the way.]
Magallan Sounds good.
[Magallan and Typhon follow her but suddenly Magallan runs back to the tree.]
Santalla What's the matter?
Magallan Nothing. I'll be done real quick!
[Magallan takes a photo.]
<Background flashes>
Before she leaves, Magallan snaps a picture of the enormous tree standing in the forest.
For some reason, she feels that this gigantic being almost completely blocking the sun looks kind of familiar—
She doesn't think too much about it, and merely scribbles her immediate thoughts into her notebook.
[Magallan runs back to the others.]
Then, she follows the rest of the group and continue their journey to southern Sami.