TB-8: Taraxis

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A Light Spark in Darkness
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A mysterious cult formed by a group of Leithenian[sic] Casters.
<"Gramophone"> Can be taken over by both friendly and enemy units. Both allied and enemy units will fight for control over this device; When activated, deals Arts damage to enemies and heals allies.


Condition: Leithanian Whisperers capture the "L-44 Gramophone" at an increased speed.
Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
21 3 210 210
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
8 15 1 40
Static devices L-44 Gramophone ×2


First clear
Originite Prime
Wage Ticket
Plaque - Prosperity.png


Normal Leithanian Rebel ×5, Leithanian Whisperer ×11
Elite Winterwisp Blood Shaman ×9, Mudrock Matterllurgist ×8, Mudrock Zealot ×5, Hexed Colossus ×2
  • All enemies have their HP and ATK increased by 5%.
  • The SP drain from Leithanien Whisperers' L-44 Gramophone capture ability is increased to 3 per second.