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Destroyer Operational Intelligence

Encounters are often serendipitous indeed. A warrior's life must be both wondorous and cruel.
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Reunion Blademaster
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Reunion Caster
RI Bridge
RI Corridor
W leads a team to intercept a group of defecting mercenaries. Flamebringer breaks through the conflict and leaves Reunion behind him.
At Rhodes Island, Flamebringer will meet another old friend...
<Background black>
[W receives a call.]
Reunion Caster W, we're in trouble here.
W Ooh... Must be something fun for you to contact me on this channel. What's up?
Reunion Caster Now that much fun, W. While you were sorting out that Sarkaz mercenary, one of our teams deserted.
They looked like some kind of battlefield mop up logistics team, so we got after them right away.
They scattered as soon as we made contact, making for the city limits.
W Sounds like somebody earned a cookie.
Reunion Caster There's more... The squad we sent after them fell off the grid too. We haven't been able to make contact.
I thought maybe you'd know what happened, since you're leading the mercenaries now.
How does a squad suddenly vanish?
<Background 1>
01:13 P.M. – Clear Skies
Chernobog – Outskirts – Wilderness
W Am I supposed to understand this?
Reunion Caster It is what it is. Other teams report no sign of any enemy ambush or tap. We only know they were facing a Sarkaz.
W Of course they're Sarkaz. It's not like I've got any other mercs. But anyway, this is a good story. Keep going.
Reunion Caster At first contact, we managed to suppress the target. Playing it safe, we held back our squads. The enemy did not appear particularly strong.
The, suddenly, all communications ceased.
W ...Yeah, you guys tip your hand pretty easily. A real predator knows not to bare his fangs too soon.
Reunion Caster What should we do?
W Well, what's so special about those Sarkaz?
Reunion Caster ...I'm not sure. We lost contact with the eyewitnesses. But from a distance, all we know is they have a close quarters fighter who really likes to get up in there.
W Then I need you to avoid direct contact with them. Stall that one, I'll be there in a bit.
[W ends the call.]
Reunion Blademaster Something the matter?
W Nothing. Just a little baby squad that made good bait.
Reunion Blademaster Should we move to support them?
W C'mon, everyone's got a job to do. Why can't we just let everybody handle their own thing?
Yeah... Let's not think too hard about this one. I do care so much about the Sarkaz weirdos my poor predecessor brought along.
Reunion Blademaster Understood.
Inform all squads: prepare for battle, move to the outskirts of the city.
[W's Reunion soldiers move out to stop the deserter.]
<Background fades out and in>
[The Reunion Caster engages the deserter...]
Reunion Caster Agh, damn it! This bastard's moving even faster! Is he still hiding his true power?!
[...who easily overpowers them.]
??? ...Pathetic. Is this the best your Reunion Movement has to offer?
Reunion Caster This cocky...! He's making fun of us—
<Background fades out and in>
W Heh...
I knew I'd run into some old friends here, but I never thought I'd see you.
Reunion Caster W, we—
W Go home, before you get killed. Don't give me that look like you wanna get even. He's not even using a fraction of his full power. But hey, if you wanna die that bad, I guess I won't get in your way?
Reunion Caster ...Fall back.
[The deserter reveals himself to be Flamebringer.]
W It's been a while, wandering swordmaster.
Flamebringer You—
W They call me W now.
How about you?
Flamebringer Flamebringer. Surely you know what it means to exchange names with me.
W Oooh, spooky. So you traded business cards with all those dudes you sliced up before?
Flamebringer Commissions and combat are not the same.
W A Sarkaz like you, having been through a battle like that, suddenly up and vanishing, it makes a girl worry.
And a mercenary running off just because he's got a new leader? That's a little wobbly, isn't it?
Flamebringer That is utterly insignificant.
Though I never imagined your subordinates would be so unworthy, unfit to even hear my name.
W Then I guess I should be honored... Oh, but those men weren't under me very long. Ah, are you inviting me to kill you?
Flamebringer No, I have no interest in your petty fighting style. It relies so much on outside forces.
But I have to admit, tactics are a kind of skill. Then if your tactics are more elegant than they used to be, I am willing to taste them.
W That's weird. Weren't you one of those "as long as the target dies, anything goes" types?
Reunion Blademaster W, the squad has fallen back to the target location and successfully cut off the enemy retreat. They have nowhere to go.
Flamebringer And I never expected you to be leading this band of mooks. We've all changed a lot.
W Mooks? Oh... You mean Reunion?
Or do you mean... the Sarkaz?
Reunion Blademaster Gah—!
[The Reunion blademaster attacks Flamebringer, who blocked it.]
Flamebringer Hmph.
Reunion Blademaster I won't underestimate you Sarkaz, I've been watching you.
Too bad. You're out of options.
Flamebringer Is that how it is? I guess you are too.
Isn't this much more fun? Now you're my whetstone. And my blade is a bit dull.
Reunion Blademaster Really? You're still talking big?
Flamebringer Right. Come on.
[Flamebringer fights the Reunion blademaster...]
Reunion Blademaster Agh! Shit! How are you—
[...and easily overpowers them.]
Reunion Blademaster Gaaah—!
Flamebringer You're still talking?
W ...He's even stronger. Not that I'm surprised.
Reunion Caster W! Why are we just standing here watching?! Just give the order and we'll turn him to dust!
W So now I get to boss you around again?
Reunion Caster Now's not the time for this!
W But I'm really not your commander.
Here's an idea. Back up, don't provoke him, and pick another time to get yourself killed.
[The Reunion blademaster begrudgingly ripostes Flamebringer and step away from him.]
Reunion Blademaster ...Damn it.
W Right? You really thought you were gonna step up and pick a fight with him? Is this open mic night?
Reunion Blademaster Tsk...
[The Reunion blademaster leaves.]
Flamebringer Who's next?
W Where's the fire? You got somewhere to be?
Flamebringer This isn't the first time I've been surrounded.
W Right right. Let's see, are you talking about that civil war? Sounds like a good story. Tell it for us?
Flamebringer What's to tell? They ambushed me. They're all dead. I'm still alive. That's the story.
What do you think? Should I keep going?
That fight just now was nothing for me. I need so much more.
W No... I'm just thinking like, why don't you join us?
Reunion Caster W?! He's a traitor. Look how many of us he's killed—
W It was my mercenaries who decided to use him. He'd be good for Reunion. Got a problem?
Reunion Caster Yes!
Flamebringer ...
W I mean, think about it. We have so much more fun over here! War, bloodshed, all those Sarkaz buddies...
Everything you're looking for, we here on a silver platter.
I'm speaking to you from the heart here. We have so much in common, you and I.
Flamebringer I don't think so.
W You're Infected right? You'd fit right in with Reunion! What's the problem?
Flamebringer Wanton destruction, organized savagery, I fail to see what I could get from a group like this.
You call this war? This is just the strike of a match flaming out. You should know what a real war looks like.
W Don't talk like that. We've got serious, hardworking folks here too. Lots of diversity in Reunion.
Like, my old boss was kind of a purist, but I'm the type who finds joy in everything.
Flamebringer If I could make a request... Then I would like to taste Talulah's swordsmanship.
W The dragon lady? I mean, I don't wanna talk her up too much, but you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating her.
And like, could we even call her thing swordsmanship? You'd be a pile of dust before you even got close to her.
Flamebringer I know.
Of course, I also know that if I refuse you, the odds of me escaping this city alive are just as small.
So what have I got to lose? If I don't push myself to break the chains of complacency, how can I ever improve?
W Huh... when did you become so sentimental?
Flamebringer I seek only the meaning of life.
W Right. Whatever you say, buddy. Let's set the dragon lady aside for a second, what do you think of running with the mercenary team?
You're used to the work. You get to do pretty much whatever you want. And the commander you hate is already dead.
Flamebringer You can't be trusted. Both of us have so much to hide.
...Heh. I know a better place. One much more suited to sharpening my blade than Reunion.
I saw it. Not long ago. Where you and that Sarkaz had your little transaction. That battle got my blood pumping.
W There's always something.
Flamebringer You took him out in the end, but facts are facts. You can't cover this up.
W Hmph.
Alright, alright! You win. We made a verbal contract, he'd get rid of the boss, grease the wheels a bit for me.
We're all friends here. Let's not stand on ceremony.
Flamebringer But you won't let them go.
W I can at least leave the people they want to protect.
We agreed a Rhodes Island rescue team could come help. Me killing him didn't break that deal, did it?
I've got my principles. I don't mind cutting some slack here and there. But when I got a toy right here in my hands? How am I not supposed to play with it?
Flamebringer And you let him take down so many of your elite fighters. They're not easily replaced.
W Yeah, yeah! I'm still pissed off about that!
Ugh. And here I thought I was gonna get back together with an old friend, catch up, make nice. But you're impossible! I'm positively heartbroken!
Reunion Blademaster ...W, we need to get moving. Dragging this out too long will throw everything off schedule.
W Fine. Looks like we're out of time here... You're really not gonna change your mind?
Flamebringer Of course not.
W Last question: who are you working for now? Oh, there's no way you're gonna answer that, is there?
And I think I can guess anyway.
Flamebringer Really? Here I thought they weren't so famous.
W I've got a lot of friends in the neighborhood. You know, I've got friends just about everywhere. You're one of 'em.
Flamebringer That last bit disproves the first bit.
W Nah. What I'm saying is I might have an idea of how your old mercenary team got wiped out.
That honored captain of your swordmasters behind the plot that turned you into the man you are today, may very well be the place you intend to go?
Flamebringer Is that right...?
Is it...
W Ahahaha! So you didn't even know! I mean, I only just found out myself.
You'll figure it out soon enough. Things aren't as simple as you think.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do. Hehe. What ever will you do?
Reunion Caster W! What are you waiting for?!
Flamebringer ...
W Okay, listen, my Sarkaz aren't going to do anything? Whatever needs doing, you guys do it yourselves.
Swordmaster— Er, Flamebringer, you might die in this battle we're about to have.
W and Flamebringer.png
Flamebringer It's been a long time since I've been in a position like this. I'm excited.
W Long time? Maybe getting your whole team wiped out didn't turn you as icy ccold as they say. Looks like you're all cheered up?
Flamebringer That's one way we're different, W. Happiness isn't a goal worth chasing.
I lost so much "last time," but now the path before me is crystal clear.
This time, I hope you won't disappoint me.
W Look at that big smile.
If I said I'd let you live, would you believe me?
Flamebringer Funny, I was going to ask you the same question.
<Background 2>
Dobermann According to the contract, there is no requirement that you engage in open hostilities with Reunion prior to your onboarding.
Flamebringer At my request.
Dobermann We welcome Infected and those ambitious enough to pursue solutions to the Oripathy crisis, but we reject those who violate rules and regulations.
Considering our lack of information surrounding the specific circumstances of that incident, it has not factored into our decision.
But this will not happen again.
Flamebringer Should anything happen, we can deal with it your way.
Dobermann We have already dealt with it. Your goals and motivations have also not factored into our decision.
If we determine you are inadmissible into Rhodes Island, then no matter how upstanding you may be, we cannot make an exception.
Flamebringer Right. It's just a personal request.
Dobermann Hmph. No matter. Welcome aboard.
Listen, your actions from here on reflect on the operators beside you, and they will be making decisions based on your actions.
As long as you abide by our regulations, Rhodes Island welcomes you as one of our own, regardless of your past.
Conversely, Operator Flamebringer, should you step even one pinky toe out of line...
Flamebringer Right.
Dobermann Now then, let's go to Medical. There's someone who'd like to see you.
<Background 3>
[Flamebringer passes by the Doctor.]
Doctor And you are?
Flamebringer ...
Doctor Excuse me.
[The Doctor leaves.]
Flamebringer ...Heh.
So that's how it is.
I never should have doubted you, W...
Turns out living a bit longer does have its perks.