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Turn Left, Turn Right It's Been A While

NOTE: This interlude is only available when It's Been A While is live and is not added into the Archives after BW ends.
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Victorian Merchant
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??? (Storm Cloudbeast)
Lungmen Rooftop
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Lungmen Alley
Xiaohei is unlucky to be separated from Xiaobai and Ah Gen after landing in Lungmen. Staying at Hung's for the time being, he takes on an assignment to search for a lost pet.
<Background 1>
It's been raining the entire day, and though it's stopped by evening, the air is still somewhat damp.
Gloomy clouds gather, forming a pitiless wall through the sky. The glistening moonlight finds nowhere to spill down, and the light from the surface nowhere to shine up.
[A black kitten walks and meows, before...]
Xiaohei I'm sick of this weather.
I just wanted to take a nap up here. This sucks. The roof's all wet.
[The talking kitten, who is revealed to be Luo Xiaohei – the protagonist of The Legend of Luo Xiaohei who somehow ended up in Terra, sniffs something.]
Xiaohei *sniff* *sniff* Hmm? This box here's still dry inside.
(Climbs into box)
[Xiaohei takes a resting stance.]
Xiaohei Aha... getting some sleep in this weather has its own charm though.
Downstairs Commercial Big sale on fresh produce today! Don't miss our Buy One Get One Free special! The lowest prices in downtown Lungmen, as thanks to our loyal customers!
Xiaohei (Turns to the left) Hiss–
Downstairs Neighbor I've told you a billion times! Stop wasting time after dinner and do your homework! You never see any other Perro taking it as slow as you do!
Xiaohei (Turns to the right) Grrr–
Downstairs TV With the forecast being humid in the coming days, we remind all citizens to follow fire safety rules. High humidity can easily lead to electrical fires. Be careful around live currents, and inspect household devices regularly!
[Xiaohei drops off the box before meowing loudly.]
Xiaohei (Springs up) Just shut up! You can't speak that fast and expect people to understand you!
He lies back down in the box, beneath an overcast night sky, all manner of sounds filtering through his ears, but never what he's hoping to hear.
Xiaohei Xiaobai... Ah Gen... where are you right now?
??? Xiaohei? Are you up on the roof? It's dinnertime! You'll catch a cold up there–it just rained today! Come down!
[Xiaohei shapeshifts into his humanoid (Spirit) form.]
Xiaohei (Roughly rubs eyes)
Alright! I'll be down in a moment!
<Background 2>
[Xiaohei helps out Hung preparing meals.]
Xiaohei I'll lay the table for you, Hung. How many are eating tonight?
Hung No need, Waai Fu set everything out already.
Xiaohei Then is there anything else I can help with?
Hung Hm...?
Come here, you're all wet!
You were on the roof again, weren't you, Xiaohei? No wonder I couldn't find you anywhere. Aak, bring Xiaohei a clean towel, quick!
Aak Here, punk, catch. Yeah, don't thank me!
[Xiaohei catches the towel thrown by Aak.]
Xiaohei Hmph, like I ever would!
Hung Alright, alright, settle down. Wipe your hair off and let's have dinner.
Waai Fu Come on, Xiaohei! I'm putting this giant rib in your bowl. Felines your age are in the middle of your growth spurt, so you can't skimp on nutrition.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Xiaohei Ah, Waai Fu, let me get the door. I'll be right there.
[Xiaohei opens the door and Lee enters.]
Lee Well, well, fancy seeing you here, Xiaohei.
Haha, I could smell it from the hallway. We've got steamed ribs tonight, don't we?
Xiaohei Yup, Hung went to the market early this morning to wait in line for them.
Waai Fu Hmph! You've got a sharp nose, Uncle Lee, but unfortunately so do I. Fess up, what's that bottle you're hiding behind you?!
Aak Yeah, hand it over and no one gets hurt.
Lee *sigh*. I was passing by the Syuns' wineshop after a job well done. Old Syun pushed four tael of huangjiu onto me as thanks, and you know how stubborn he is. Had to take it.
Let me be absolutely clear, I did not go and buy this myself.
Hung Well, I, for one, am thankful to Mr. Syun. I just used up the last of my cooking wine today, so this is just perfect. Xiaohei, could you put that bottle in the cupboard under the kitchen counter for me?
Xiaohei Got it, Hung.
Lee Hey! I see what you did there, Mr. Well-Behaved! I didn't even get to drink any yet! And you, fluffball, what're you playing along with him for?
Waai Fu Hahaha, nice work, Xiaohei!
<Background fades out and in>
Lee Pffff. Aren't you a lively little rascal when you're all fed? Not bad, I like it. Good kids take their meals seriously.
Xiaohei (Puts head down and eats)
Lee That reminds me, er, Xiaohei...
Xiaohei (Puts down bowl)
Did you find anything out, Mr. Lee?!
Lee Er, concerning your inquiry, nothing's on the horizon as of yet...
Xiaohei Oh, I see...
Hung (Whisper) Boss, why are you bringing this up at the dinner table?!
Lee Look, Xiaohei. Actually, I've got another little thing I was hoping you could pitch in for. Would you be willing to help a detective out here?
Xiaohei Go ahead, Mr. Lee! I'm listening!
Lee So here's the deal. The Yuans' daughter lost a pet, found herself at a loss, and eventually left the task to me. After a bit of nosing around, I've got some reports of sightings at the eatery street on Naam Ping Bay.
But I'm all tied up with work lately, and just can't get around to it. So I'm wondering if you could go take a look for me? Would you mind?
Xiaohei No problem, just leave it to me.
Lee Good. Here's a photo of the pet. Don't lose it.
[Lee gives Xiaohei a photo.]
Xiaohei Wha-What kind of animal is this? I've never seen it before...
Lee Never? Well, that's strange.
That's a cloudbeast. Rich or poor, everyone here loves keeping one around the house.
Hung Can I take a look, Xiaohei? Let me see... All black... a storm cloudbeast. You don't see coats that color every day.
Xiaohei Storm?
Hung Because it's dark like a storm cloud. That's how we distinguish them in Yan. There're a lot of cloudbeast owners, so we ended up telling them apart by color.
White ones are snow cloudbeasts, red ones are sunset cloudbeasts, and there are some multicolored ones too, with their own special names.
Xiaohei Ohh. Okay, I see. I think I understand.
Lee So you said you'd never seen one before? Did nobody keep any, back where you're from?
Xiaohei No, um! It's just, the ones I've seen are–are–it's not coming to me right now.
Lee Oh–
Xiaohei Mr. Lee, Hung, I'm done eating. I'll be going to bed for now.
[Xiaohei runs off to his room.]
Lee Hey, why the hurry to run away? Remember, early day tomorrow. I'll take you to Naam Ping Bay.
Xiaohei Got it!
[After Xiaohei left...]
Lee What, what's with that face, Hung?!
Hung Boss... what are you thinking, asking our guest to do our jobs for us?
Lee *sigh* More hands make lighter work.
[Hung slams the table.]
Hung Boss!
Lee Enough. Are you trying to make me feel ashamed?
Let me ask you. The boy was up on the roof again, wasn't he?
Hung ...He was. How'd you know, Boss?
Lee Caught a little of that damp smell from him just as I came in, and it's not like it's been raining indoors.
We may not have known each other long, but I can tell. He always escapes to the roof to get away from people whenever something's weighing on him. On one hand, I imagine he misses his friends too much, can't get over it.
And on the other, he's cooped up in your place all day with nothing to do. He's too restless to just sit there.
Hung But he's still a kid. Leave him out of work.
Lee Heheh. He's a kid, and yet he isn't. Hung, have you ever fought him?
Hung What, are you saying the boy knows kung fu?!
Lee Exactly, and he's good enough to go toe-to-toe with any adult. He was so nerve-wracked when I first found him, he threw some moves out at me. Bold, feisty ones.
Hung That's not exactly common. What kind of place would raise children like that?
Lee Heh, good question. I'd like to find out too.
<Background 3>
PA Greetings to all tourists. Please remain behind the one-meter line. Form an orderly queue as you come through, and avoid blocking traffic. The current time is 2:45 in the morning. Lungmen welcomes your arrival.
[Rockrock and Suzuran walks through the station.]
Rockrock This is Lungmen, then? They've got all these lights on in the dead of night, it's a marvel. Scampering all our way out here's been worth it.
Suzuran Is this your first time here too, Rockrock?
Rockrock Yep. The style of this place feels nothing like at home.
Suzuran Do you think something's special about it?
Rockrock It's really... youthful here, I think, really lively.
It feels unreal, seeing so many bustling about through the gates. Almost like... like that disaster a few years back never left a mark.
Suzuran I think... the city's simply able to heal itself. Just like people.
Rockrock True. It was hard-hit, but in a city as hearty as this, you only need to blink and there's new blood again.
Only question is, even with no scars on the surface, what about the wounds within?
Suzuran I think... it'll be fine. People have short memories.
Rockrock *sigh*... Don't listen to anyone who tells you that. Memories don't disappear just 'cause you say they do. What happens is time passes, and people don't want to bring them up anymore.
Suzuran Mhm, I know. Grown-ups all have things they don't want to talk about. They shut it all up inside them and let it slowly digest.
Rockrock You've... got a little too much wisdom in you, I think.
??? Rockrock, wait for us!
??? (Ah Gen, this place is so magical! I've never seen a city that could move before!)
??? (Haha, you're right. I never thought I'd see the day when a city could migrate like an animal.)
Rockrock Xiaobai! Ah Gen! Where have you been? We're almost at the front of the line! Do you still have all the papers I got for you?
[Ah Gen and Luo Xiaobai – Xiaohei's friends in The Legend of Luo Xiaohei who also somehow ended up in Terra, joins Rockrock and Suzuran...]
Ah Gen Sorry to keep you hanging for so long. Xiaobai needed to go to the bathroom, and it took forever for us to find the right place.
[...followed by Biu – the last Chamecavy hanging around Xiaohei and co. in The Legend of Luo Xiaohei who ended up in Terra as well.]
Biu Biu!
Xiaobai This place is too crowded! Just now, I even ran into–
Ah Gen Let's save it for later. Quick, we need to get in line.
Rockrock What did you run into?
Suzuran It couldn't be something dangerous, could it?!
Ah Gen No, not at all. No need to worry, you two.
Rockrock Ah Gen, I know you're a kid who never gets flustered, and your Originium Arts are plenty strong enough to protect you and Xiaobai. Yes, we don't need to worry for you.
But if you're not even willing to tell us about the danger you run into, that'll only make us more worried.
Ah Gen We already really appreciate that you were okay with paying for our trip, Rockrock.
Let alone the fact that we were lucky enough for you to rescue us in the first place. I couldn't have gotten us away from those ferocious "tunepincers" no matter what.
Suzuran Tune-pincers?
Xiaobai You're messing it up again. They're called "gloompincers."
Ah Gen Haha, silly me. Anyway, we've already given you so much trouble on the way. We really are sorry if we made you worry any more than that.
Rockrock Well, then do you have anywhere to live once you're in Lungmen?
Ah Gen Um... not yet.
Rockrock I guessed you'd have a hell of a time looking. Come stay at the Rhodes Island branch office for the first while, then.
Ah Gen I... I guess we'll have to take you up on that offer. If there's anything we can help with, no matter what, just say the word.
Rockrock Oh, come on, honestly. We've been along the entire way together. You can afford to be a little less polite with us than that.
Suzuran That's right, Mr. Ah Gen. And we're not even on a very demanding mission this time. We're mostly in charge of escorting some local patients to the landship for treatment.
Rockrock I bet you're wondering, seeing as Suzuran's so young, but she joined up before I did. As old hands go in this company, she gets amazing work done.
Ah Gen Rhodes Island really is an incredible place. Heading anywhere and everywhere, just to rescue the sick and dying...
Xiaobai Yeah! I'm scared of getting shots at the hospital, but even I know how hard all the doctors and nurses there are working.
Suzuran That's not the only thing we do, either. There's some other... huh? Looks like it's our turn. Oh well, you'll find out soon enough once we get to the branch office.
Rockrock Yup. Xiaobai, Ah Gen, let's go.
[The gang leaves as L.G.D. officers run by.]
Victorian Merchant Fie! Where did all these L.G.D. people well up from?
Bolívarian Tourist Didn't you see it on the way in? Someone used Arts to freeze some border-hopping fugitive to a railing.
Victorian Merchant What?! You're joking!
Bolívarian Tourist Can it, huevón.[note 1] You're up at the gate. Get going.
Victorian Merchant Eh? Oh... very well, very well. Tsk, how out of the ordinary.
<Background 4>
[Ah Gen and Xiaobai waits in the R.I. office's reception room.]
Xiaobai So is this where Rockrock's company works, Ah Gen? That man has stones growing out of his stomach. I bet that hurts...
Ah Gen Don't stare at people's illnesses. It's impolite.
Xiaobai Ah! I'm sorry, Mister, I didn't mean to.
Patient Haha, it's alright, kid. We've gotten plenty of funny looks in our time. We know you don't mean bad.
Ah Gen Excuse me, do you know, um, where we can find Operator Rockrock?
Patient Sure, just inside Xiaoyuan's ward. Keep going straight ahead, then turn left and you'll be right there.
Ah Gen Thank you, Mister.
Xiaobai Bye! I hope you get better soon.
Patient Uh, better?! Hahahaha, thank you, kid, I, uh, appreciate the kindness...
Xiaobai (Did I say something wrong? That man was really forcing his laugh.)
Ah Gen (Shakes head) Let's just go find Rockrock and Suzuran for now.
<Background 5>
??? Miss, I'm not going to the landship. I'm still super fine. Let me stay here, pleaaase.
Rockrock Listen now, Xiaoyuan. The office doesn't have the resources to cope with the current state of your illness anymore. We can only get a good hold of your condition once we transfer you to the landship.
Suzuran There are a lot of patients your age on the landship, Miss Xiaoyuan. You'll get to meet lots of new friends there if you go.
Xiaoyuan I... I'll wait until my Sixty-Seven's back. I want to go with him, *whimper*...
Rockrock Sixty-Seven?
Xiaoyuan Sixty-Seven ran off. I can't leave on my own. I–I want to wait for him.
Rockrock Ah Ping, have we ever had any patients go missing here?!
Office Operator No, Sixty-Seven's her pet. It went missing last year, and she's been obsessing over it ever since, searching the whole time.
Xiaoyuan Let me stay here, Miss. Please, pretty please? Just give me a bit more time, I know I can find him... *whimper*
Rockrock Oh, Xiaoyuan, let's not cry now. Wipe your tears away.
Office Operator We sent people out looking, but Lungmen's a big place, and it was never going to be easy finding a single pet. Plus, we're always short on staff. We couldn't keep it up for long.
Rockrock Well, what do we do? We're not going to drag her back with us.
Xiaoyuan (Bawling)
Don't! I don't wanna leave! Don't take me away!
Suzuran Um, how about we help search too?
Rockrock But we don't have many hands to spare as is... and there's other patients set up for landship treatment that we need to transfer.
Besides, we have to head back next week on the dot, or else we'll be holding a lot of people back from getting help.
Suzuran What do we do...? We don't have any other options.
Xiaobai Ah Gen, can we go and help search?
Ah Gen I'm not sure about that. We don't know this place at all.
Xiaobai Oh...
Ah Gen Do you really want to?
Xiaobai I just think that... Miss Rockrock's helped us out so much, I want to help her out too.
Ah Gen Yeah, it's about time we returned the favor. Let's see what we can wrangle, then.
[Ah Gen asks Rockrock,]
Ah Gen Rockrock, would you be okay with letting me and Xiaobai help with the search?
Rockrock You lot...
Ah Gen Please, let us give it a shot.
Xiaobai Ah Gen's amazing. It'll be okay.
[Someone knocks the door.]
Logistics Operator Rockrock, are you here? There's a small malfunction with the imaging equipment in the consulting room. Could we ask you to come take a look at it?
Rockrock Hold on, I'll be right there!
...Alright, then. But if you run into any trouble, notify me right away.
Ah Gen Okay, we'll be sure to.
[Ah Gen and Xiaobai approaches Xiaoyuan.]
Ah Gen Hello, Xiaoyuan. I'm Ah Gen, and this is my cousin Xiaobai.
Xiaoyuan (Continued sobbing)
Ah Gen Xiaoyuan, just calm down. Listen to me, okay?
Xiaobai Don't feel too down... We'll help you out!
Xiaoyuan ...I'm sorry. I–I'm being really selfish, everyone's been looking for so long even though they're so busy. I shouldn't be asking you too.
Xiaobai No, it's okay. None of us would want to part with our friends.
Ah Gen Yeah. So we'll help you as much as we can.
Xiaoyuan R–Really?! This is a photo of him, he's really cute and friendly, he's gotta be hiding somewhere.
[Xiaoyuan gives Ah Gen a photo.]
Ah Gen We'll take good care of this photo and do everything we can to find him for you, but I want to be clear. There's a chance... it might not turn out like you're hoping.
Rockrock That's right, Xiaoyuan. Parting's one of those things in life you can't avoid. No matter what, you have to chin up and be brave, and you can never let it hurt you, okay?
Xiaoyuan (Sobbing) Mm-hm, one more, just one last try. If I can't find him, I... I'll stop looking, I'll listen... I'll go to the landship with you.
Ah Gen And that's that. Xiaobai and I will head out tomorrow to ask around.
Rockrock I appreciate it. Get some rest for today. I'm popping out for now.
[Ah Gen and Xiaobai leaves.]
<Background 6>
[Xiaohei caught the pet he is looking for – a storm cloudbeast.]
Xiaohei Just settle down.
??? Mrrraah!
Xiaohei Stop struggling!
??? Sshaaa!
[Xiaohei's phone rings.]
Xiaohei (Picks up)
??? Mrew–
Xiaohei Mr. Lee, it's me, Xiaohei. I caught the storm cloudbeast, I'll be back at the agency in a moment.
She already found her pet?
But... hmm, okay. I'm coming back now.
[Xiaohei hangs up.]
Xiaohei That's weird. Where'd you come from, then? You look just like the picture.
The storm cloudbeast fidgets uncomfortably as it's lifted by the scruff of its neck, lashing out to try and escape from Xiaohei's grasp, but at the same time baring its own bony ribs at him.
Xiaohei You sure haven't eaten properly in forever. Hmm... let's take you back for now and get you a proper meal.
[Xiaohei leaves with the cloudbeast in tow.]
<Background fades out and in>
Xiaobai This street's so busy! Are we starting the search from here?
Ah Gen Yeah. We should find plenty of stray critters with all these eateries. Food's abundant here. It's easy to find meals.
Xiaobai But can animals eat human food?
Ah Gen It's not good for them, but it's not like they know that. All they care about is not starving.
Xiaobai ...I hope Xiaohei isn't starving here.
Ah Gen He wouldn't. He can take care of himself.
Don't let your imagination run wild. I bet you're hungry too, being out this early. Look, Rockrock slipped us a good handful of the local money after we passed border inspection, so let's go find something to eat for now.
Xiaobai Okay...
<Background fades out and in>
Ah Gen Two cups of soya milk to go, please. Thanks.
Stall Vendor A Here, careful.
Ah Gen Hey, there are a lot of stray animals around here, right?
Stall Vendor A Yep. All up and down the street every day, absolutely filthy. They're nightmares.
Ah Gen Have you seen a black-colored cloudbeast recently, then?
Stall Vendor A Don't remember. Not the sort of thing you pay attention to when you're busy all day.
Stall Vendor B Exactly. Who knows what germs and parasites those things might be carrying? We're already being kind enough not killing the damn things.
Xiaobai (Clutching onto Ah Gen's jacket) Killing...
Stall Vendor A What the hell's wrong with you, saying that to a child?!
Ah Gen It's fine. Come on, Xiaobai, let's go ask someone else.
<Background fades out and in>
Stall Vendor C Limited time discount on freshly squeezed fruit juice! 20% off! You know you want it, so come get some!
Ah Gen Excuse me, have you seen a black-colored cloudbeast recently?
Stall Vendor C Nope, nope. Kid, if you're not buying, quit standing there. This is my business.
Ah Gen I'm sorry. How much is the juice?
Stall Vendor C 120 LMD for a pitcher.
Ah Gen Erk... that's kind of expensive.
Xiaobai Forget it, Ah Gen. Let's go ask the next person.
<Background fades out and in>
Stall Vendor D Steamed buns, instant steamed buns! Every filling you can think of right here!
Xiaobai Hello, have you seen a storm cloudbeast anywhere?
Stall Vendor D Haven't seen one, little miss. Better ask somewhere else.
Xiaobai Ah... sorry to bother you.
Ah Gen Cheer up, Xiaobai. Let's keep asking around.
Stall Vendor D There's a rescue shelter near the slums, though. The one running it picks up the local strays all the time. Might be worth looking there?
Xiaobai Really? That's great!
Stall Vendor D Now I mention it, though, I haven't seen 'em around for a while. Weird.
Ah Gen How much for a bun? We'd like two with fresh meat, please!
Stall Vendor D Haha, that's 7 LMD in total. Thanks for your business.
Close Yet Distant.png
Ah Gen Hey, how come you're only eating the outside of your bun?
Xiaobai I'm leaving some in case there are any hungry animals in the street.
Ah Gen Hahaha, I see! Let me go back and buy another one, then. Finish that one you're holding, alright?
Xiaobai It's okay, Ah Gen. We shouldn't spend too much. We'll need it to keep looking for Sixty-Seven.
Ah Gen Alright, then.
Xiaobai The more we save, the more food we can buy Xiaohei when we find him! He might be hungry right now.
[Unbeknownst to Ah Gen and Xiaobai, Xiaohei is standing with the cloudbeast nearby.]
Xiaohei Achoo–weird, don't know where that sneeze came from...
??? (Thrashing about)
Xiaohei Alright, let's go. I had to skip breakfast this morning just to catch you, you know.
[Xiaohei walks off.]
Ah Gen Maybe he got luckier than us, and he's off eating good food as we speak!
Xiaohei Looks like it's almost noon. I bet Hung's got lunch ready.
Xiaobai That would be wonderful!
Xiaobai I really want to find him soon.
Xiaohei I wonder where Xiaobai and Ah Gen are right now...
Ah Gen I'm sure he's looking for us too.
Xiaohei When are we going to see each other again?
Xiaobai Mm-hm! I hope we see each other before long!
Xiaohei Okay, enough worrying! We'll meet again, no doubt about it!
<Background 1>
Storm Cloudbeast (Peeping to and fro)
(Searching all over)
[Xiaohei, now back in his kitten form, watches the storm cloudbeast.]
Xiaohei What are you looking for?
Storm Cloudbeast Mrrraah!
Xiaohei Don't be scared, I'm the one who brought you back. This is just another form of mine.
If you're looking for a way out, there's a fire escape you can climb down on the side.
Storm Cloudbeast (Uneasily swaying tail) Mrehhh...
Xiaohei It's kind of weird, though. I'm from a different world and I can still more or less understand you.
But why leave? What's wrong with staying here? Mr. Lee might call you a headache, but you can tell he's still willing to take you in.
Storm Cloudbeast (Shaking head) Mrow.
Xiaohei There's not enough to eat out there, and you'll have people chasing your hide. What is it that makes you want to go back so much?
Storm Cloudbeast Mreeh... mreh...
Xiaohei So... you're looking for someone too.
C'mere. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Storm Cloudbeast (Lies down)
Xiaohei I'll help you. We'll find them, together.
Storm Cloudbeast (Lifts head)
Xiaohei ...Ever since I got here, I haven't dared tell anyone I'm not actually from this world.
I had a wonderful master, and wonderful friends, back where I came from.
Two months ago, I was chasing two strange beasts in the forest–oh, they call them Originium slugs here. Who knows how they showed up there?
Ah Gen said we should split up and pursue them, and I spent ages chasing that slug by myself, but when I glanced back, I couldn't even see the way I came.
Then I stepped onto thin air, and kept falling and falling through this white light...
And when I opened my eyes, I was here.
I don't even know if Xiaobai and Ah Gen ended up here too. I want to see them, but I don't want to find them in this world.
Storm Cloudbeast (Shakes ears) Mrow?
Xiaohei It's too dangerous here. Maybe me and Ah Gen can protect ourselves, but Xiaobai... And there's a disease spreading around too, that makes you grow scary rocks... I hope they have somewhere safe to stay.
Storm Cloudbeast (Lifts a foot out to place on Xiaohei's back)
Xiaohei Are you trying to comfort me?
Storm Cloudbeast Mreeh!
Xiaohei ...Thanks.


  1. "Dumbass" in Latin American Spanish