DC-S-2: Long Road

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Long Road
A Death in Chunfen
Previous DC-8
DC-S-2 map.png
The winding Chidao leads deep into the barrens. A long journey is difficult, but that is no reason to ignore the broken roads.
<Fixed Squad> You may only deploy certain Operators.


Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
0 0 0
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
8 20 3 25


First clear
3 Stars
Originite Prime


Normal Grindstone ×6, Wooden Seal, Vernacularism ×13, Novel Scroll, Bronze Mirror, Bronze Spearhead
Elite Introspection ×2, Sinkingsand ×2
Bronze Mirrors/Spearheads, Novel Scrolls, and Wooden Seals are excluded from the enemy counter.


All Operators below cannot be changed and the Support Unit cannot be used.
Squad composition
  • Blue Poison (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-BluePoison2.png Venom Spray Level 7)
  • Cantabile (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Cantabile1.png Penetrating Gaze Level 7)
  • Ethan (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Ethan1.png Fancy Maneuvers Level 7)
  • Gravel (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Gravel2.png Rat Swarm Level 7)
  • Liskarm (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Liskarm1.png Charged Defense Level 7)
  • Qiubai (Elite 2 Level 90, Skill-Qiubai1.png Halting Feather Spec. Level 3)
  • Saileach (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Saileach3.png Glorious Banner Level 7)
  • Warfarin (Elite 2 Level 30, Skill-Warfarin2.png Unstable Plasma Level 7)