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Somebody Pinus Sylvestris
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Staff Worker
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Corporate Employee
K.G.C.C. Basement
K.G.C.C. Office
Kawalerielki Arena
Kazimierz Lounge
A sudden change in social status after an overnight phone call has left Malkiewicz terrified. In the end, he realizes there is no way out of his newfound responsibilities.
<Background 1>
[A Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce staff calls for Malkiewicz, now the Spokesman of K.G.C.C....]
Staff Worker Mr. Malkiewicz!
Over here. Please, this way, Mr. Malkiewicz!
Malkiewicz Oh, so this is the right place.
[...and wearing a formal white coat with his overall appearance cleaned up, who comes to the staff.]
Malkiewicz Sorry. I'm not too familiar with the roads here, so it took me a while. Sorry to keep you waiting.
And thank you for agreeing to come pick me up.
Staff Worker No need to thank me. It's the least I could do.
Please, this way. The venue is in the district across the way.
Malkiewicz R-Right.
Excuse me, but...
Staff Worker Yes?
Malkiewicz No, never mind. It's nothing.
Today's forum takes place right before the Major's main events... doesn't it?
Staff Worker Yes, that's right. The General Chamber of Commerce organized this meeting, and while it is a forum, the format is somewhat relaxed. All spokespersons and corporate representatives will be in attendance.
Malkiewicz Hm...
Staff Worker Just show the invitation letter and you'll be let in.
Malkiewicz Of course. Of course... I have it right here...
Staff Worker Um, excuse me...
Malkiewicz Y-Yes... I'm here. Yes, please, go ahead!
Staff Worker Pardon me for asking, but do you need any assistance?
Malkiewicz Uhh... Excuse me?
Staff Worker Frightfully sorry. I noticed you've been adjusting your coat...
If you've run into any trouble, if there is anything I can assist you with at all, please don't hesitate to tell me.
Malkiewicz Oh, no... My coat is fine. I mean, no, it's not a huge deal. It's just...
It's just... I'm not used to it yet... Sorry, this is a personal problem. Please don't worry about it.
Staff Worker Is that so...
You seem a little nervous?
Malkiewicz Yes, just a little. Sorry.
It's my first time at one of these forums. I'm afraid I'm... still not quite used to this.
Staff Worker ......
You needn't be so nervous, Spokesman Malkiewicz.
This forum is a meeting organized by the General Chamber of Commerce. The spokespersons who represent the Chamber are the most esteemed attendees...
Please, try to calm down.
Malkiewicz But... I'm no big shot... certainly not esteemed. I... It was just a coincidence...
Something's gone wrong somewhere. I shouldn't be here...
Staff Worker You are too humble, sir...
Malkiewicz I–
[Malkiewicz's phone rings.]
Malkiewicz Sorry, I have a phone call.
Staff Worker Please, go ahead.
[The staff leaves as Malkiewicz answers the call.]
Malkiewicz Hello? This is Malkiewicz... Please go ahead.
Y-Yes, not a problem...
It fits very well. I don't need anything more. Thank you very much.
Oh, no, I should be thanking you. For sending someone.
N-No, not at all! He's very kind, and he didn't offend me in any way whatsoever. It only took us so long because I was slow to get ready. Please, don't make things hard for him...
It's a joke...? Y-Yes... Of course...
Yes, I will be there shortly.
Okay, see you later...
[Malkiewicz hangs up and goes to see the staff.]
Malkiewicz Sorry to keep you waiting.
Staff Worker Not at all, sir.
Malkiewicz About what we just discussed–
Staff Worker Please watch your step, Mr. Malkiewicz!
We'll head upstairs via Corridor 4. Please follow me.
Malkiewicz Uh, y-yes. Sorry.
<Background 2>
[Malkiewicz and the staff arrives at the lobby of K.G.C.C.'s office.]
Malkiewicz ......
Staff Worker ......
The venue is right ahead. Please make your way there and show the attendant at the door your invitation.
Malkiewicz Yes, yes... thanks.
Staff Worker In that case, please excuse–
Malkiewicz W-Wait!
Staff Worker Go ahead, Mr. Malkiewicz.
Malkiewicz Actually... I was going to say... I'm not one of those people you'd call esteemed...
So you really needn't talk to me like this. What I'm trying to say is... just call me Malkiewicz.
Staff Worker ......
I'm afraid that... wouldn't be appropriate.
You are the spokesman for the General Chamber of Commerce. As a staff member of the Chamber, I admire your work, and you have my utmost respect...
Malkiewicz If that's it, I really don't deserve your admiration.
I haven't done anything of importance. Perhaps everyone will realize I'm not cut out for this job after this meeting today.
And if I got a phone call right now, telling me I'm fired right this minute, I wouldn't be surprised at all.
Staff Worker You're overthinking it.
The General Chamber of Commerce must have appointed you spokesman after due consideration... Your abilities were recognized.
Malkiewicz My... what?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
[Back in the aftermath of the moment where the Radiant Knight makes a "dynamic entry"...]
Deep Male Voice I dialed the spokesman's number, and you answered.
Therefore, you are the spokesman.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Malkiewicz I... I don't quite think so.
If I have to give a reason, all I can say is... perhaps it's just something Mr. Czarny came up with on a whim...
And I was only picked because I happened to be there...
Staff Worker I am sorry, but I beg your pardon?
Malkiewicz ......
No, it's nothing... Don't worry about it...
Staff Worker ......
Malkiewicz Yes?
Staff Worker I... I've met you before, Mr. Malkiewicz. I was fortunate enough to work on a project with you.
Malkiewicz Oh...
Staff Worker It's only natural that you don't remember. It happened a long time ago, after all, and it was only a brief collaboration.
Malkiewicz Gerald, the team leader...?
Staff Worker You remember my name? I'm honored.
Malkiewicz I knew you right away, actually... but, like you said, it was a long time ago. I wasn't sure if it was something I should bring up.
If I remember correctly, we were reaching out to newcomers for the knightclubs... and we were assigned to the same list of names.
Staff Worker Yes, that's correct.
Malkiewicz Do you remember the knights we were assigned to contact?
Staff Worker I... I'm sorry, but I don't remember.
Malkiewicz It was a few infected knights...
Staff Worker Right, right. Yes, the Infected.
Malkiewicz Please... don't call them that...
They were just knights, unfortunate enough to get infected.
Staff Worker Yes... Truly unfortunate...
However, they were fortunate enough to have met you. Thanks to you, they were able to join a proper knightclub. I am sure that was more than those Infected... I mean, the knights could ask for.
Malkiewicz About that...
I think you might be mistaken. We didn't actually finish that job.
Staff Worker What...? Hold on, if I recall correctly...
Was it... the time we tried to recruit the Flametail Knight, the Fartooth Knight, those ones?
Malkiewicz Do you remember now? That's right. They had just won a few matches... You reminded them to review the contract the knightclub provided them.
The knights were still young. We couldn't bring ourselves to lie to them.
Staff Worker ......
It's true that the knightclub's terms for the infected knights weren't very reasonable. I mean, they may seem fair at first glance.
However, we normally wouldn't go into the fine print for the infected knights.
Malkiewicz Right... normally, we wouldn't have done that.
Though this did have to do with the knights' future...
Staff Worker No one can predict the future.
Just like... Just like you.
If I hadn't taken a look at your file beforehand, I wouldn't have recognized you.
Malkiewicz I looked in the mirror before I left home this morning. If the person in the mirror hadn't waved with me, I would not have recognized myself.
...In any case. Thank you for remembering who I am.
Staff Worker ......
Malkiewicz This is embarrassing to say, but I'm actually still wondering if this is all a dream.
It's just too surreal...
Staff Worker If this were a dream, I imagine it must be a pleasant dream.
Malkiewicz Y-You think so?
Staff Worker Is it not?
Malkiewicz Well... I don't think it's necessarily one...
To tell the truth, I think I might feel more terrified than anything else.
Staff Worker Terrified?
What are you terrified of?
Malkiewicz Many, many things. I hardly get any sleep, and regardless of whether all this is real or fake, nothing good will come of it... The only difference it makes is that things are bad in entirely different ways.
Staff Worker The way you think is... peculiar.
Malkiewicz R-Really...?
Staff Worker Yes. After all, you are experiencing quite the rags to riches story.
From a lowly office worker, you rose to the top and joined the big leagues... I think most of us have dreamt of something similar.
Malkiewicz It's something that everyone has fantasized... Indeed...
Staff Worker What's so bad about it? It's not often that dreams actually come true.
Luck was on your side, Mr. Malkiewicz.
Malkiewicz But I didn't really... I...
I understand.
Staff Worker Do you really understand? There are many who envy you for what you have gone through.
To tell the truth–At the very least, I envy you very much.
Malkiewicz ......
Maybe... this is why...
Staff Worker I beg your pardon?
Malkiewicz Uhh, I mean, perhaps this is what's most terrifying.
It's all going too well, too natural, and it's all too structured... It all happened way too quickly.
Staff Worker ......
Malkiewicz Just two days ago, I was worried I couldn't pay rent for the month. I wasn't able to convince Maria Nearl to join our knightclub, and I was most likely going to get a pay cut.
That was when I ran into Mr. Czarny... He was very busy during the Major's preliminaries, and I helped run some errands.
Staff Worker And then...?
Malkiewicz And then I took a phone call.
Staff Worker A phone call?
Malkiewicz A phone call.
<Background black>
Bold Female Voice From now on, you no longer belong to the Słoma Food Company, nor the Mieszko Group––Please keep in mind at all times that you are representing the General Chamber of Commerce.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
[Back when Malkiewicz receives the fateful call from the CEO of Słoma...]
Corporate Employee Wait...! I don't want to be...!
Bold Female Voice You have no right to ask questions.
Corporate Employee I-I don't think...
No, I... I understand...
Bold Female Voice Very good. I wish you the best of luck.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Malkiewicz There was no way I could possibly understand...
Even though, from head to heels, this getup is specially tailored to make me a big deal, that doesn't mean I've really become one...
Actually, I don't think this outfit suits me at all.
Staff Worker Nonsense... It looks great on you.
This may come off as rude... but I ask you to forgive me in light of us having worked together in the past.
Malkiewicz What is it? Please...
Staff Worker A bit of advice, Mr. Malkiewicz.
As someone whom fortune has smiled upon, you should try to refrain from sharing your feelings to those who, like me, are less fortunate.
Malkiewicz ......
Staff Worker I really wish to empathize with the way you feel, but alas...
I can't.
There are many who wish to be in your position, myself included, but we aren't so fortunate.
Do you understand?
Malkiewicz I...
I do... but still...
Staff Worker Perhaps you do have your worries. You feel fear, anxiety, and hesitation... but no matter what you are feeling...
You are well groomed and dressed to kill, you have the invitation in your hand, and you are walking inside this building as the spokesman for the General Chamber of Commerce.
Regardless of what you think yourself, in the eyes of everyone else, you are very much a big deal.
The venue is straight ahead, Mr. Malkiewicz. Please excuse me.
Malkiewicz Wait...!
Staff Worker I wish you a pleasant day.
[The staff leaves.]
<Background 4>
Corporate Employee I heard you were once an entrepreneur, Mr. Malkiewicz?
Malkiewicz Y-Yes... I founded a company with a friend before. A very small one...
Corporate Employee It must have been a success?
Malkiewicz No, not at all. You flatter me.
Corporate Employee You're too humble! If we ever get the chance, please do share with us your stories of entrepreneurship.
Your thoughts on the treatment of the independent knights was thought-provoking too...
Malkiewicz Thank you.
Corporate Employee Right, would you like a drink? Let me get you–
[The employee tripped as he carries the glass of wine for Malkiewicz, spilling the drink to his coat as the glass falls to the floor and shatters.]
Malkiewicz W-Watch out!
Corporate Employee M-My apologies... I am deeply sorry, Mr. Malkiewicz!
Malkiewicz No, it's okay. No big deal. Please don't mind it at all...
Corporate Employee My god, your clothes–
Malkiewicz Clothes...? Uhh...
Oh, the wine...
Corporate Employee I-I'm terribly sorry!
I-I'll fetch you some towels right away!
Malkiewicz No, no. It's okay. I'm fine.
Uh, thanks...
Corporate Employee Please wait a moment. Don't move. I'll wipe it clean–
Malkiewicz Please, you don't have to...! I-I can do it myself!
Corporate Employee Please take your coat off. I'm afraid it will be difficult to get the stain out. I will arrange for someone to get it dry cleaned.
Malkiewicz Take my coat off...?
Corporate Employee Oh... and if you are not satisfied with that, I can pay you for the coat...
Malkiewicz ......
Corporate Employee Mr. Malkiewicz? Are you alright, Mr. Malkiewicz?
Malkiewicz N-No, thank you... It's okay. This is good enough. Please don't pay me anything!
Corporate Employee Huh? But...
Malkiewicz It's no problem. I mean it... Thank you.
This will do... I'm sorry, I was in a bit of a daze...
Corporate Employee It happens. I understand. You don't seem very well, though. Perhaps you are a little exhausted?
Were you thinking about work just now?
Malkiewicz Uh... I suppose so...
I was just thinking about some advice I got from a friend.
I guess he was right. It turns out my own thoughts don't matter, a lot of the time...
Corporate Employee Uh, what do you mean...?
Malkiewicz Don't worry about it, please. I'm talking to myself, that's all.
[Malkiewicz ponders on his new responsibility as the Spokesman of K.G.C.C..]
Malkiewicz It's just... even if I don't think I'm a big deal...
It looks like... I'm stuck wearing these suits for a while.