L-44 "Gramophone"

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Both allied and enemy units will fight for control over this device; When activated, deals Arts damage to enemies and heals allies.
—Description of operations featuring the Gramophone

The Gramophone, officially the L-44 "Gramophone", is a static device in Arknights. Despite the name which refers to a sound recording instrument, Gramophones behave more like autonomous guard towers utilizing offensive and healing Arts as a deterrent to wild creatures and hostile invasions.

Initially Gramophones are "neutral" and have no use for both the player and enemies, usually starting with 50 SP. The player can deploy units on a Gramophone's "Protocol Entries", which are tiles marked by a lightning symbol on it, to have the Gramophone restore 1 SP every second; a Gramophone's Protocol Entries are located in the adjacent tiles to it with some overlapping with each other, and more units will speed up the SP restoration. Once the Gramophone's SP is maxed out at 100, it will become friendly.

Certain enemies, notably Leithanian Whisperers, can "contest" Gramophones by causing one to lose 1 SP every second with their "leash" ability. Should a Gramophone's SP is depleted, it will become hostile. Some enemies, notably Winterwisp Blood Shamans and Mudrock, can completely deplete a Gramophone's SP, essentially turning it hostile instantly.

Gramophones' attacks target the enemy with the highest maximum HP over the others, which can be very useful against Mudrock Zealots to counter their Arts-absorbing barrier and Mudrock Colossi to make their high HP not much of an issue.

A neat way to capture Gramophones early-game is to bring Summoner Supporters or Trapmaster Specialists and deploy their summons/traps on the Protocol Entries. This will allow the player to capture the Gramophones very early into the operation, and to recapture/secure it without consuming deployment slots or being targeted by enemies and hostile Gramophones (in the case of traps) for a smaller and predictable DP cost.


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Attacks the enemy with the highest Max HP first
100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 1.5 seconds


Arts Transfer Protocol
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Each attack deals Arts damage to an enemy equal to 5% of its Max HP; Every 5 seconds, restores 10% HP to an allied unit 50 100


Enemy Interaction
Leithanian Whisperer
Leithanian Psalmist
Can contest Gramophones within range by draining 1 SP every second from it (lasts 25 seconds, 5/15 seconds cooldown).
Winterwisp Blood Shaman
Winterwisp Blood Magister
Their sacrificial rite will deplete the SP of Gramophones caught in its wake.
Mudrock Matterllurgist
Mudrock Matterllurgist Leader
Attacks friendly units in a Gramophone's Protocol Entries over the others.
Depletes the SP of the closest friendly/neutral Gramophone to her position (35 seconds cooldown).