Tide-Hunt Knight

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The Last Knight is also a deployable device in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor as the Tide-Hunt Knight.

The Tide-Hunt Knight has decent stats including the ability to deal more damage and push back enemies every several attacks, but take note that he cannot be healed through active healing. In addition, the Tide-Hunt Knight is treated as if he is a Vanguard, thus he will benefit from Collectibles that affect Vanguards.


The Tide-Hunt Knight will be pre-deployed in every operations up until and including the 4th floor while the player have the Breath of the Tide.png Breath of the Tide (which also changes the Dreadful Foe in the 5th floor to "Fate's Favored Child") in a preset location depending on the operation.

The Tide-Hunt Knight must not be defeated everytime he appears if the player wants to reach the Age of the Silence ending, otherwise they will receive Regressed Rocinante.png Regressed Rocinante which makes him no longer appear and reverts the 5th floor's Dreadful Foe back into the default Curse of Cognition – causing the Age of the Silence ending to be lost for the run.


3000 400 1000 50
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 2 2 seconds
Having The Knight's Corpus.png The Knight's Corpus will reduce the Tide-Hunt Knight's DEF by 80%.


Offensive Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
The next attack deals 200% ATK as Physical damage and pushes the enemy away with great force 0 4
The push has a force of 2.