Breath of the Tide

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The Breath of the Tide is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Item description
+1 Deployment Limit; when obtained, [Tide-Hunt Knight] will appear on the battlefield until defeated

He appeared near you because he smelled the scent of the tides. You mean nothing to him.


Increases the Unit Limit by 1.

The ocean is the enemy of the knight, and it has already soaked its way into your clothes.
—Message after the Breath of the Tide is obtained

As soon as the player obtains the Breath of the Tide, the 5F Dreadful Foe will be changed from Curse of Cognition to "Fate's Favored Child"; clearing it will complete the run with the Age of the Silence ending (unless if the player had fulfilled the condition to enter 6F).

In addition, the Tide-Hunt Knight will appear on every operations up to and including 4F but not the secret floor, and the player must keep him from being defeated until they enter 5F, otherwise they will receive Regressed Rocinante.png Regressed Rocinante.

The player must have the Breath of the Tide for Encounter: The Knight Persists where The Knight's Corpus.png The Knight's Corpus or Absurd Fate.png "Absurd Fate" may be obtained to appear.


The Breath of the Tide may be obtained from Encounter: Delusions of Lunacy, which will only appear in the following runs after the player had completed a run, either by choosing "Rage" which costs 2 Hope.png or "Call out" which costs 1 die roll and has the player roll a die; they must not roll a 1 for the Breath of the Tide to be obtained.

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