Viviparous Lily

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The Viviparous Lily is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Item description
When a battle begins, reduces the DP Cost of all Operators by 3, then scrambles their DP Cost

An organism that defies common sense. A plant-like ability to reproduce, an animal-like desire to.


In each operation, Operators will have their DP costs reduced by 3 and shuffled (which can actually be shuffled back to theirs). For instance, if Gravel is present on the squad alongside Irene and Mudrock, her DP cost may be changed to that of Mudrock's (36 - 3 = 33) or Irene's (23 - 3 = 20), while theirs may be changed to that of Gravel's (6 - 1 - 3 = 2).


The player must have completed a Surging Waves run at any tier before the Viviparous Lily may be obtained from the next run through Encounter: Ignorance is Bliss at the cost of 4 Originium Ingot icon.png.

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