Distant Home's Guide

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The Distant Home's Guide is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Item description
Designates one deployable tile at the beginning of battle; friendly units deployed on that tile will recover 1 SP per second[note 1] and 3% Max HP per second

This ancient ring is actually said to be a special navigation device, used to find emergency supplies that the Ægir once secretly stashed in various spots across the ocean. Follow the ocean's currents, be guided by wind; your homeland will always continue to bestow gifts upon you.


In each operation, there will be a deployable tile with a bubbly circle of water; the friendly unit on said tile will regenerate 3% of their maximum HP and receive 1 SP every second.


The Distant Home's Guide is given as the starting Collectible for the Dangerous Injection Memory Mapping.


  1. The in-game text incorrectly states "1 SP per 2 seconds"

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