Survivor Contract

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The Survivor Contract is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, introduced in its Expansion II.

Item description
At the start of battle, a random Operator gains +20% ATK and DEF, plus an additional +20% at the end of each battle

A very long contract, in which every term and condition is the result of experience, leaving no room for chance or sentiment. Satisfy them all to be the final survivor.


When an operation starts, a random Operator has their ATK and DEF increased by 20%, indicated by a blue aura around them. Upon clearing an operation, the ATK/DEF buff will permanently increase by 20%, which can stack without a limit (e.g. 40% after one operation, 60% after two operations, etc.)!


The player must have unlocked the "Matter from Mind" Cognitive Shaping node before the Survivor Contract can be obtained from the next run, specifically by starting a run with the Mind Over Matter Squad.