Caerula Arbor (Collectible)

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This article is about the Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor. For the eponymous Leviathan, see Caerula Arbor.

The Caerula Arbor is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, added in its Expansion II.

Item description
Enemy ASPD +15; at the end of operation, if no Life Point is lost, gain +15 Light

Through His body, Mizuki becomes one of Them. His consciousness is long gone, but His cells live on. The magma is His food, and the great tree grows towards the core of the planet. If left unchecked, He will become reborn in the planet's core, and invite Terra into we many.


One of the cursed Collectibles in Caerula Arbor, the eponymous Collectible increases the ASPD of enemies by 15 but the player will gain 15 Light whenever they clear an operation without losing Life Points.


The Caerula Arbor may be obtained from Encounter: Caerula Ritual, which will only appear when the player has the Caerula Memory.png Caerula Memory.

Since the option to obtain the Caerula Memory in Encounter: The Beginning is only available after the player had completed a run from Caerula Arbor's Expansion II and the Encounter itself will only appear in the following runs after the player had completed a run with the Age of the Silence ending, it is impossible to obtain the Caerula Arbor before then.