Bishop's Research

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The Bishop's Research is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Item description
Lose an additional 5 Light after each battle

Almost all of the bishop's lifelong research can be found among these documents and notes, many of which involve experiments that transcended ethics and morality. In his eyes, making contact with the Seaborn was just a means to an end for his ultimate vision: allowing human beings to evolve into a more powerful existence through fusion with the Seaborn.


The player will lose 5 Light after clearing an operation, which stacks with the Light loss if they lose Life Points during the operation and/or their LP is below 50% of the current cap after the operation.

The player must have the Bishop's Research for the "Caerula Animus" Encounter where the namesake Collectible may be obtained to appear.



The Bishop's Research may be obtained from the "The Beginning" Encounter, which will only appear in the following runs after the player had completed a run with the Age of the Silence ending.