Regressed Rocinante

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Regressed Rocinante is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.

Item description
[Tide-Hunt Knight] will no longer appear on the battlefield

Only a hero can ride it. When the hero dies, so too does its life end.


The ocean has no more knights, and Mizuki is able to return to his journey.
—Message after Regressed Rocinante is obtained

As soon as the player obtains Regressed Rocinante, the Tide-Hunt Knight will no longer appear in operations up until and including 4F, and the 5F Dreadful Foe will be reverted to the default Curse of Cognition, thus the Age of the Silence ending is lost for the run!


Regressed Rocinante will be given after clearing the operation where the Tide-Hunt Knight is defeated.

Since the Tide-Hunt Knight will only appear when the player has the Breath of the Tide.png Breath of the Tide, which is obtained from Encounter: Delusions of Lunacy that will only appear in the following runs after the player had completed a run, it is impossible to obtain Regressed Rocinante before then.