Contingency Contract Base Point

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This article is about the Contingency Contract event. For the song, see Operation Basepoint.

Contingency Contract #12 – Operation Base Point, often simply known as Contingency Contract #12 (CC12) or Contingency Contract Base Point (C.C. Base Point), is the fourteenth season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights and the last iteration of C.C. Operation.


Permanent SiteNameless Sanctuary
Rotating SiteCounty Hillock DepotFoggy WarzoneLondinium OutskirtsSal Viento KarstShangshu TrailsTundra MinesUnder-Construction Beachside
Contingency Contract Base Point schedule.png


EN CC12 Joint Operation 9.png

The ninth Joint Operation headhunting banner is featured.


Operator Records/Paradox Simulations

New Operator Records and/or Paradox Simulations added for the following Operators:

Operator Operator Record(s) Paradox Simulation
A Fulfilling Holiday Fighting With Friends
Prisoner's Dream Not added
A Curse Without Words Little Terror
Exclusive Interview Personalized Lessons