Contingency Contract Pyrite

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This Contingency Contract season has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.

Contingency Contract #1 – Operation Pyrite, often simply known as Contingency Contract #1 (CC1) or Contingency Contract Pyrite (C.C. Pyrite), is the third season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights.


Permanent SitePyrite Gorge
Rotating SitesArea 59 RuinsBroken PathDesolate DesertEast ArmoryFrost-Covered RuinsNew StreetTransport Hub
Contingency Contract Pyrite schedule.png


EN CC1 New Operators.png


EN CC1 Misty Wild.png

The Misty Wild headhunting banner is featured.