Contingency Contract Wild Scales

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This Contingency Contract season has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.
This article is about the Contingency Contract event. For the song, see Operation Wild Scales.

Contingency Contract #6 – Operation Wild Scales, often simply known as Contingency Contract #6 (CC6) or Contingency Contract Wild Scales (C.C. Wild Scales), is the eighth season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights.


Permanent SiteHowling Desert
Rotating SitesAbandoned MineAbandoned PlotArea 6 RuinsArena 8Deserted FactoryLocked-Down PrisonWindswept Highland
Contingency Contract Wild Scales schedule.png


EN CC6 Unbound Reflux Rerun.png

The Unbound Reflux headhunting banner is rerun.


EN CC6 Long Spring Wastes.png

Long Spring Wastes is introduced as the new Rotating Mission on March 7, 2022.


EN CC6 Rerun Outfits.png

The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:

Vigna Skin 1 icon.png
Shining Skin 1 icon.png
Gummy Skin 1 icon.png
Sora Skin 1 icon.png
Ifrit Skin 2 icon.png
Skyfire Skin 1 icon.png



Operator Record/Paradox Simulation

New Operator Records/Paradox Simulations are added for the following Operators:

Operator Operator Record(s) Paradox Simulation
Cardigan icon.png
It'll Be Fine, Guaranteed! Now Lay 'Em Down!
Gladiia icon.png
Dehydration Dancing on Land
Shaw icon.png
Careful of Flammables Extinguishing!
Tomimi icon.png
Brand New Life Twotail Kombat

Record Restoration

The Record Restoration function is introduced for Heart of Surging Flame.