Crumbling Masonry

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Rocks will periodically fall and roll down a slope, dealing damage to friendly units in the way.
—Description of operations featuring the Crumbling Masonry

The Crumbling Masonry is a static device in Arknights.

A dilapidated ramp from which hazardous rocks fall over, Crumbling Masonry periodically spawns a rock[note 1] that rolls straight ahead at a speed of 1.5 tiles per second until it comes in contact with a wall or friendly unit, at which it bursts. The rock deals 500 damage to Monastery Inhabitants in its path and the burst deals the same damage with a radius of the adjacent tiles to it, but will affect friendly units as well. The rock also reduces the durability of Makeshift Walkways in its path and those caught in its burst (unless if a friendly unit is deployed on the Walkway) by 1, but will disappear without bursting upon falling into a broken Walkway.


Side Stories HE-4HE-5HE-6HE-7HE-8HE-EX-3HE-EX-4HE-EX-6HE-EX-7HE-EX-8HE-TR-2

Crumbling Masonry in HE-8 and HE-EX-8 are spawned when the operation starts and cycles between an active state and an inactive state; the latter is indicated by the lack of glow on the Masonry device and it will not spawn rocks until activated. Their rocks are also larger in size and deals higher collision and burst damage of 800, as well as reducing Makeshift Walkways' durability by 2.


100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A


Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Rocks periodically fall and roll down along the ramp, dealing Physical damage to friendly Operators and Makeshift Walkways in their path; the rocks explode when blocked, dealing physical damage to the blocked targets and splash damage to the center of the explosion and the 4 adjacent tiles 0 10


Enemy Interaction
"The Gardener"
  • His Question on the first phase activates/deactivates Crumbling Masonry around the map 15 seconds after spawning and every 50 seconds afterward.
  • After entering the second phase, activates all currently inactive Masonry and deactivates all currently active ones on the map.


  1. Actually an invulnerable and untargetable enemy unit that is neither included to the enemy counter nor listed in the Archives, and does not keep the operation from ending after all other enemies are defeated.