Monastery Inhabitant

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The Monastery Inhabitant is an allied unit (technically classified as a normal enemy) in Arknights.

Enemy description
A civilian sheltering in the monastery, treating the place as home. Simple and feeble, yet they strive to live. Yearning for spiritual sustenance, they pursue their faith, but are easily provoked into rushing around blindly.


Stays on the field and does not move towards the Objective Point, and will not be attacked by enemies, but will lose HP after becoming Terrified; Depletes 1 Life Point on death; Does not count towards the defeated enemies counter.

A poor civilian who has been living inside the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii for their entire life as their only shelter and now has to flee from marauders attacking the abbey, Monastery Inhabitants will not be attacked by enemies and start in a Calm state where they do not move. A "Panic" meter is shown above the Inhabitant as a diamond shape, which fills up at a rate of 2 every second that increases by 1 if an enemy is in the surrounding tiles of the Inhabitant. Once their Panic reaches 50, the Inhabitant will enter the Terrified state where they start moving to the next Holy Statue on their path and loses 15 HP every second until their Panic reduces to below 50 at which the Inhabitant returns to their Calm state; should the Inhabitant arrived at the Statue, their Panic will be reduced by 20.

Ensuring Monastery Inhabitants' survival is a must; although they are completely safe from enemy harm, the Inhabitant never heads toward a Protection Objective (and neither included to the enemy counter nor keeps the operation from ending after all other enemies have been defeated as the result) unlike other allied units and will deduct 1 Life Point in the event one is defeated. Take note that Terrified Inhabitants will not avoid broken Makeshift Walkways and Crumbling Masonry rocks when trying to reach the Holy Statue, making it essential to repair any broken Walkways or temporarily keep them in place with Shabby Fences, lest the Inhabitant runs into danger and lose their lives!


Monastery Inhabitants appear in all HE operations with the exception of HE-EX-1.

In HE-8, three of the five Inhabitants will plummet into broken Makeshift Walkways to their demise after being prompted by "The Gardener" shortly after the operation starts; this cannot be prevented but unlike other Inhabitants, those three will not cause the player to lose Life Points when defeated.


Weight 1
Life Point penalty 0


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable