Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bomb

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The Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bomb is an allied unit (technically classified as a normal enemy) in Arknights. They first appear in Episode 13.

Enemy description
A bomb whose explosion can suppress the effects of Sarkaz witchcraft, with a prototype delivery platform originating from Victoria. After being modified by a certain demolition expert, it has become a trump card in our desperate battles.


A remote-controlled explosive device whose charge is specifically meant to counter Sarkaz witchcraft on tactical situations, modified by W to become potent enough to make a dent on the Sanguinarch and his Boneguard minions, Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bombs are spawned by Bomb Loading Points and will not be blocked by friendly units but will be attacked by both friendly units and enemies, who prioritizes attacking it under normal circumstances due to having an aggression level of 1.

Unlike other allied units, Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bombs move along a specified path from the Loading Point they spawns from to a Bloodcalling Altar or the Throne of Blood, shown as a line on the ground and does not move at all initially; friendly units must accelerate the Bomb by attacking it (which deals no damage towards it), giving it a stack of speed increase equal to 0.04 tiles/sec.[note 1] in each hit, up to 10 (for a total of 0.4 tiles/sec.). However, enemies will decelerate the Bomb when they attack it, causing it to lose one speed increase stack. If the Bomb is not attacked in 3 seconds, it will lose one speed increase stack every second, which increases to two stacks after 6 seconds.

Once the Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bomb reaches its target or comes into contact with Duq'arael, "Regent's Crimson", it will explode, dealing True damage equal to 10× its ATK towards enemies in a radius of 1.7 tiles around it and instantly destroys Bloodcalling Altars or the Throne of Blood caught in the blast; the Bomb is destroyed in the process. If it reaches the end of its path without coming into contact with a target (usually because the target was already destroyed by another bomb), it will simply despawn.


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HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.4 tiles/sec.
1 sec.
Weight 5
Life Point penalty 0


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Tick.png


  1. Actually the Bomb's speed is reduced to 10% of its base speed, as shown in the Stats section, multiplied by the speed increase stack count it has (e.g. having 2 stacks cause the Bomb to move at a speed of 0.08 tiles/sec.).