"Twigs That Crave"

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Produces Rot Eaters when destroyed or at the end of the stage.
—Description of operations featuring the Twigs That Crave

The "Twigs That Crave" is a static device in Arknights. It is an odd-looking object resembling the trunk of a dead tree which houses a hibernating Nachzehrer warrior within who will emerge from it when the Twigs take too much damage or all hostiles but those inside the Twigs have fallen, and emits an aura of death and decay to the vicinity.

Twigs That Crave continuously expels Corruption around it and will also intermittently inflict Necrosis Damage to nearby friendly units once its HP falls below 50%. When the Twigs is destroyed, a Rot Eater will spawn on where it used to be; the Twigs will self-destruct (and spawn the Rot Eater) anyway once all other enemies are defeated.


Main Theme 11-711-811-911-1211-15H11-2H11-4TR-21
Annihilation Decaying Wastes
Stationary Security Service Nurturing Wither
Integrated Strategies PenaltyStay Away From Strangers


Creates Rot Eater when destroyed, whose stats increase with stage progress.
40000 250 0 10
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A


Twigs That Crave
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Releases [Corruption], causing your units to lose HP over time. Deals Necrosis Damage around itself when HP drops to 50%. 0 0
  • The Corruption aura has a radius of 1.1 tiles centered on the Twigs.
  • The Necrosis Damage is dealt at a rate of 250 every 4 seconds and has a radius of 1.1 tiles centered on the Twigs (the same as the Corruption aura).


Enemy Interaction
Rot Eater sprite.png
Their HP, ATK, and DEF depends on how many enemies are defeated when the Twigs That Crave the Rot Eater is spawned from are destroyed:
  • When less than 1/5th of enemies are defeated, the Rot Eater has 20% HP/ATK/DEF.
  • When at least 1/5th and at most 4/5th of enemies are defeated, the Rot Eater has 21% to 79% HP/ATK/DEF.
  • When more than 4/5th of enemies are defeated, the Rot Eater has 80% HP/ATK/DEF.

If the respective Twigs That Crave is not destroyed when all other enemies are defeated, it will self-destruct and spawn a Rot Eater with full HP/ATK/DEF.

Sarkaz Wither Caster sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Caster Captain sprite.png
Can restore the HP of Twigs That Crave within their attack range, prioritizing the one with the lowest HP, at a rate of 2% HP/second for 8 seconds (5/15 seconds cooldown).