Waste Heat Vent

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Deals Arts damage to both enemies and allies and reduces enemies' Movement Speed, but will charge their energy.
—Description of operations featuring the Waste Heat Vent

The Waste Heat Vent is a static device in Arknights.

At first Waste Heat Vents do nothing but generates SP for its skill which can be accelerated by having friendly units attack it; the Vent has Negative Taunt, thus they will attack enemies over it. Once the Vent's skill is fully charged, it releases hot wind in a straight line 5 tiles ahead that continuously deals Arts damage to all units in its path with enemies also having their speed reduced, but certain enemies will also gain Energy to boost their stats and charge up their Overload.


Waste Heat Vents appear on all CV operations except CV-1, CV-6, and CV-EX-6.


4000 200 3000 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A
The Waste Heat Vent has an aggression level of -1.


Jet Cooling
Auto Recovery
10 seconds
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Passive: Restores 2 SP upon being attacked
Activation Effect: Deals 200 Arts damage per second to all friendly and ground enemy units in range for 10 seconds, and additionally slows the Movement Speed of enemies by -70% and causes them to gain 1 Energy
0 50 10s


Enemy Interaction
"Clip" Cliff
  • Cliff's ATK and DEF will be reduced by 70% for 1 second whenever he takes damage from a Waste Heat Vent.
  • When Cliff enters his second phase, all Waste Heat Vents will have their SP depleted if their skill is not active.