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Not to be confused with the deployable Roadblock and Static Roadblock.

The Roadblocks are static devices in Arknights.

Roadblocks are similar to Static Roadblocks, but it is unable to reroute enemies and can only be attacked by enemies when it blocks them; the Roadblocks have a block count of 20 – the highest of all entities in the game – and good HP and defenses to boot, essentially allowing it to stall enemy advance until destroyed.

Roadblocks are usually found on top of Yumen Catastrophe Defenses, which can protect ranged units in the event enemies managed to reach the high ground.


Side Stories WB-4WB-5WB-7WB-EX-1WB-EX-2WB-EX-5WB-EX-6WB-TR-1
Integrated Strategies Prisoners' Night

Prisoners' Night is the only instance where Roadblocks are on ground tiles, making Roadblocks there similar to Rubbles.


Blocks multiple enemies
5000 0 300 20
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 20 N/A