Emergency Aid Building

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Once activated, continually treats surrounding units affected by Nervous Impairment.
—Description of operations featuring the Emergency Aid Building

The Emergency Aid Building is a static device in Arknights. It is an Aegir-made belfry/belltower that can maintain a positive mental state on anyone within proximity when the bell it houses tolls, usually found throughout Iberian marine nomadic cities including Sal Viento.

Emergency Aid Buildings will be activated when at least one friendly unit is within the adjacent tiles to it, at which it gradually removes Nervous Impairment on friendly units in its range. This makes activating Emergency Aid Buildings a priority in Under Tides operations, as it and Wandering Medics are the only ways to remove Nervous Impairment.

When an Automatic Maintenance Drone is within the adjacent tiles to an Emergency Aid Building, the Drone will activate the Aid Building with an increased Nervous Impairment removal rate.


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Trials for Navigator Deep in Danger
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Activates when there is a friendly unit or <Automatic Maintenance Drone> in the four adjacent tiles
100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A


Emergency Medical Agreement
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
When activated, continually recovers the Nervous Impairment damage accumulated by ally units in a large area; When activated by <Automatic Maintenance Drone>, significantly increases recovery effect
The Emergency Aid Building removes 25 Nervous Impairment per second, which is increased to 75/sec. when activated by an Automatic Maintenance Drone, and stacks additively if a friendly unit is affected by multiple Emergency Aid Buildings.