Originium Flow Generator

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Continuously generates currents of airflow. Operators deployed downstream/upstream will deal increased/decreased damage; Enemies moving downstream/upstream will have increased/decreased Movement Speed.
—Description of operations featuring the Originium Flow Generator

The Originium Flow Generator, also known as Originium Jetstream, is a static device in Arknights.

Originium Flow Generators generates a strong airflow to several tiles ahead of it, which have positive or negative effects depending on where the units are facing:

  • Friendlies facing downstream (towards the airflow) will have their ATK increased by 30%, but those facing upstream (against the airflow) will have their ATK decreased by 30%.
  • Enemies facing downstream will have their speed increased by 80%, but those facing upstream will have their speed decreased by 50%. The former can be particularly dangerous especially for unblockable enemies (Wraiths and Ergates) and Sarkaz Lancers, as their charge will deal massive damage.

Originium Flow Generators only affect Operators and enemies; summons are unaffected.


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100 0 0 0
DP cost Redeployment time Block count Attack interval
N/A N/A 0 N/A


Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Blows out an airflow towards the 3 frontal tiles; Operators deployed downstream/upstream from the airflow have increased/decreased ATK; Enemies moving downstream/upstream from the airflow have increased/decreased Movement Speed
The ATK modifier is +30%/-30% while the speed modifier is +80%/-50%; both stacks multiplicatively with other modifiers.