ISW-NO: Terminus of Life

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Terminus of Life
Expeditioner's Joklumarkar
6F – Clairvoyant Carcass
Terminus of Life map.png
The existence of "Frozen Monstrosities" is itself a warning: If you don't fight for your life, you will end up just like it.
<Originium Jetstreams> that generate airflow currents are present on the field


Condition: Enemies have increased ATK, RES, HP and attack range
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 10 Varies 39
Static devices Originium Flow Generator ×7


Normal Sarkaz Witherer Captain ×8, Yeti Caster ×8, Yeti Caster Leader ×7
Elite Advanced Sarkaz Wither Tank ×8, Sarkaz Lancer ×2, Sarkaz Lancer Leader ×3, Yeti Icecleaver Leader ×2
Boss "Frozen Monstrosity"
  • All enemies (including the Frozen Monstrosity) have their HP, ATK, and RES increased by 40%, 20%, and 30%, respectively.
  • Ranged enemies have their attack range increased by 100%.
  • The Frozen Monstrosity deducts 5 Life Points upon entering a Protection Objective.
  • Yeti Casters have 7500 HP.
  • Yeti Caster Leaders have 12000 HP.