ISW-DF: Lofty Silverfrost

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Lofty Silverfrost
Expeditioner's Joklumarkar
5F – Immaculate Garden
Lofty Silverfrost map.png
The earth rises, testing the will of those who have come. Only by gaining the earth's approval will we be able to head further north.
This node will always be in a regular state and node type cannot be changed


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 30 Varies 54
Terrain properties Most of the map is initially covered with Silvernwhite Bulwarks.


Normal Ursus Mangler Packmother ×24, Elite Ursus Armored Caster ×9
Elite Veteran Butcher ×6, Elite Knight Shielder ×7, Sarkaz Centurion Nidus Guard ×3, Guerrilla Shieldguard Leader ×4
Boss "Samivilinn," the Resolution of the Very North

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